How to Choose a 3D Rendering Provider

Finding a perfect product 3D rendering studio is a challenge that can only be overcome with careful planning and thorough analysis. To choose a provider for long-term cooperation, manufacturers and marketers need to know what to look at and what questions to ask. To make things easier, we broke the process down into steps. Let’s check them out. 

Step 1: Browse for Options

The first thing to do is to google product 3D rendering companies. Then, it’s necessary to look through the highest-ranked studios and choose the 6 most suitable options. This is the shortlist of candidates to analyze in the next steps.

Step 2: Check Out Work Examples

Look at the studio’s or artist’s CGI portfolio to see their experience, quality of work, and the exact type of services they provide. If there are case studies on the website, that’s even better. Check them out too, to understand the company’s workflow, the project scales, how they communicate with clients, and deal with challenges. 

Step 3: Look for the Clients’ Feedback

A Testimonial of a CGI Studio's Client

Testimonials and reviews are a valuable source of information. One needs to look at their number, at what they say, and at who writes them. After that, it’s wise to google the company reviews to see what can be found on other platforms.

Step 4: Enquire about Guarantees

Signing an NDA with a CGI Company

When choosing a product 3D rendering services provider, it’s vital to make sure that the project information and business data will be safe and protected. This is what guarantees are for.

Freelancers can sure promise things and keep their words. However, they are not bound by law to deliver unless they sign some kind of contract.

In contrast, companies value their reputations and have whole strategies developed to nail their brand promises. This is why they can totally give guarantees on things that matter most, like speed or quality. 

For instance, CGIFurniture has an “On time or for free” option. Those who apply for it are guaranteed that either they get their results on time, or we return the payment. We are that confident because we have state-of-the-art equipment, our own render farm, and a whole army of highly skilled specialists. 

Sometimes, the guarantees available can be found right on the website, usually on the FAQ page. If not, it’s necessary to call the company. Here are the main things to ask about:

  1. Can they sign an NDA? 
  2. Do they sign NDAs provided by clients?
  3. Do they have other ways to safeguard clients? What are they and what’s necessary to apply to them?

Step 5: Find out about the Communication Process

Effective communication is key to getting top-notch results. It’s vital to ensure that the 3D artists won’t disappear till the deadline, or that one won’t have to communicate in several channels with a dozen people who do not seem to share information between them. Those things can and must be avoided with smart professional management solutions.

For instance, CGIFurniture had an online project management platform developed especially for communication, keeping information, project updates, and files storage. Now, all of those processes are easy and comfortable for our clients.

The Process of Using CRM When Working with a CGI Studio

So to safeguard the project, it’s necessary to ask the following questions:

  • Is there one single communication channel?
  • Where will the information be kept?
  • Who will be managing the project?
  • How often will the studio share updates and intermediate results?

As you see, finding a reliable product rendering company is a matter of research and knowing what to look for and what to ask. It’s best to take the top-ranked google choices, study what they offer, and narrow down the list to the top 6. Then, it’s time to see the quality they deliver. The best way to do that is to check out companies’ portfolios and case studies. Having selected the top performers, it’s necessary to find out what cooperation experience they deliver. For the workflow is crucial to a smooth work process and getting results on time. The best way to understand how a product rendering studio works is to read the reviews from clients, find out more about the communication process and the guarantees available. If the information cannot be found on the website, it’s worth calling the shortlisted companies. With all these answers, the choice should be obvious.


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