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Have you noticed that the Internet has gotten overflowed with minimalist interiors, be it in design pictures or furniture promo materials? Sure, on one hand, they are simple and versatile. But on the other hand, it turned into a dull overused trend that everyone is becoming tired of. That’s why some of the more creative competitors have already switched to a bold Eclectic design style for their product images. They don’t just showcase the furniture piece in a monotonous universal environment but sell a new free-spirited lifestyle and even set provocative design trends.

However, even if you are ready to try an Eclectic interior design for your furniture images,make sure CG specialists from a 3D rendering company you work with know what to do. Not every CG artist can create a personalized eclectic interior because it requires not only knowledge and skills but, most importantly, taste and talent.

Intrigued? Here you go our CG specialists are ready to share the ins-and-outs of how they create 6 main Eclectic styles. Get ready to be inspired and try some of them for your 3D lifestyles in the next furniture marketing campaign.

#1. Kitsch

An Eclectic Kitsch Style for Modern Interior Design

A Kitsch Eclectic style refers to 19th century Europe and the era of industrialization. Due to the rapid growth of the industry, people were making fortunes and boasting about money. Therefore, those nouveau riches grew obsessed with showing off their wealth and buying lots of expensive furniture. As a result, their homes became stuffy and overly decorated with no taste to the point of indecency. That’s how the word “kitsch” or “bad taste” turned into a certain design style.

Surprisingly, two centuries later, the kitsch finally won a new audience among the artistic and upper-class population. Today, kitsch represents personality-packed ironic interiors that reflect their owner’s lifestyle and take their eccentricity to the next level. And, of course, such design is truly outstanding and highly Instagram-ish.

So, when CG artists make such an Eclectic design style for product roomsets, they have to be free-spirited and creative, balancing on the verge of ridiculousness. Let’s say, they can use bright contrasting colors for walls and floors, put a modern couch beside a vintage one, add a flamingo statuette and a golden chandelier all in one room. No doubt, this Eclectic style is not for everyone but it works perfectly for statement decor and extraordinary furniture pieces.

#2. Post-Modern

An Eclectic Living Area in Postmodern Interior Design Style

Postmodernism emerged as a response to modernist experimental practicality and lasted from the 60s to the 90s. If modernism was tough, minimalist, and not human-oriented, postmodernism was exactly the opposite. It celebrates the color, comfort and humanity of the interior. Finally, designers that were hungry for bold colors and experiments could breathe freely. They started mixing different visual components into one Eclectic design style.

Since post-modern spans three decades, the features of all styles of these periods reflect in its design style without one dominating others. As a result, when creating a post-modern eclectic 3D furniture visualization, CG artists use simple and neutral finishing materials, add bright accents here and there and furnish rooms with the 50s and 70s retro furniture and decor.

Speaking of postmodern furniture, we have to mention Italian and American art groups such as Memphis and Studio Alchymia. They brought us the iconic Proust chair that juxtaposes classical shapes with bold modern prints, and the Carlton bookcase that looks more like a sculpture than a piece of furniture. With these design icons in mind, CG artists opt for postmodern eclectic furniture pieces and artworks to create an interior that is very stylish but livable at the same time.

#3. Pop-Art 

An Eclectic Interior of a Living Room Made in Pop-Art Design Style

Pop-art interiors are a reflection of the pop-art artistic movement and post-war society of the 50s and 60s. It was based on the eccentric artworks of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and other free-spirited artists. Thus, this interior design style inherited their boldness, dynamic and sarcasm. 

Surely, when CG artists create 3D roomsets in this Eclectic design style, they get inspiration from the founding fathers of this movement. That’s why they opt for bold contrasting colors and unexpected materials such as bright neon plastic. And even if they decide to use neutral white for walls, they basically refer to art galleries where contemporary art is exhibited.

Of course, these interiors are meant to be filled with art of all shapes and forms. Thus, the most distinctive feature of pop-art interior design is a controversial statement art piece that becomes a focal point of the room. It could be an eccentric painting, a collage, or a fantastic pop-art sculpture that makes the whole roomset vibrant and provocative.

#4. Boho

A Living Zone Made in Eclectic Boho Design Style

Boho Eclectic interior design style comes from the 60s and 70s and has a relaxed, non-formal bohemian vibe. It is a hippie style that is multicultural and doesn’t obey any official rules of interior design. Boho is all about a person being free, creative and one with nature. That is why it is considered to be the style of bohemian “artsy” people.

To create eclectic boho interiors, CG artists start with a solid neutral base of warm earthy tones and natural materials like wood, stone, straw, corkwood, ceramics, fringed fabrics. etc. Also, they put plenty of indoor plants to add a pop of color without ruining a relaxed ambiance at the same time. Once the boho foundation is ready, CG experts start saturating interiors with bright colors and abundant eclectic decor.

What’s so inspiring about boho interior design is that it allows you to have fun with patterns and experiment with layering various motifs on top of each other. This trick enhances the creativity and personality of the space even more. So, if you have been to such an interior once, you most likely will never forget it. To balance such an eclecticism, CG artists stick to one or two main colors for all layers so that they don’t overshadow one another.

#5. Vintage 

An Eclectic Interior Design for a Living Room in a Vintage Style

The vintage design doesn’t celebrate any particular decade of the 20th century. Rather, it is an Eclectic design style that blends well classic design pieces or vintage-inspired furniture from different eras with modern elements.

To create such a style, CG artists use iconic vintage pieces and antique furnishings and decor. Those could be objects from different periods and styles but similar in visual aesthetics and materials. For interior finishings, they use old wood parquet floors covered with antique carpets, textile wallpapers, and stucco moldings.

Thanks to its nature to celebrate the past, vintage never goes out of style. But when working on this eclectic roomset, CG artists should be conscious of not going too far with grandma’s furniture, so that the roomset doesn’t look outdated and run-down. Professional CG specialists beautifully combine antiquity with the modern eclectic decor to build a well-balanced retro design style with a touch of nostalgia.

#6. Industrial

An Eclectic Industrial Design Style for a Modern Loft

The industrial style originally refers to transforming former industrial estate like warehouses, factories, and urban lofts into residential living. It all started in the 20th century as a response to the rising rent in megapolises and continues to this day. However, the financial part is not the only reason for doing industrial interiors. The industrial design style is honest and incredibly sleek.

This Eclectic design style is an ode to industrial architecture. Its aesthetic is based on displaying all structural and architectural elements of the building, such as high ceilings, rough beams, columns, concrete floors, brick walls, pipes and ducts things that other design styles hide and cover. To create an industrial 3D lifestyle, CG artists use a restricted color palette. It’s mainly neutral brown hues, lots of white and some black accents like window frames and beams. As for materials for this design style, CG specialists go for an “unfinished rough” look and opt for concrete, various types of polished and distressed metal, timeworn wood and leather.

In terms of furnishing, this Eclectic design goes perfectly with vintage one because vintage pieces refer to the era of the settlement of old factories. And since lofts retain their brutal industrial character, CG artists furnish roomsets with old factory furniture and reclaimed pieces like laboratory metal cabinets, screw chairs, polished chrome tables, etc.

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If you fell in love with Eclectic design style and want to get such 3D product lifestyles, hire CG professionals with expertise in interior design. Whether it’s pop-art madness, or industrial sleek brutality they know all the features of these styles and are able to perfectly incorporate your product in a 3D roomset for a background.

Ready to try Eclectic 3D lifestyles? Contact us for 3D rendering services and get jaw-dropping furniture images that will make you stand out and boost your sales!

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