Case studies

Product 3D Rendering Projects

The best way to understand how CGI can benefit a business is to have a look at how it worked for other companies. For that purpose, we have a case studies page with the selection of projects for all types of product rendering and for different business purposes. Here are the most recent ones you should totally see:

  1. Product lifestyles for Deschamps custom furniture
  2. Product 3D animation and lifestyles for BDI
  3. Photorealistic 3D lifestyles for Lie-Flat Airline Seats By Zephyr Aerospace
  4. Product 3D modeling and rendering for Van De Sant online catalog
  5. Cg modeling and rendering for Anaya furniture company
  6. Realistic 3D modeling for Troy Smith

For more product 3D renders of all types, visit the CGIFurniture portfolio. You’ll find there 128 examples of first-class 3D rendering, including silos, roomsets, cutouts, and closeups, etc. You can use them for inspiration, attach them as references to your 3d modeling project, or just as examples of what product 3D rendering can help you achieve in the matter of marketing visuals. 

A Client Manager of a CGI Firm

More questions about product 3D rendering? 

We love all things CGI and will be thrilled to discuss with you how it can benefit your business specifically. To learn more about the 3D rendering solutions, services, examples of their usage and to get professional advice, book a demo. You just choose a suitable time, and our manager calls you and answers all your questions.


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