Chair Rendering:

A Case-Study of a Furniture Project

To stay on top of the eCommerce game, furniture retailers and manufacturers have to advertise their products with the best visuals possible. This is true for the following case — our client needed not only photorealistic chair rendering for an e-catalog but also a bunch of other CG tools like a 3D configurator, a 360 view, and a panorama.

Surely, traditional photography was not even a choice. It is expensive and time-consuming, and also limited creative-wise. With CGI, our 3D rendering company made various static and motion CG solutions for this brand in a matter of days. 

Also, our clients wanted to have control over the creative process and effectively communicate with a CG team. For that, we gave them access to a special CRM system. This remote online platform provides clients with the freedom to choose 3D models and room sets they like from our 3D library, as well as the ability to give instant feedback to CG artists. Setting tasks and making corrections has never been easier!

To show you how our CG team works, we decided to use this chair rendering project as an example and break down the whole process into 7 easy steps.

#1. Starting a Project

A Screenshot of a Chair Product Rendering Project

To start with, our client logged into our CRM system, selected the type of services they needed, created the project, and set the deadline. Then, they added all the materials to the brief — chair drafts, photos, references, mood boards, and texture samples. 

In addition, our customer explained the task in a technical description, including how they were going to use the result. In this case, they needed static chair rendering for the online catalog as well as several other CG promo tools. After the brand’s marketers provided us with a full brief on the chair design, our project manager checked all the materials, and the work began. 

#2. Product 3D Modeling and Rendering

3D Modeling and Rendering of a Modern Chair

Once they got the task, CG artists started creating a 3D model for chair rendering. Firstly, they built a geometry of the object, then, applied all the textures. At that stage, the client was free to make any suggestions and corrections, for instance, move some elements a little or replace the materials of the chair.

Also, a CG team had to prepare this 3D model for a 360° product view. For that, they made a retopology of the ready 3D object. This technique reduced the number of polygons that created a surface of the 3D model. Retopology allows a 3D object to stay highly detailed but smaller size-wise. Thanks to that, the game engine or graphic card can render 3D models faster and the imagery doesn’t get distorted. 

#3. Making an Interactive 360° View

3D Rendering of Several Angles of a Chair

After our CG artists had built a detailed 3D object, they set up the lighting and rendered the chair on a white background from different angles. Our specialists made 36 chair renderings in total. The only thing left to do was to loop those images together and get an interactive 3D model of a chair that can be rotated 360 degrees.

The ready 360° view of a product was easy to incorporate into any web platform and use for e-stores and digital adverts. Such an engaging CG tool is a surefire way to make prospects stay longer on an online store or social media page.

#4. Putting the Chair in a Room Set

Day and Night Chair Lifestyle Renderings

In their brief, our client asked for interior chair rendering, i.e. 3D lifestyle image. They chose the type of background and secondary 3D objects from our 3D library. This way, the manufacturer was able to take part in creating a room set along with CG artists and got exactly what they wanted in the end.

To get an impressive and emotionally charged lifestyle render, CG specialists suggested different lighting schemes for the same room set. As you can see above, the lighting completely changed the vibe of the rendering and transformed the energetic daytime scene into a cozy evening 3D lifestyle picture.

#5. Getting Stunning 3D Lifestyle Renders

3D Render of a Roomset for Chair Promo

Obviously, manufacturers and retailers need to have images of various sizes and resolutions for different purposes. For example, to adapt finished lifestyle images to the e-catalog, Facebook, and an Amazon listing, manufacturers usually have to manually cut and customize the pic. 

In our case, CG artists created high-resolution chair rendering first, then uploaded it to the CRM platform and tweaked the image parameters according to different social media standards. All the client had to do was download the final pictures and post them on their commercial pages without any changes.

#6. Creating a 3D Product Configurator

Creating Rendering of Different Chair Designs for a 3D Configurator

In addition to static chair rendering, our client asked for an interactive 3D customizer to provide buyers with an even more engaging experience. Using a virtual configurator, customers could manually switch between different chair design options and personalize a 3D model according to their taste.

When preparing the brief for this task, the client had collected all the textures and colors of the upholstery and frame and sent it via CRM. We took a 3D model of the chair we’d already made and rendered it with different textures and color options. They were used as changeable settings of the configurator on the brand’s website.

#7. Taking Panoramic Shots for VR

A Panoramic View of a Roomset Rendering for Chair Promo

And finally, CG artists had to make a panoramic view of the room set. For this, specialists took pictures of the 3D room set from several angles and stitched all the photos together to create a seamless panorama. 

This type of CG solution works perfectly for VR shopping applications where buyers can virtually furnish the interior by adding, removing and rearranging furniture 3D models. Also, manufacturers can use virtual tours on a website or a brand’s YouTube channel.

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product rendering price

Thanks to CGI, our client received plenty of promo materials from just one 3D model. They got static chair rendering on the white background for the catalog as well as eye-catching lifestyle pictures. Moreover, we also created an interactive 360° view ​​and 3D configurator that could be integrated into any e-commerce platform. Not to mention, our CG artists used the same 3D room set with integrated products in it to take panoramic shots for VR tools. 

Now the choice is yours. If you strive for first-class product CG imagery and smooth trouble-free collaboration, contact us for 3D rendering services without delays!

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