Lifestyle 3D Product Rendering

In-context Product Render for a Sofa

What is a lifestyle product image?

A lifestyle product image, also known as an in-context or just context image, or a roomset, is a picture showing the product in a styled scene. The latter can be indoor or outdoor and involve models.

Why is lifestyle imagery so popular in product advertising?

The main reason for which in-context images are so widely used is that they show the item in usage and in its natural setting. This way, a brand can communicate the offer to the target audience without saying a word — and sell. Here are some of the things lifestyle product imagery helps manufacturers do:

  • Show the dimensions. As the item will be placed next to other familiar objects, the viewers will understand its size at a glance.
  • Cross-sell. Brands can place the main product next to items that complement it. And possibly, sell a bundle! For instance, a dining table with a set of chairs.
  • Target to the right audience. A context image shows the product in a scene that is relatable to the target audience. That is, it reflects the lifestyle potential buyers lead or aspire to lead.
  • Show the purpose of the item. Or purposes! For instance, in one lifestyle product image, the console is put in a Scandinavian interior and topped with a TV. The same console can also appear in a Boho roomset, but serving as a cool table for books and decor.
  • Promote product design variations. For instance, the same furniture model in different colors can help create entirely different moods. And there is no better way to demonstrate that than with product lifestyles images!
  • Convey the feel of luxury. An upmarket product will look all the more exclusive when surrounded by items of the same class. So the context image for a luxury sofa can feature a lavish fireplace, a magnificent carpet, and some exquisite art pieces.
  • Inspire customers. A lifestyle product image can sell not just an item but a dream. That is, the person who didn’t even think about buying a sofa can see it in an amazing interior, and realize they want this look in their home. And that requires the sofa, as well as everything else in the picture — the coffee table, bookshelves and even the decor. If all those complementary items exist and can be easily bought from the brand’s partner, all the better!
  • Communicate the brand’s message. A product lifestyle image can convey the main idea a company promotes. Be it family values, eco-consciousness, taste refinement, the context will help communicate it.
  • Establish emotional connection. In-context pictures not only show the functions and aesthetics of a product, but also tell its story –  through composition, lighting, and thoughtful details. As a result, the viewers feel something when looking at the ad. Where a silo picture would get an absent-minded glance, the lifestyle product image catches attention and evokes emotion. Which translates into recognition or even a sale.

What are the types of lifestyle product imagery?

Depending on the background, context images are divided into indoor and outdoor ones. An indoor lifestyle shows the product in a roomset, while an outdoor one showcases it in plein air.

Furniture Product Lifestyle with an Outdoor Scene
CG Living Room Lifestyle Visualization

Another way to classify the product lifestyle images is according to their purpose. Depending on the aspects to highlight, context images come into the following categories.

Coffee Machine 3D Product Lifestyle Image

Individual product image or a hero shot features one single object. The setting is designed to highlight the product features and plays a secondary role.

Group Lifestyle 3D Product Image

Group lifestyle shot shows a set of products. This allows buyers to see different options in one product lifestyle image and thus compare them easily.

Colorway Lifestyle Shot for Chairs

Colorways lifestyle shots let viewers discover color variations of the same product. This way, prospects can choose the option they like best or get inspired to combine a few.

Colorway Lifestyle Shot for Chairs

Scale lifestyle image showcases the product with objects that help identify its dimensions. For instance, it’s easier to understand the size of the coffee table when it’s next to a sofa.

Sophisticated Table 3D Render

Detail lifestyle image or a closeup shows a part of the product. It allows the viewer to see detailing, patterns, and texture so that viewers could appreciate the quality and craftsmanship.

Table 3D Render in an Abstract Scene with Smoke

Concept lifestyle shows the product in an unusual environment. The setting does not highlight any features but serves to catch attention, surprise, and emphasize a product’s design aesthetics.

Sophisticated Table 3D Render

Flat-lay product image has a thought-out concept, composition, and color scheme that suit each other perfectly. The most important feature of the flat lay image is the layout of items that could be parts of the product or elements of the product set. This way, a manufacturer demonstrates all components of product design but in a more creative way.

Sophisticated Table 3D Render

Wall product image is a simple rendering that depicts a product on the background of the wall. Such a type of render is an alternative to a silo image but with a realistic setting, however simple it may be. The purpose of it is no different than a regular silo picture though — to not distract viewers’ attention from the main item.

