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6 Styles for Lifestyle Images

There are so many modern interior design styles today and each one has its own story and characteristics. This abundance may get manufacturers and retailers bewildered as they need the most trendy roomsets that will also match their product the best. Which interior design to pick? Don’t worry, CG specialists from a 3D rendering company know everything about interiors and can create the most authentic and sleek 3D lifestyle.

Usually, CG artists use modern roomsets to promote today’s goods. Firstly, it is probably the best context since buyers will put this furniture into a modern house anyway. Secondly, such interiors have neutral design and simple forms so any product could be easily integrated into them and shine off.

So if you wonder which style will suit your product perfectly, read on about key characteristics of 6 modern interior designs down below.

#1. Contemporary

Contemporary interior design refers to the particular moment of “now”. Surely, it borrows some design elements from all previous eras since it stands on their shoulders. But its focus is here and now.

Anything that happens in the world today, in terms of politics, economics and lifestyle influences this modern interior design. Therefore, this style is constantly evolving and changing. For example, high rent and bad ecology in big cities somewhat transformed our perception of luxury. Today, opulent is not about gold anymore. Luxurious equals spacious, clean and quiet.

 This leads us to the next point. Whatever stylistics you choose as a reference for contemporary interior design, CG artists will start with creating a big airy room that has nice insolation and high ceilings. Of course, light or white walls enhance the feeling of spaciousness even more. Then, a few bright accents like artworks or design furniture make all the interior vivid and exciting while being trendy and modern at the same time.

#2. Modern

Interior Design for a House in a Modern Style

Okay, let’s once and for all clear up the difference between contemporary and modern interior styles. Even if those words sound like synonyms, modern interior design relates to the modernism period, i.e the beginning and mid 20th century, while contemporary means the present moment.

Modern interior style was influenced by art schools and movements like Bauhaus and De Stijl, as well as iconic architects and designers such as Le Corbusier who manifested the revolutionary concept of a house as a machine for living. Based on that, dwellings were meant to be just functional and not over-decorated. They have to provide habitats with the basic necessities and that’s it. Thus, the color palettes and even the shapes of everyday objects became more simple and less pretentious.

With this whole modernist vibe in mind, CG artists never use much color and decor for any modern lifestyle image in 3D. Instead, they use grey concrete and stone, white walls, black window frames, big glazing, steel, and so on. All the furniture in such 3D roomsets are simple, smooth and sleek. While adding the decor, CG experts opt for artworks inspired by modernism or put vintage pieces made by Bauhaus designers and artists in the roomset. 

#3. Mid-Century

A Mid-Century Interior Design Style for a Modern House

Next on our list is a mid-century interior design style which obviously refers to the 50s and 60s of the 20th century. It was a post-war period in America when the whole world has to find new purposes and start fresh. Which of course led to the boom of art and design. 

This modern interior design gave us so many legendary furniture pieces like the Eames Lounge Chair or Fritz Hansen’s Egg Chair that we still see a lot even in 2020. Most importantly, mid-century design finally legalized the pop of color that appears everywhere from bold plastic furniture to Andy Warhol artworks.

To recreate this era in 3D, CG artists use bright colors like lemon, mustard yellow, neon blue, pink, you name it! However, even a splash of color in interiors needs a balance. For that, they add plywood, muted green and grey in finishing materials as a backdrop. 

And last but not least, since mid-century is all about freedom and openness, such interior design opens spaces and blurs the line between outdoor and indoor. Thus, get ready for big sliding doors that lead to green lawns and turquoise pools. 

#4. Minimalist

A Modern Home Made in Minimalist Interior Design Style

Minimalist modern interior design doesn’t need much explanation it means having fewer objects with more clear space. Therefore, minimalist is about clean forms, sole-colored finishings, smooth surfaces, simple lines. This design style celebrates spaciousness as a higher form of art you don’t need much furniture or art objects to make such interior design work.

Because there is no loud personality in minimalist roomsets, they are versatile enough to become a great backdrop for any type of product. This interior helps to focus all the attention on your goods without any distractions and make your product truly stand out.

#5. Wabi-Sabi

3D Render of Modern Interior with Wabi-Sabi Design Aesthetics

Wabi-Sabi is one of the modern design styles that fascinates even top celebrities and they quickly get in on this trend. It reached the highest peak of popularity after the media published photos and videos of the Kardashian-West Wabi-Sabi mansion. Anyway, this style goes bigger and not without a reason.

If you translate“Wabi-Sabi” from Japanese, it means celebrating beauty in imperfection. “Wabi” refers to “be one with nature” while staying authentic and humble. “Sabi”, in turn, is full acceptance of life as it is. So how this philosophy influenced interior design? 

First, Wabi-Sabi homes are like living creatures with each of them having its own personality. At the same time, these interiors are warm, peaceful, and tranquil. They give a sense of sanctuary to their owners. Secondly, a Wabi-Sabi interior is never posh but simple and humanized. All in all, when CG artists create Wabi-Sabi interior design, they opt for neutral and natural finishings, use lots of wood and different types of stone all rough and unpolished.

Since Wabi-Sabi modern interior design is all about authenticity, CG experts don’t use matchy-matchy accessories. Every furniture or decor object for such an interior has its own story that is very personal to the homeowner. Design items in these roomsets look like gifts from mother nature, carved out from stone or wood. That being said, if your brand advocates for organic forms, eco-friendliness, and tranquility, consider trying this modern interior trend for your product.

#6. Scandinavian

An Interior of a Living Room Made in Modern Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian modern interior design is essentially the style developed by Dutch, Swedish, and Norwegian architects and designers. Such homes are inviting, uncomplicated, clean and reasonable. Surely, when hearing Scandinavian, most customers think of IKEA. And, to give IKEA proper respect, it really promotes the Scandinavian way of living and the Swedish philosophy “lagom” that is based on moderation, sustainability and humanism. 

Scandinavian designs are welcoming and playful, and they keep a good balance between natural and artificial materials, neutral and bright colors. Using white color for walls and ceilings brings more light into Scandinavian homes as well as French windows. Because there’s not much of the sun in Nordic countries, they do their best to keep their homes well-lit by other means.

 There’s no trace of opulence in such interiors. Scandinavian furniture is comfortable, simple and affordable. The same goes for accessories. Speaking of which, CG artists often add homemade textiles, as well as knitted and woven elements to add warmth and comfort to the otherwise neutral space.

Now, thanks to IKEA, most of the customers find this modern interior design easy to recreate at home without overspending. Therefore, they take Scandinavian product lifestyles as a guide and whatever goods you promote with them, look trendy, cost-effective and simply charming.

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By picking one modern interior design or another, you also choose a certain aesthetics. Whether it’s the leisure of American Mid-Century, restraint of European Modern or Scandinavian functionality it all depends only on your audience and the product itself. Professional CG artists can create any modern design interior with ease and a high level of sophistication. Just send a CG team your ideas, references and mood boards and leave the rest to the experts! 

Need smart and stylish modern 3D roomsets? Contact our team for 3D rendering services and get photorealistic visuals in two working days!

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