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5 Styles To Try For 3D Roomsets

When choosing a luxury interior design for furniture images, marketers and manufacturers must be prepared for certain difficulties. Firstly, staging physical high-end roomsets is very expensive. Obviously, you need to buy or rent luxury furniture and decor as well as use sumptuous finishing materials to make it right. Otherwise, if you go for affordable decor and materials, the result will look cheap and tacky.

Secondly, even if you use CGI for roomsets, it is very easy to overdo luxury interior designs and put too many opulent pieces in there. Unfortunately, such an over-the-top luxury draws customers away because it seems to be unattainable for them. Therefore, it is vital that high-end design is done by CG experts with taste and experience. They can balance out luxury elements and make a truly attractive 3D lifestyle image for your product.

So how do they do it? CG artists from our 3D rendering company have selected 5 luxury styles they like the most and shared their experience of creating such roomsets. Scroll down to get inspiration for your future marketing images!

#1. New Empire

New Empire Interior Design for a Luxury Dining Room

The New Empire is actually a modern version of the Classic Empire, 19th-century European style of the Napoleonic era. Just like in the traditional Empire style, the new one connects ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian influences and celebrates heroic and triumphal elements in interior design. That’s why CG artists tend to use sculpture, busts, bas-reliefs, as well as classical paintings and portraits in New Empire interiors.

As for architecture and interior finishings, Empire roomsets require high structural ceilings, columns, stucco moldings, and so on. And, surely, only opulent materials work here. Thus, CG experts build this luxury interior design on marble and mahogany, silk wallpaper, golden or gilded bronze ornamental details, etc.

The fact the Classic Empire is the progenitor of Art Deco and New Empire style means there are many similar components to all of them. For instance, they share an iconic combo of dark hues with gold or silver. However, for the New Empire, CG artists add bolder hues such as purple, blue, and turquoise to enrich the classic palette. 

Last but not least, the New Empire kept one of the most characteristic features of the Empire style — strict lines. Rigorous geometry serves as a frame that disciplines and organizes the opulence. Thus, such interiors are not about showing off wealth, they convey a subtle and elegant luxury.

#2. Art Deco

Design of a Luxury Living Room in Art Deco Interior Style

Art Deco luxury interior design style refers to the era from the 1930s to the 50s and 60s. It arose in contrast to its predecessor, Art Nouveau. However, if Art Nouveau is fluid, intricate-patterned, and nature-oriented, Art Deco is more about strict lines and clear geometry. 

While creating Art Deco interiors, CG artists opt for opulent materials and textures. We are talking about expensive wood like ebony and mahogany, marble, leather, fur, and gold, as well as lots of mirrored surfaces such as chrome, mirror, and polished stone.

Also, one of the hallmarks of Art Deco is its recognizable geometric patterns like zigzags, triangles, chevrons, etc. Those motifs can be found both in the interior and in furnishings with the use of contrasting shades and color combinations of dark tones plus gold or silver.

#3. Hollywood Regency

Luxury Interior of a House in Hollywood Regency Design Style

Hollywood Regency is a nod to classic Hollywood with its worship of superstars and glamor. This luxury interior design uses vibrant colors and experimental combinations to the point where it becomes a little exaggerated and kitschy. These roomsets aren’t supposed to be cozy residential interiors but rather a movie set. There’s no place for boredom and mediocrity in Hollywood!

So, to bring the wow factor to this luxury interior, CG artists give full free rein to their imagination and opt for very bold colors and stylistic contrasts. For example, they can use ultra-modern colors for interior finishing and put classic Art Deco or even Rococo-inspired furniture. Just imagine a juxtaposition of emerald matte walls with black and white check floor and classy crimson-pink furniture on top of that — here is Hollywood Regency for you.

#4. Glam

Luxury Glam Interior Design for a High-End Home

If Hollywood Regency celebrates traditional glamor, then Glam is a Modern interior design style only much chicer. Of course, Glam may include classic or Hollywood Regency elements, but they have to be modernized, that is, become simpler and neater. That’s why CG artists often use transitional furnishing and decor for Glam luxury interior design. For the same reason, they add contemporary art to balance glamor out with a bit of modern touch.

Such interiors are based on a neutral color palette and light tones so that they look spacious and homey. And, of course, you can’t make a Glam design without sumptuous materials — gold, crystal, marble, and expensive wood as well as luxurious textiles such as velvet, silk, and fine handmade fabrics.

#5. Luxury

Interior 3D Design of a Luxury Living Room

Well, you can’t really outline Luxury interior design as a separate style, rather, it’s a fusion of all aforementioned decorative traditions. But here’s where comfort and status come to the fore.

With this design style, CG artists always start with architecture because large housing is synonymous with wealth. To enhance luxury vibes, they build a spacious 3D roomset with high ceilings, top-to-bottom windows, atriums, multiple tiers, etc. Then, based on architecture, CG experts add big statement decorative elements like statues, chandeliers, mirror panels, fireplaces, and lots of comfortable large furniture.

Naturally, there is no place for low-cost materials or mass-market furnishings in such interiors. Thus, CG artists use only expensive materials and exclusive designer furniture here. To complete a Luxury interior, they fill it with contemporary art to emphasize the status of the owner. Obviously, those should be pieces made by the most famous artists. This way they can be considered not only as works of art but as a reasonable investment too.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

If you need a luxury design for furniture product images, we strongly recommend working with professional CG artists. Their knowledge and skill in 3D interior rendering turn boring marketing pics into magazine-worthy pieces. When done tastefully, such visuals can inspire customers and bolster your brand’s reputation at the same time. Whether it’s a more historical Art Deco interior or a more glamorous roomset with a touch of Hollywood chic, CG experts will make a perfect setting for your furniture to shine in the picture. 

Using our 3D rendering services, your dreams of a luxury interior design for product images will come true. In just two days, you can receive a 100% photorealistic high-end 3D roomset in any of these styles which will make your furniture look truly swanky!

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  1. John Carston
    John Carston says:

    I like how you mentioned that exclusive designer furniture is included in luxury designs. My uncle mentioned to me last night that they are planning to build real estate on their vacant site and asked if I have any idea what is the best option to do in choosing luxurious interior design services. Thanks to this informative article and I’ll be sure to tell him that it will be much better if we consult a trusted luxury interior design firm as they can answer all his inquiries and will provide the proper layout for their desired real estate property.

  2. Shrini Karthik
    Shrini Karthik says:

    The five styles mentioned here deserve to be tried once by the home owner. Luxury interior design needs very innovative approach. The designer needs to be careful about the level of comforts given to the space owner. Understanding the clear requirements is the key what I have learnt from the industry as of now.

  3. Jesse Ford
    Jesse Ford says:

    Thanks for discussing the different types of interior design. My friend wants to make his house more luxurious. He should look into hiring an interior designer.

  4. Sofia S
    Sofia S says:

    New empire sofa set looks so warm ans sophisticated. Luxury is the power of customization. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Martha Edwards
    Martha Edwards says:

    Absolutely breathtaking luxury interior design! The attention to detail and exquisite choices in materials and furnishings create a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. A true masterpiece that reflects impeccable style and sophistication. Kudos to the talented designers behind this stunning space!

  6. Rahul
    Rahul says:

    The design of luxury interiors blends elegance and sophistication, resulting in elegant, timeless spaces. EV Interior exemplifies this with its custom services, which combine premium materials and various inventive designs to transform rooms into luxurious retreats. 


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