Professional Furniture Rendering

for Anaya’s Home Furniture and Decor

Anaya’s Home Furniture and Decor Furniture Renders

Manju, Mentor and Jenna, Founder

The owners of the ethnic furniture company Anaya Home company planned a change in their website’s design and needed a lot of high-end lifestyles and white background images for their amazing products.

Our team got a very thorough and detailed technical assignment, supplemented with reference imagery. The concept was so unique and compelling that our 3D artists couldn’t wait to start working on the furniture rendering project.

Lifestyle Renders
for Landing Pages

CGIFURNITURE artists worked hard to create the perfect environment for each Anaya’s product. They put furniture into modern, coastal, and farmhouse 3D roomsets to show how every piece fits into a whole variety of styles. A perfect choice for any taste! Looking at these lifestyle renders, people will easily find real treasures for their homes.

High-Quality CG Images
for Product Listings

The furniture and decor images on the white background were used on the product listing pages of Anaya’s website. To convey every little detail of handwoven textiles, marble patterns and naturally crafted wooden surfaces of the products, our 3D artists created high-poly 3D models of the utmost accuracy and realism. As a result, the 3D renders highlight the appeal of every item. Looking at them, the viewer will practically get the tactile feel of surfaces and textiles.

Photorealistic 3D Renderings
for Product Pages

Lifestyle Render for Anaya's About Us Page
Lifestyle Renders for Product Promo
Anaya's Product Images
Product Images for Anaya's Website

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