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3 Types of Mood in CG Lifestyles

How can you surprise customers with beautiful backgrounds and product lifestyles today? The competition amongst manufacturers is so fierce that they daily bombard buyers with offers with stunning pictures. So, the key question every marketer and manufacturer has on their minds is which 3D rendering styles can help their promo to truly stand out of the crowd?

Of course, when choosing a style for a 3D rendering, it is important to consider the message and mood that brand marketers are trying to manifest. Keeping this task in mind CG professionals from a 3D rendering company utilize certain techniques to create the desired mood.

Here we discuss the 3 main types of 3D rendering styles that our CG artists usually choose to convey a certain mood and evoke a strong emotional response. Read on! 

#1. Dramatic

3D Render of a Roomset in a Dramatic Style

The Dramatic 3D rendering style is contrasting and a bit theatrical. Here light and shadow play a special role as it is in a stage production. Therefore, CG artists focus the viewer’s attention on the product with well-thought-out illumination of the main “hero” and darkening the edges of the “stage” along the edge of the frame.

Among all the 3D rendering styles, this is the most cinematic one – it looks like a frozen moment from the exciting story that is ready to unfold. To create a roomset in this style, CG artists select decor and accessories with the character and opt for a muted color palette and low-contrast tones. 

This 3D rendering style is quite realistic — it brings a peaceful and intimate feel to the room. Therefore, it works for living rooms and bedrooms where you need both serenity and personality. Also, the Dramatic style goes with public spaces such as restaurants and bars where intimacy is all you need when it comes to ambiance.

The light for a Dramatic scene is also muted and defused. Often, CG experts don’t set up the main top lighting for this style but play with additional small light sources like garlands, sconces, candles, floor lamps or a fireplace. 

#2. Lyric

3D Render of a Living Room in a Lyric Style

The word “lyric” speaks for itself — such a 3D lifestyle rendering style is all about airy and poetic 3D roomsets. In contrast to two other 3D rendering styles, Lyric is the lightest and sweetest one. The main details of this lifestyle mood are pastel colors and pretty decor such as fresh flowers, piles of books and pictures on the wall. In short, this mood is refreshing as the dew of the morning.

The lyric 3D rendering style is perfect for outdoor scenes, homey residential roomsets, and public spaces, such as offices, bakeries and receptions. If the mood you are going for is open and welcoming as well as a bit nostalgic, the Lyric style is your choice!

As for lighting schemes for Lyric style, it is usually daytime or morning natural lighting. Ideally, CG artists set up the light in such a way that they can catch direct sunbeams and glares in the frame. These small tricks add liveliness and tenderness to the 3D rendering scene.

#3. Epic

A Classic Sofa in an Epic 3D Rendering Style

Of all previous 3D rendering styles, this one creates the most profound atmosphere. To achieve a grand effect, CG artists use contrasting colors and epic lighting. Also, this style requires a careful selection of decorative elements for the 3D scene. Therefore, CG experts pick items that can bring a sense of character to the room and are meaningful and somewhat offbeat.

Epic 3D rendering style is the best option for furniture pieces of evening restaurants and bars. Such roomsets ooze intimate ambiance — the vibe every restaurateur is striving to get. Also, the epic style works great for designer pieces that have a recognizable signature look of a designer or brand. With this style, 3D rendering enhances the uniqueness of the designer’s masterpiece and creates a daring visual statement.

To make an Epic roomset to look truly epic, CG artists use experimental dramatic lighting. Unlike soft theatrical light, it is a harsh direct light that breaks into the darkness. It brings out the important nuances of a roomset and casts striking sharp shadows on the background elements at the same time.

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Lifestyle 3D renderings add style, personality and warmth to any roomset. Such pictures perfectly convey mood and ambiance whether it is gently lyrical, soft dramatic, or epic style. By experimenting with 3D rendering styles, marketers can better target their offers, expand the existing audience, as well as create and maintain a certain visual image of the brand.

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A 3D lifestyle is a CG image of a roomset that looks exactly like traditional product photography. A 3D lifestyle is based on building a 3D scene, adding the main product and decor to it, and setting cameras and light.

Based on our experience, there are three key 3D rendering styles – Dramatic, Lyric and Epic. Each one of them has its own characteristics and transmits different moods and messages.

It depends on the mood marketers need. If they want to convey calmness and serenity but enhance style, they should choose the Dramatic. When they strive to portray their product in a bright airy room with amazing lighting, they should order a 3D lifestyle in the Lyric style.

Every 3D firm set their prices according to their policy so that’s very individual. In CGIFURNITURE, we charge $149 for a simple and $219 for a complex lifestyle. Contact our managers now and they will calculate the cost for you.

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