Media Table 3D Model for Online Marketing Campaign

Online Marketing Tools

For BDI Furniture Project

Photoreal CGI helped showcase amazing furniture masterpieces in various settings and styles. High-quality imagery highlighted the versatility of options and functions – without a single photoshoot.

Product CGI used for creating online marketing tools showed that BDI Furniture is about comfort and living life to the full

Console Render With a Rock Atmosphere for Product Marketing Campaign

While CGI animation highlighted how beautifully BDI furniture transforms spaces

3D Product Animation for BDI Media Cabinet & Modern TV Stand

Furniture 3D animation has a stunning immersive feature that involves viewers into the actions unfolding on the screen. Thus there is no better way to catch clients’ attention than to invite them to a breathtaking video adventure which happens to include the item they are interested in.

3D Animation Services for BDI Furniture: LINQ collection

In this product animation for BDI, we highlight the perfect blend of design and functionality in their bedroom furniture collection called LINQ. Get up close and personal with the sophisticated designs, smart storage solutions, and the impressive detailing that speaks of BDI’s commitment to quality. Interested in similar marketing solutions for your brand? Visit our website and let’s bring your products to life in 3D!

Bed Assembly 3D Animation

Our 3D animation showcasing the assembly of a bed from BDI’s LINQ collection exemplifies the transformative power of CGI. We’ve turned complex assembly instructions into an easily understandable visual guide, breaking down each step with precision. Want to discover more about the potential of CGI for your business? Visit our website and let’s create something remarkable together!

The CGI visuals were further used
on BDI product page and
in social media campaign

MacBook MockUpMedia Cabinets Product Render for BDI Marketing Campaign
CGI for Furniture Marketing Campaign: A Gorgeous Media Console View02
Practical Console 3D Render for Online Promotion
Quality Media Cabinets 3D Render for Online Marketing
High-quality 3D Lifestyle Rendering for Credenza Online Promotion

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