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6 Types of Product Images for a Furniture Catalog

Lifestyle shots in a catalog are one of the most effective ways to expose the product’s benefits and, thus, boost sales immensely. A monochrome wall or a simple sheet of paper as a standard studio’s background for product photos cannot satisfy a picky customer anymore. Now they want to see how well this particular furniture element will fit in the general interior design.

As for the Manufacturers and Furniture Retailers, the process of organizing lifestyle shots photography might be a nightmare. Let’s face the truth – the catalog needs to be prepared in the short term, and photo shooting takes too much time due to the complexity of the overall process. For example, Marketers, involved in catalog making, need to arrange the location – warehouses or exhibition stands in stores – and have the furniture delivered there. Since these are lifestyle images, changing the decoration sets is a must, which is also burdensome and time-consuming. 

Thus, is there any solution considering that a catalog is still a powerful tool for selling? The way out lies in rethinking the way of product visualization in it. It brings all the involved to computer-generated images. So, here are the top 5 types of lifestyle shots for a furniture catalog that are capable of revamping the presentation of goods and boosting sales significantly. 

#1. Colorways Lifestyle Shots

Colorways Lifestyle Shots

Colorway lifestyle photo shots expose the object in many color variations. A viewer can look through all the color palettes of the item in one image. As a result, a manufacturer showcases the whole product’s range without taking too much space in a catalog and turning it into a heavy book. 

Furthermore, on a 3D image, this very product and its color variations might be shown in different lifestyle interiors and pieces of furniture, carefully selected by go-to designers. Here and now one can see the most convenient option for their home, imagine how it will look there, and make a purchase immediately. This makes the process of choosing a win-win for any customer, had they taken a catalog into their hands. 

#2. Scale Lifestyle Shots

Scale Lifestyle Image

This type of lifestyle shot is designed to highlight the product’s dimensions. It is placed in relation to the size of other furniture elements. In simple words, it’s much easier to understand the coffee table’s proportions when seeing it against the armchair or a sofa. Such display tells the customer all they need to know about the item’s size and how it might work for the entire interior design. 

To be more precise, it’s hard to understand what 60″w x 19″d x 19″h means and how it looks like in the room. So, a photo or 3D lifestyle render helps to visualize it more clearly. Except, 3D rendering provides more background solutions than traditional photography could ever offer. It amplifies the viewer’s grasp of the thing and makes their choice more informed. 

#3. Group Lifestyle Shots

Group Product Image

A group shot demonstrates the lineup or one item in multiple design solutions. It shows the whole range in all colors and materials and even might feature a few background settings. But every time when there is a need to change a furniture model or the background and produce new shots again, the process becomes more complicated and delayed.

As an alternative, 3D furniture rendering allows placing a few furniture elements into different 3D scenes and doing it as many times as necessary. Thus, a Manufacturer or Marketer can choose already existing scenes from 3D lifestyle renders’ base or ask for creating new ones. It’s simple and quick, unlike classic photography where decorations need to be reset every time the scene changes.  

For the record, group lifestyle shots are a perfect tool for cross-selling since they showcase multiple goods side by side taken from a furniture store. For example, one, willing to renovate a kitchen, will love brand new white cabinets featured in a catalog. Meantime, when seeing sleek-finished induction cooktops ideally completing the entire concept with cabinetry, they might want to have it all in their kitchen design. Besides, when buying multiple pieces, a customer gets discounts. Therefore, both a retailer and a client end up with a win-win. 

#4. Hero Lifestyle Shots

Hero Lifestyle Shots

A shot makes the flagship product a hero of the catalog’s page. The furniture element is placed into the space where everything serves to highlight its benefits and, thus, show an exclusive value proposition. The environment of these lifestyle shots might include specific lighting, composition, contrast, etc., which will be perfectly suited for the “hero” item. 

It’s an ideal way for the viewer to see the signature features of the item. From the perspective of producing hero lifestyle shots, ordinary photography might be at a disadvantage. To install the correct lighting as well as create the right composition of things is always challenging and requires a lot of equipment and props. In the meantime, CGI does it quickly and effectively with a few clicks of 3D Artists. 

#5. Detail Lifestyle Shots

Detail Product Image

Whatever the placement is – a website or catalog – material’s quality will always be the basic point when purchasing furniture. This is exactly what a detail shot does – it focuses on the concrete details of the item under different close-up angles. Thanks to it, the viewer can assess its quality and examine its peculiarities.

Only high-definition technologies are capable of truly showing such robust upholstery fabrics like corduroy, wool, velvet, or quilted cotton in a catalog. This is where 3d rendering is irreplaceable. Furniture retailers use these lifestyle shots to allow prospects to opt for custom pieces of one item – for example, fine knit velvet or woven chenille upholstery for the sofa. Usually, detail shots come with other lifestyle images, enhancing the overall product presentation.

#6. Conceptual Lifestyle Shots

Conceptual Lifestyle Shots

This is one of the most creative lifestyle shots for unique and bold marketing concepts. When it comes to CG lifestyle renders, there are no limits to implementing ideas. Marketers can try exotic backgrounds, artistic compositions, dynamic visual effects and many more amazing features. For example, 3D artists can make an abstract background instead of a simple monochromic one.  Or, they can go for a smoke effect in the combination with spotlight rays to create a stage-like ambiance.

Catalog imagery can make or break the sale, so taking care of the product pictures is crucial. They should be high resolution, smartly stylized, and demonstrate the advantages of furniture to the full extent. Moreover, they need to provide the client with the information, sufficient to make a purchase here and now. It makes 3D rendering not just a credible alternative to traditional product visualization but the only ultimate way to do it quickly and budget-friendly.

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