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6 Main Types for Product Lifestyles

Sometimes, manufacturers and furniture retailers need specific sophisticated lifestyles for their products. Of course, modern roomsets don’t always work for such projects and brands turn to traditional interior design for some soulful elegance.

However, it is extremely difficult to recreate classical interiors for a photoset without overspending in the process. Stylists need to find and buy classic decor, parquet floors, antique wallcoverings, furnishings, etc. Naturally, you have to hunt for these objects at auctions and antique stores. And even after you spot them, the tag price could simply shock you because authentic pieces of historical interiors cost literally a fortune. Therefore, CGI becomes the only cost-effective option for creating traditional interior designs.

Another problem is that not every 3D rendering company can make traditional 3D interiors that look 100% authentic to the historic ones. Therefore, manufacturers have to make sure that they work with professionals who are well-educated in the history of art and dedicated to traditional interiors.

In this article, you can find 6 types of traditional interior design and choose which one suits your products the best. Read on!

#1. Georgian

Traditional Interior for an Adjacent Dining Room Designed in Georgian Style

The Georgian traditional interior design has developed during the reign of the four King Georges – from 1714 to 1830. Her Majesty the Elegance reigns in such interiors with high ceilings, large windows and exquisite decorations. In short, Georgian is a classic design that is spare, sophisticated, and inviting.

Architects and artisans of Georgian era respected the art of Ancient Rome and Greece and implied some of their elements in their interiors. This is why a lot of antique objects appear in the British aristocratic homes. For example, in this traditional interior design, you can see all three types of classical Greek columns — Ionic, Doric and Corinthian. Also, Georgian decorators used Ancient Rome styled vases, urns, statues, bas-reliefs to embellish the interiors even more.

Therefore, to create traditional interiors in the Georgian style, CG artists choose sumptuous furnishings and materials — mahogany wood, marble, bronze, silver, crystal, and so on. And since Georgian interior design is all about dignity and aristocracy, CG decorators opt for muted pastel colors such as pea-green, mauve and pale pink.

As for the decorative elements, CG artists often use mythological animals such as satyrs, sphinxes and griffins for sculptures and paintings. Also, they tend to play with geometric ornaments and add ribbons and garlands with the traditional Greek pattern to decorate Georgian interiors.

#2. Federal

An Traditional Interior of Family a Room with a Library Designed in Federal Style

While the Georgian decorative tradition has been anchored in the UK, American first own style, called Federal, started to bloom in the USA. As a new nation, Americans needed to establish their cultural identity in architecture, interiors, and art. Therefore, they transformed some of the inherited British influences, but instead of the traditional elegance and sophistication of royalism, went for their own symbols and aesthetics.

For example, this traditional interior design had lots of patriotic American elements, such as portraits and busts of Founding Fathers and other political leaders and, of course, American Bald Eagle. You can see it in mirror frames, sculptures, paintings, decor, and so on. 

Another important Federal feature is the Oval shape. It appears in columns, picture frames, bow windows, chapiters, and even in one of the most iconic architectural and design pieces — the Oval Office in the White House.

Creating lifestyle pictures in this particular interior style, one needs to know that Federal design has significantly less decorative embellishments than its ancestor, the Georgian style. Federal style is more restrained and bold which, of course, is in line with the philosophy of the young country. The furniture here is not luxurious but practical, the interiors are energized and discreetly elegant. 

To create Federal lifestyles, CG artists use a lot of wood with warm undertones for walls and furniture, polished hard floors, stone, brass, silver. And as for colors, they can often opt for a patriotic palette of red, white and blue to brighten up neutral formal interiors. 

#3. Victorian

A Traditional Interior That Is Designed for a Victorian Style Furniture

Victorian interior style reflects the reign of Queen Victoria that is the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Victorian way of life combined Christian austerity, adherence to English monarchical traditions, and new colonial influences. On the one hand, this traditional interior design has lots of medieval Christian Gothic elements, such as architectural spires, arches, doorways, windows with stained glass, etc. On the other hand, the Victorian era is famous for its Colonial design, which appeared due to the empire’s colonial policy. 

