What Is 3D Product Rendering?

Product Visualization for Furniture Design

Product 3D rendering, also known as product 3D visualization, is a process of generation of photorealistic or non-photorealistic images with 3D model/3D models using specialized software. The resulting product is called a 3D render

The main benefit of 3D rendering is that it helps envision the product long before it has been created. And that — in color variations, at different angles, in any number and types of environments, isolated or in a group of objects, in front, side, top, closeup, and cross-section views! This way, marketers can get their ads earlier, manufacturers can see exactly what the product looks like, and brands can easily test the market by pre-selling.

How Are 3D Renders Made?

The 3D rendering process consists of several stages that include both technical and creative aspects. The main steps are: 

  1. Modeling — the process of creating a mathematical representation of an object in three dimensions using 3D modeling software. The resulting product is called a 3D model; 
  2. Texturing application of CG textures to 3D objects; 
  3. Lighting arranging light sources and building a lighting scheme; 
  4. Camera setting the process of setting camera views; 
  5. CG Rendering — the process of converting 3D models and scenes into 2D images using computer software; 
  6. Post-production editing the rendering and adding visual effects to it using image editing programs, most commonly Adobe Photoshop. 

A description of the entire 3D rendering workflow you can find in the overview of our chair 3D rendering project.


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