Sophisticated Table 3D Render

Feature lifestyle is an image focused on a certain product feature. This way, manufacturers can show e-shoppers the competitive edge of a product on all the marketing channels.

Sophisticated Table 3D Render

Motion lifestyle is a 3D rendering that includes motion. The latter may come from the product, props, people, etc. The lifestyle may be based on ideas like water splash, frozen motion, “a second before”, etc.

Angle for a 3D Lifestyle Render

Another important factor of a lifestyle image success is the angle choice. Depending on the aspect, there are 3 types of the images:

  • Straight-eye angle
  • Bird’s-eye angle
  • Low-angle.
  • 3D Visualisation for a Straight-eye Vanity View

    Comfy Product Lifestyle Image for a Vanity
  • Product Lifestyle Image for a Bird’s Eye Angle on the Desk

    CG Roomset for a Desk Shown from the Top
  • Low-angle Chair Lifestyle Rendering

    Photorealstic Context Image for a Chair from a Low Angle

Context images are a separate form of art, and they offer plenty of creative solutions for every product type. Manufacturers can use them to showcase product color and design variation, a whole set of products, the quality of the item, and simply entertain. Too much choice? Then book a demo, and have a CGI specialist consult you on the best 3D rendering solution and image format for your product!

CGI offers product manufacturers the possibility to get any ambiance for their lifestyles. There’s no limit to what an artist armed with powerful 3D rendering tools can achieve. They can conjure any light, weather, and season, find any decor props for making the product lifestyle image speak. Snowfall in the Christmas living room scene? Sure. A lion on the velvet couch to set the atmosphere of power and luxury? Great idea! And it will look amazing.

In terms of mood and atmosphere for a lifestyle rendering, there are many options. The most popular of them are dramatic, lyric, and epic ones.

  • A dramatic product lifestyle is characterized by light-and-shadow contrasts, and a dynamic story told through props. The scene looks theatrical, with all the focus on the main star — the product.
  • A lyric roomset can be recognized by pastel colors, pretty decor and flower arrangements, daytime and morning light. 
  • An epic scene exudes the feeling of grandeur and has a lot of character. Such ambiance is often used for commercial settings, for instance, in product lifestyle images for evening bar and restaurant furniture.

For more details on each of these lifestyle moods, check out our article about 3D rendering styles. You’ll find there characteristics of each mood and a series of photorealistic renders to guide and inspire you.

Types of Lighting in Outdoor Lifestyle Rendering

Light is important for setting the atmosphere in all types of context images. And for the outdoor lifestyle scenes, lighting is simply everything! So 3D artists can reproduce it with photorealistic quality. The choice of illumination type depends on the brand, product and advertising concept. Usually, manufacturers choose among the following options:

  • regular daylight
  • highly-detailed daylight
  • mid-detailed daylight
  • ambient
  • fog+morning light
  • sunrise/sunset
  • night time.

Making the right lighting choice is crucial, so it makes sense to see the impact of each illumination type and decide which option will flatter the item most. So don’t hesitate to read our article about product render lighting with a detailed and illustrated description of each lighting.

Choosing the Style for a Jaw-dropping In-context Image

3D Visualization for Outdoor Furniture in Modern Style

Photorealistic 3D rendering can help manufacturers get a background of any style they want. For there’s no need to look for furniture props, rent, buy, transport, and store them. Everything is available digitally!

Which means that the only thing a manufacturer needs to do is to answer the question: “What interior design style would make this product look best?” Or even styles. There are neither budgetary nor physical constraints!

With that new freedom of creative choice, it makes sense to reconsider the current advertising concept. Here are the links to our articles on various interior design styles. Check them out to see if you’d like to try for your new product lifestyle images the following styles:

  1. Luxury styles 
  2. Ethnic 
  3. Eclectic 
  4. Modern
  5. Traditional
  6. Country

Now that 3D rendering has eliminated all constraints on concepts of product lifestyles, manufacturers can consistently get show-stoppingly beautiful visuals. Moreover, it’s possible to showcase how the furniture piece or decor would look in a few different styles! Which will help attract a broader audience to the item.

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