It was the Victorian era when the UK made India its colony. Therefore, when CG artists create this traditional interior design, they generously use Indian decor items, textiles, sculptures, carpets, crockery. At the same time, the British colonial expansion in Asia continued to grow. Naturally, that’s why interior specialists use exquisite China vases and porcelain in their Victorian house design.

When it comes to Victorian colors and materials, CG artists opt for dark shades of wood, muted shades of green, and red. The dark wood goes perfectly for both carved heavy cabinetry and over-stuffed soft furniture.

One of the most important features of this traditional style is richly ornamented textiles for sumptuous window draperies with festoons. Often Victorian decorators used the same or a similar intricate fabric pattern for various components of the interior — curtains, wallcoverings, furniture, cushions, and so on. It creates one visual language and holistic mood of the house. The most popular ornaments of the time were foliage, flowers and the Royal Lily pattern.

#4. Colonial

Colonial Interior Design Combining Imperial and Colonial Decorative Traditions

The Colonial interior style takes its origins from the history of colonialism. This traditional interior design is inspired by the very politics of the empire — it combines the aesthetic of the empire with authentic decor and materials from a particular colony.

Again, let’s talk about the United Kingdom that had various hot climate colonies. Therefore, traditional British colonial design is based on light and airy interiors with large windows, wooden shutters, and ceiling fans in each room. Then, add some exotic greenery, fountains, patios, arches and gazebos — and you get the main architectural and interior vibe for the colonial house.

Despite all the colonial elements, people continued to use the furniture of their era — one that we now consider as classic Victorian or Edwardian. Thus, you can use the same sophisticated traditional furniture and add carpets exported from the colony, local textiles, crockery, rattan decor, etc.

To get the color scheme for Colonial interior design, mix neutral colors with bright local decor and works of art. Sometimes CG artists let their creativity go and add ceramic mosaic elements to enhance the authenticity of the Oriental country even more.

#5. Mediterranean

An Interior Designed in Traditional Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean traditional interior design is all about taking a pause from the rush of life and relaxing. It is the quintessence of South European romanticism and summer leisure. Such interior design creates a place where people can unwind and become pure and calm again. Therefore, CG artists opt for a natural and earthy aesthetic in the first place.

They use a light color for walls, light plank flooring, and add some rustic wooden elements to the interior. For example, wood-beamed ceilings bring the mood of a relaxed afternoon in an Italian sea village. The furniture here is also comfortable and soft — large sofas, armchairs, hammocks, etc.

As for decorative objects, CG artists use local ceramics and pottery, choose simple textiles and rugs, add candles and rustic lamps. And of course, to season this Mediterranean dish, they throw in a pinch of bright indoor greenery on top.

#6. Neoclassic

A Room in Traditional European Neoclassic Interior Style

Unlike Mediterranean interior design, Neoclassic presents a more refined and sophisticated Europe, and its appeal is closer to Parisian chic. Such traditional interior design is based on high ceilings, arches, enfilade rooms and the symmetry of classical European architecture.

With this interior style, CG artists often combine luxurious traditional furniture and decor with contemporary art. They also use modern classic-inspired chandeliers and sconces to maintain the chic vibe. Surely, it could be difficult to introduce modern elements to traditional interiors without crossing the line and making it kitsch. Therefore, working with professional CG artists who have all the knowledge on this topic is key to elegant Neoclassic traditional interior design.

As for color preferences for this style, CG experts can use both lighter and darker colors; it’s not the main point here. Most importantly, they opt for muted tones and sumptuous materials. To enhance the palace-like look even more, CG artists add classic stucco moldings and use trompe-l’oeil decorative techniques.

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It is not easy to incorporate classic styles in the modern world, especially when you need traditional interior design for a furniture piece that is developed and produced today. However, CG professionals can see which era this object rhymes with Victorian, Colonial, Europe Neoclassic, etc. Experienced 3D artists know the history of architecture, interior design and art, so they can build the most authentic classic 3D lifestyles based on their knowledge.

Need a top-notch traditional roomset for your furniture product images? Contact us for 3D rendering services and we will make elegant photorealistic lifestyles in any of the mentioned styles!

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