Silo 3D Product Rendering

Sofa 3D Silo Rendering

What is a silo product image?

Silo rendering is a type of image in which a product is depicted against a seamless white or neutral background. The main purpose of it is to show a product in the cleanest and simplest way possible. Here are the key features of silo images:

  • The entire product is in focus;
  • The product is the center of an image;
  • The product is depicted from the front or at a 45-degree angle;
  • The product is not backlit;
  • The image can be of any size;
  • The background is usually white;
  • No logos or copy are in the image.

The benefit of a silo image is that the product can be easily cut out from the background and used in different marketing visuals, both digital and print. For example, white is the most popular background for silo product images because most websites, as well as catalogs and magazines, have white pages. But if the plan is to use a silo render for a collage or banner as well, then the transparent background is the best choice.

Types of silo 3D images

Chair 3D Product Silo Image

A product silo on a neutral background shows the item on a white, off-white, grey or transparent backdrop. These shades do not distract customers from the product and highlight its design. On top of that, neutral backgrounds make it easy to place the image on product pages, print and online catalogs, presentations, email newsletters, etc. 

Silo 3D Product Image for a Classy Chair

Adding shadows to a silo image is optional but it certainly helps maintain a realistic look of the product. When it comes to rendering, depicting the item with shadows imitates a real photo shoot in the studio. Since 3D artists recreate realistic lighting, they can also add a natural companion of lighting — shadows.

3D Silo Rendering: Exploded View

An exploded silo rendering depicts the components of the product and how they come together. This way, viewers easily understand how it’s constructed or assembled. It gives a glimpse into the manufacturing process to prove to customers the quality of items.

Silo Cut Out Shot for a Mattress

A cutout or cutaway view shows the inner structure of the product. This type of rendering proves the quality of a product by showcasing every detail of its design — inside and outside. For instance, it can be a furniture frame, layers of materials, mounts and joints, stitches and seams.

Silo Cut Out Shot for a Mattress

A product silo with dimensions is a classic white-background 3D render with measurements. Manufacturers use them to produce items, and customers can understand the proportions of the product by simply looking at the picture. It is a much faster and easier way to learn basic information about the item than looking for a text description.

5 Benefits of Using Silo Renders for Product Promo

Upholstered 3D Product Silo Image

Silo is the main image for product sales, so its quality should be on top. All the colors, textures, and details have to be depicted with maximum clarity, which is exactly what CGI is famous for.

When launching a new piece of furniture, marketers need lots of pictures of an item in all design variations and from different angles. However, a traditional photo shoot for all the models could cost a pretty penny – a company has to make all the prototypes and bring them to the location, rent a studio, and hire a photographer. Using silo 3D renders allows for avoiding all these unnecessary expenses and allocating more money for effective advertising.

Based on our experience as a 3D rendering studio, we outlined the key benefits of silo rendering for an effective product promo:

  • showcasing product design in detail without distractions;
  • demonstrating all product design options;
  • getting varied promo content for marketing channels;
  • transforming visual content into different formats;
  • proving product quality with close-up shots.

In order to launch an effective product promo campaign, furniture manufacturers need to use all possible marketing channels – online and offline ads, social media, and e-commerce stores. White background photography works for all of them and presents an object in the best way, while helping to save money on photo shoots at the same time.

What are the Best Backgrounds for Silo Renders

Sofa 3D Product Silo
Bed Design 3D Product Silo Image

The key point of silo images is to focus on the product and to exclude the influence of surrounding objects on the main item. That’s why the most popular backgrounds are neutral.

  • white;
  • off-white;
  • transparent;
  • grey;
  • nude.

With 3D rendering, specialists can change a background in mere seconds using the same 3D model of the product. This means, if the client doesn’t like one option, they can always ask for another.

How to Use Silo Rendering for Product Promo

Chair 3D Product Silo Render
Table 3D Product Silo Render

One of the best features of silo images is that they can be added to other visuals. The white or transparent background makes it easy to cut out and add the product to collages and banners, as well as seamlessly incorporate silos into website pages, most of which are white.

Let’s see how and where to use silo renders to get the most out of them:

  • on product pages of e-commerce websites;
  • in digital and printed catalogs;
  • placed on ad banners;
  • in email newsletters;
  • in social media posts and stories.

Silo renders serve the needs of e-commerce marketing and advertising, and address the challenges of such trends as influencer marketing. They are multipurpose and more affordable than other types of 3D product renders. They also provide enough information for online shoppers to make a purchase right away. This way, using silo renders greatly benefits both online furniture retailers and their customers.

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