Choosing a 3D modeling company is an important stage for successful product marketing. Upon this choice depend the quality of 3D models, speed and effectiveness of the workflow, and, ultimately – the impact of the advertising materials. So how does one find a reliable 3D partner when there’s no time for meeting up and talking things through with each 3D modeling studio on the internet? 

There are no limits to what one can promise on its website. There’s one thing, however, Product Manufacturers and Marketers can trust – a 3D modeling portfolio. Real results and product views can tell more than a thousand words – one just needs to know what exactly to look for. Let’s find out how to choose a perfect contractor based on portfolio.

#1. Matching 3D Models To Real Object

3D Photorealistic Modeling for a Chair on White

When looking through a 3D Modeling Portfolio, pay attention to shapes and realistic volumes: that is the base for a high-quality 3D materials. Whether a 3D Artist models from scratch, reference or a photo, he needs to possess the art of creating complex custom shapes and adding depth for the product to look photorealistic and appealing. Sloppiness kills the image, while skillful shapes and volume creation allows for an outstanding level of detail.

#2. Skill Range

  • Before-Product Visualisation Scene
    After-Product Visualisation Scene
    Without Textures Product Visualisation Scene After Texturing

Crucial to photorealism of a 3D model is the skill of adding textures and giving color to objects. This would make the model complete and highly realistic, and require a great deal of experience. So if the velvet of the sofa 3D model screams softness, your product cg images will be in safe hands.

If you need your 3D models for product animation, then make sure 3D studio works with retopology – a technique allowing to export the model into a product animation app. Retopology allows to lower the density of a 3D model’s mesh and thus keep the visual impact while reducing the file’s weight. You can learn it from written comments or assume from the smooth-running and visually appealing animations in 3D modeling artist portfolio.

When examining the 3D modeling studio website, pay attention to whether and how the studio works with the software you need. Do 3D Artists work with ZBrush, Autodesk 3ds Max and Vray plugin for deliciously realistic lighting? That would fit into your product line seamlessly.

Once again, the range of 3D modeling software used is an indicator of the scale of a studio. For instance, CGIFURNITURE 3D Artists work with 3D Max, ZBrush, Maya, Marvelous Designer. Unity, Unreal Engine, ArchiCAD, Photoshop. This is the top software, and quite a range to choose from.

#3. Turnaround Time for a Project

When examining a professional 3D modeling portfolio, look for information about how much time each project took. The image may look awesome, but to create it 3D Artist could have needed three days of hard work. Would that be okay for you workflow? Time is often mentioned in the portfolio entry.

However, for large-scale 3D modeling projects things are somewhat different. For in this case, the speed depends on the number of specialists 3D company employs. For instance, CGIFURNITURE have 200 in-house specialists, which allows a few teams to work simultaneously on a project – and therefore time is not an issue for us. How to learn the number of 3D Artists from a 3D modeling portfolio? Just look at the number of images and the time the project lasted. If the information is not there, however, write to the company. Give the number of views, describe the type of project and ask for the term.

#4. Case Studies and Feedback from Clients

Case Studies for 3D Modeling

The best proof for working with projects of a specific company are case studies. Case study is a 3D modeling portfolio entry with information on the project’s development and success.It usually includes all/some of the following:

  • Dates and the time the project took
  • The software used
  • The aim of a project
  • Technical complexities
  • Final results
  • Screenshot of the results used or photos
  • Price

Case studies allow you to see what kind of brands cooperate with a 3D modeling studio. Are those companies the ones you associate with quality and success? Would you like to see your name next to theirs? And most importantly, do you admire their marketing strategy or advertising campaigns? If you answer yes to all these questions, you might have found a perfect 3D modeling service provider.

Sometimes 3D modeling companies place the feedback of a client in the case study. You may see then how happy with results the company is – and how good the studio is.

#5. Budget and Price

3D Modeling Prices

Once you’ve established that the quality, terms and conditions correspond to your expectations, time to find out about the pricing policy. It is perfect if each project in 3D modeling portfolio is supplied with prices. If that’s not the case, though, search for a calculator on the website. Or better still, contact the studio: this is more reliable anyway, for your project might belong to a different price category. For instance, 3D modeling projects in CGIFURNITURE fall into 4 groups:

  1. Simple 3D modeling
  2. Complex 3D modeling
  3. Simple Lifestyle
  4. Complex Lifestyle

You may find out more about each of them in our Glossary and estimate the cost of your 3D modeling project on the Prices page. This way, estimating the price is a piece of cake!

That was the base for your checklist for 3D modeling portfolio analysis. To form a complete picture, check out the CGI company’s presence in specialized social media. Comments, ranks and likes will give you even better idea of where their skills stand and how fellow 3D Artists evaluate them.

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

product rendering price

For high-quality 3D rendering services contact CGIFURNITURE. We’ll turn your marketing materials into lead-magnets!

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