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Using 3D modeling for Augmented Reality marketing helps connect customers to your products on a different level.

What is Product AR?

AR in eCommerce is a virtual product view technology. Customers can layer digital products in a real environment using apps and QR codes on mobile devices. It allows them to experience the look of a physical object as it would in real life by viewing it from all angles and interacting with it. 

What are AR models?

AR models are low-poly 3D models adapted for mobile devices. You upload 3D models to your website and put the QR code in the right place on the product page. When scanning a QR code, the user opens a page with a model and can view your product in real size and in a real environment.

Types of AR models

The price and deadlines of AR modeling projects depends on the complexity of the models. There are 4 main types:


Price: $60-120

Scan QR code to see this product
in augmented reality


Price: $150-240

Scan QR code to see this product
in augmented reality


Price: $270-420

Scan QR code to see this product
in augmented reality

Very Complex

Price: from $450

Scan QR code to see this product
in augmented reality

Formats of AR models

There are 2 main formats for AR models — .usdz for iOS and .glb for Android. They also work for sites on WIX, WordPress, Shopify, etc.

If you use other applications to work with AR, let us know before starting the project and we will provide you with the result in the format you need.

The benefits of using AR models 

Augmented Reality can give you an edge over online competitors by upgrading your customer’s shopping experience in many ways. It leads to such benefits for your business:

  • provides an immersive customer experience;
  • makes for a more accurate and informative product presentation;
  • focuses on the specific needs of the target audience;
  • decreases return rate as e-buyers can virtually try products out at home;
  • gets more involvement from customers which boosts brand loyalty.

Using AR products, customers can examine the product online in detail, try the item in the space in which they need it and learn how the product is used from AR instruction manuals.


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