What Is 3D Product Rendering?

Product Visualization for Furniture Design

Product 3D rendering, also known as product 3D visualization, is a process of generation of photorealistic or non-photorealistic images with 3D model/3D models using specialized software. The resulting product is called a 3D render.

The 3D rendering process consists of several stages that include both technical and creative aspects. The main steps are: 

  • modeling — the process of creating a mathematical representation of an object in three dimensions using 3D modeling software. The resulting product is called a 3D model; 
  • texturing application of CG textures to 3D objects; 
  • lighting arranging light sources and building a lighting scheme; 
  • camera setting the process of setting camera views; 
  • rendering — the process of converting 3D models and scenes into 2D images using computer software; 
  • post-production editing the rendering and adding visual effects to it using image editing programs. 

The description of the entire 3D rendering workflow you can find in the overview of our chair 3D rendering project.


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