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6 Key Styles for Lifestyle Furniture Images

When manufacturers and retailers need to beautifully display furniture in a lifestyle, they have to know what interior style suits their products the most. Often, to create a homey and nostalgic feeling for their promo, brands opt for country interior design as it always stays in trend. 

However, even if it sounds like something familiar and simple to recreate, you can’t do it gracefully without professionals from a 3D rendering company. The studio’s CG artists are trained in creating any digital interior design including the country one from scratch. But there are various types of this style and marketers need to differentiate them to set the task correctly.  

So, let’s talk about the 6 main country interior design styles and learn how to use them for furniture visual marketing as a concept. 

#1. Modern Farmhouse

Interior Design in Modern Farmhouse Country Style

A Modern farmhouse design works perfectly for large premises with an open-space layout. The architecture should be simple as a farmhouse workshop — high ceilings, wooden beams, and big windows that provide an unobstructed sight of the outdoors. In short, such interior design is similar to the industrial loft but with country elements to it.

Creating 3D images for this Country interior design, CG artists keep the spacious layout and don’t use window curtains to soften or “domesticate” the look. Instead, they use comfy and modern furniture and minimalistic décor, combining warm wood with blacksmithing from a local artisan. As for finishing materials, CG experts opt for expensive flooring and millwork but keep rough wooden beams to convey the Country farmhouse spirit.

#2. French Country

A Country Interior Designed in the French Style

French country interior design is a recreation of a French rural château, a-la the country castle of Marie Antoinette, Le Petit Trianon.

First of all, the outdoor-indoor connection is vital for country French interior design. That being said, make sure CG artists create airy and sunlit rooms with lots of space. Also, ask them to add fresh flowers like lavender, rose, and carnations to bring a nice pop of color and the fantastic spring odors of French country.

To incorporate more rural beauty into the interior, use the same floral elements in prints for furniture and textiles. Select high-quality furniture and decor in the neoclassical or rococo style from a furniture catalog. In French country interior design, chic furnishings and accessories can be perfectly balanced with more rustic finishing materials such as rough wall finish and aged wooden ceiling beams.

#3. American Country

A Living Room Interior Design Made in American Country Style

Similar to the previous Country interior style, American Country is a classic American home as it is. It means middle-sized cozy rooms, warm wood, comfortable sofas, lots of decor, carpets, textiles, and so on. Also, this country interior design allows adding taxidermy items, old family photos, prizes and personal belongings of a proud Texan to the room.

Of course, it’s important to not use corny clichés and balance the interior with modern design elements and techniques. For American houses, CG artists select trendy furniture with a hint of vintage, juxtapose hardwood flooring with blacksmithing and light textile. As for finishing materials, they can use wallpaper, wood wall panels, or keep walls and ceilings white, depending on the main product this lifestyle demonstrates.

#4. Coastal

Coastal Interior Design for a Country Home

Coastal home design is all about all-around relaxation like staying in a family summer beach house. This interior style brings a fresh breeze and soft light into the room and creates a home you can be at ease in. 

Coastal country interior design is based on natural materials like stone, different types of wood,  jute, cotton and linen textiles, etc. Those textures combined with wooden and rattan furniture give you the most sophisticated yet cozy vibes. To enhance the coastal relaxed mood even more, CG artists add some candles, seashells, and driftwood on top of the mantel shelf or a coffee table.

As for the color palette, it is primarily white with splashes of blue, turquoise, gold and red here and there. And of course, stripes of different kinds are the main trademarks of any marine and coastal interior design.

#5. Rustic

A Country House Interior with Rustic Furniture and Design Elements

Rustic country interior design is a reference to an old traditional hunting lodge or cottage in the mountains. Stepping into such a home feels like spending a day out in the wilderness with all rustic decor items and a massive fireplace as a focal point of the room. 

Often, a fireplace is topped with antlers, trophies, photos, or hunting antique rifles — all those things that touch the heart of a true hunting aficionado. 

Obviously, natural materials such as stone, cherry wood, sculptured metal, bronze, wool and furs suit perfectly this Country interior design. Wooden or stone floors can be covered with various vintage rugs such as a bearskin rug or any kind of fur on top.

In terms of furnishing, rustic interiors are all about comfort and rest. Therefore, large couches, reading chairs, ottomans and any other type of soft furniture works for this style. Also, CG artists often add animalistic or wildlife inspired decor to the room such as taxidermy objects and sculptures, as well as evergreen plants.

#6. Shabby Chic

Nice Shabby Chic Interior Design For a Country Living Room

Shabby Chic is the bohemian version of Country interior design. It is easy, sophisticatedly casual, and works great for artistic interiors for a creative audience. One of the most important elements of Shabby Chic is a floral print and the plant theme in general. Because this style is about connecting poetic nature and living spaces, CG artists always use floral elements in this Country interior design.

Another prominent feature of Shabby Chic interior style is aged or antique furniture and decor. For instance, this could be a furniture piece that has scuffs on it so you can see the lower layers of old paint underneath. In Shabby Chic, you can match furniture from different styles together and it will look like a personality-packed space with its own aesthetic. 

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Actually, country interior design is quite versatile and can perfectly match any product. Whether it is a rococo canapé or a modern couch, you can choose one of the country styles that will work for it.

The variety of country interior styles allows marketers to target a particular market and customize images for seasonal adverts. For example, they can choose coastal interior design for summer collections and a rustic roomset with Christmas decorations to promote Christmas sales.

Want to try Country interior design for your lifestyle? With our 3D rendering services, you can get stunning photorealistic interiors in any style!

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Irene is a content writer. She previously worked for interior and chess magazines. When not writing articles, Irene finds great pleasure in collecting Star Trek memorabilia, reading Medieval poetry and playing banjo.

Product 3D lifestyle is a 3D image of the full-furnished room, where the main product is gracefully displayed with matching decor and other furnishings.

These are American Country, Modern Farmhouse, Rustic, Coastal, French Country, and Shabby Chic.

If you opt for classical white Christmas, go with the Rustic country style. This interior design has all the visual elements you need for a Christmas image – a massive fireplace, comfy furniture, fur carpets, candles, lanterns and other homey accessories. No major adjustments needed – just ask CG artists to add the Christmas tree and decor to the ready room.

The price depends on many factors, including the complexity of the 3D scene, deadlines and the number of images. In CGIFURNITURE, we charge $149 for a simple lifestyle and $219 for a complex one. However, consider contacting our managers for accurate prices.

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    A Modern farmhouse design works perfectly for large premises with an open-space layout. A 3D layout will do to it.

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    Your article is very informative and easily readable related to the country interior design. Country interior design represents a casual and cosy decorating style, which eludes to the feeling of simple country life. The colour palette incorporates pastels and bright colours and can incorporate design elements such as vintage wares and second-hand accessories. Thanks for sharing this article. I am very Ideas available related your post.

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    Great article. I absolutely loved all your ideas here! In my opinion, the modern farmhouse looks the best as I am in love with modern furniture. However, while the no window curtains look great, how do you keep the privacy in your home with this style?


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