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How To Drive Sales

Product visualization for e-commerce is a powerful way for product marketers and e-tailers to gain profit from online sales. Now that the e-business is growing faster than ever, it’s especially relevant to represent products with a fresh look. That’s why product rendering is a great solution for expanding clientele and outperforming competitors on the niche.

A furniture company spends thousands of dollars on professional photography services in order to get high-quality product photos for their e-commerce website. However, the results haven’t paid the expenses even once – the traffic on the online store hasn’t even come close to the expectations and the rate of sales hasn’t increased for a long time now. Moreover, the organization of the photo shoots and renting photo studios takes too much time which is extremely frustrating when marketing campaigns have strict deadlines. In order to change this catastrophic situation, Manufacturers and Marketers of the company decided to try a promising alternative way that many of their competitors have already started using – CGI.     

As a professional 3D visualization company, we know how to outline products with immersive features and impress clients from the first glance while bringing new sales. Wonder how it’s even possible? Then read our list of 5 top ways to increase online sales with 3D visualization, and don’t forget to take notes.

#1. Use 3D Rendering To Show Product Design Variations

Lamp 3D Visualization for a Product Design Project

Nowadays clients are extremely picky when it comes to buying goods in online stores. And it’s not a surprise – it’s their natural desire to be 100 % confident in what they decide to purchase. Most clients leave e-shops without any deal because traditional product photography made it hardly possible to check the product’s features, let alone examine it upside down and inside out. All the potential buyer could see is several colors and material variations of the same product.

CGI solutions allow to break these boundaries and offer something extremely interesting to the most skeptical customers. With product visualization for e-commerce, Marketers can present a 360-degree product view on their sales page to grow the clients’ volume. The secret behind this technology is that it establishes an emotional connection with potential buyers and therefore increases their trust in the product, and in the brand. With such a view, customers can spin and rotate the product in different directions which allows checking product design in detail. Moreover, to intensify the visual impact, Marketers and Manufacturers can provide clients with color and material variations of the same product for a more personalized shopping experience. As a result, we have a highly interactive and enhanced customer relationship, stronger decision-making ability, and increased online sales.

#2. Make Your Product “Live” Using Augmented Reality


    AR technology is quickly winning hearts in the e-commerce world. Thanks to its ability to merge CG products into the real-life environment, there’s practically no need for customers to leave their homes and go to a physical store. Such global companies as IKEA are already taking great benefits from using augmented reality to increase sales. Using this type of product visualization for e-commerce, Manufacturers and Marketers increase a chance to enhance their revenues.

    The only thing required to showcase the items in all their beauty is smartphone application with the AR view. There, customers can choose a preferred 3D model of a product from a large database and place the chosen model in any location by moving in with a simple swipe of a finger. One can also change product parameters by zooming in and out in case this or that model doesn’t fit. And by rotating and spinning digital models, clients take full control of how exactly the merchandise will look like in the desired setting. This way, AR grants a new online shopping experience while also enabling e-commerce companies to improve their business strategy, reduce returns and enhance sales.

    #3. Demonstrate the Technicalities of a Product with 3D Visualization

    Stylish 3D Product Visualization for a Lamp Design Project

    No need to argue with the fact that in e-commerce, it’s becoming harder and harder to convince shoppers of the top product quality. Simply showing the visual properties of this or that item is no longer enough for demanding consumers. What interests them more is the qualities that make goods highly functional and long-lasting. That’s why it’s important to reveal the inner structure and filling of a product in an e-store to prevent potential customer concerns.

    Owing to product visualization for e-commerce, it’s more than possible to highlight each and every structural element of merchandise without significant effort. In comparison to simple photography, CG images can display an item cut in half, so that customers can compare both the outer look of a piece and the inner one. This way, they can evaluate the real item’s worth and make the right buying decision. Apart from being a good investment into your future business, 3D visuals are cheaper than photo shoots in rented studios and take far less time for completion. All you need is contact a product visualization company, provide them with a prototype for a 3D model, and get ready images in a couple of days.

    #4. Impress Customers with CG Product Catalogs

    Product Images for Furniture E-Commerce

    Catalogs are a business card of retail businesses which make a powerful impression on clients. While checking out the collection of items they present, clients can make a decision of whether to buy merchandise or not. Accordingly, product CGI for e-commerce furniture businesses is the first thing shoppers will pay attention to. Most Marketers and Manufacturers create lifestyle images at this point, since they represent a product in a living environment, with decor and stunning interior elements. Silo imagery is not rare as well. There’s nothing more practical than a plain white background that illustrates the product the way it is. But what made such displays a challenge was the need to hire photographers, rent a studio and set the perfect light – all for the sake of a beautiful picture taken from the best angle.

    That’s where 3D product visualization comes into play. Using the power of CGI, Marketers and Manufacturers can rest assured that their marketing costs will not suffer from additional expenses. That’s because 3D models of any product are created digitally which makes it way cheaper than physical photo shoots. This way, a catalog will get more views and bring more online sales, just like IKEA’s catalogs which already have over 75 percent of computer-generated images.

    #5. Make a Product Sell Like Crazy with 3D Animation

    Another way to tune up the selling potential of a product is to create an animated video that features the item in motion. This form of interactivity will surely make customers astonished with the bright “movie” where 3D images are manipulated in whatever manner one desires. For example, one model of merchandise can be displayed with a fly through, or from all possible angles with close-ups, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction from viewing the most of product features and characteristics. Thanks to this, this type of product visualization for e-commerce not only presents items perfectly but also engages users to spend more time on a website while watching product videos.

    In a quest of searching for new ways of representing the goods, product visualization for e-commerce is a technology definitely worth considering. Not only does it save the day in terms of online sales, but it also allows e-businesses to increase revenues and bash the intense competition swirling in the market. Jaw-dropping static images, interactive 360 view and even mesmerizing photorealistic 3D animations – each of these types of product visualization will urge your clients to click the “sell” button.  

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