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5 Case Studies at CGIFurniture

Furniture manufacturers need new strategies to boost their online presence in a competitive world of retail. When we talk about brand promotion, CGI projects are one of the most valuable and efficient tools for digital marketing and e-commerce sales. 

No one knows more about innovative furniture marketing than the people at the 3D rendering studio that makes tens of thousands of promo visuals. And luckily for us, they’re ready to spill their secrets on how to create beautiful tables and chairs CGI projects.

The CGI Projects in E-Commerce Furniture Industry Marketing

The CGI Projects in Digital and e-Commerce Furniture Industry Marketing

In recent years, 3D visualization for product companies has become a significant trend in the furniture industry. More and more tables and chairs brands have already begun to use this service for product promotion, brand awareness-building, and online selling. But in terms of getting an idea of business opportunities in this sphere, the market is still in its infancy stage. 

Furniture companies worldwide benefit from CGI solutions using them as a visual aid. CG renderings are a robust set of tools for marketing, branding, and advertising. They can help attract new customers and keep them engaged and returning for more. In digital marketing, CG images also work great for SEO and SMM. 

There are many different methods to increase the sales of your products and services with CGI. We will cover the most popular and crucial 3D technology-based instruments in the tables and chairs CGI projects case studies below. They contain excellent examples of how 3D rendering and animation can transform product marketing!

Let’s dive into it! 

#1. 3D Rendered Product Images for Actiforce

3D Rendered Product Images for Actiforce

Actiforce manufactures industrial tables and chairs. The company wanted a collection of silo and lifestyle images that would show their products’ complex, highly functional design in detail. They wanted to use these images on their website, in marketing materials, and across social media.

The team at CGIFurniture produced detailed 3D rendered product images of these products, enabling Actiforce to showcase their creations online confidently. These renders were used in marketing materials and on the website for their clients to see exactly how each product would look once assembled. 

The lifestyle presented in 3D product images highlighted the brand’s innovative approach to healthy working and spinal health. Actiforce CGI projects showcase the cutting-edge technology used to produce ergonomic tables, chairs, and workstations. The products are designed to help reduce the risk of osteochondrosis, assist in recovery and minimize pain to create the most comfortable working environment.

When potential customers visit Actiforce’s website and see animated videos, they can see what the company offers in stunning detail as well as understand how to use those products in real life.

The results were spectacular—the product was beautifully presented on both the web and in print. Customers could see all the details of the high-end tables and chairs CGI projects before they purchased them.

#2. Lifestyle Images for CMcadeiras Tables and Chairs CGI Project

Lifestyle Images for CMcadeiras Tables and Chairs CGI Project

When CMcadeiras decided it was time to try outsourcing 3D rendering services, they knew that the models needed to be perfect. They wanted to put their products in any scene they could think of as a perfect environment for their goods. The company sought a solution to help it stand out in its competitive social media marketing.

The result is an impressive showcase of how CGIFurniture can take your products from flat mock-ups to one-of-a-kind lifestyle images. Those were then used in social media posts, which helped the brand stand out from its competitors and increase sales and awareness about the brand among consumers.

Consider outsourcing tables and chairs CGI projects to us! You can start with this article on how to communicate with an outsource CGI provider effectively.

#3. 3D Rendering for a Website of James + James Brand

3D Rendering for a Website of James + James Brand

The James + James brand is a furniture company that specializes in handmade, custom pieces. When the demand for J+J products grew substantially, the marketers of the company realized that they needed much more pictures for online product catalogs than before. And organizing promo photoshoots for every furniture piece went beyond the budget. So, the company’s top management started to search for alternatives and turned their attention to CGI.

CGIFurniture was selected as a partner for 3D modeling and rendering services by J+J based on our portfolio and reputation in the industry. We provided high-poly furniture 3D modeling, high-quality lifestyle 3D rendering, and stunning promotional materials for J+J online catalog and the company’s website. The project was completed within an agreed timeframe and within budget.

The final result exceeded even our expectations: not only did 3D rendering for website visuals look stunningly real but it also helped increase sales significantly!

#4.  Custom Rendering for George Chebib Design Company

Custom Rendering for George Chebib Design Company

The George Chebib Design company is a furniture company based in Australia. They specialize in the design and manufacture of contemporary furniture, which they sell directly to consumers, as well as through their own online store.

The brand needed to create CG custom rendering for its new collection of tables and chairs but didn’t have the budget. The company had been using product photography to advertise its products before, however, they’ve found that it’s difficult to get enough images for each new collection. After all, product photo shoots are expensive and time-consuming to organize, requiring many different kinds of equipment and lighting setups.

That’s how they decided to try CGI services. With the new approach, the brand founder George Chebib was able to get big amounts of renderings in less time and on a smaller budget. This has allowed him to focus more on expanding the business while still maintaining high-quality images of their products for different marketing campaigns.

Our CGI professionals created top-notch CG silo pictures and lifestyle product images. High-quality 3D renders were used as digital marketing material on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well as ads on search engines like Google, etc.

#5. Lifestyle 3D Renders for The Table Vault Custom Design

Lifestyle 3D Renders for The Table Vault Custom Design

The founders of Grain and Frame furniture company, Sam and Rhys, decided to try 3D visualization for their unique Table Vault. They used product photography for presenting their furniture on different online platforms. However, a new ambitious collection demanded eye-catching lifestyle pictures, and organizing such a large-scale photo shoot would take a lot of time, effort, and a big budget.

The solution was to use CGI renderings for company purposes. The result was an impressive image gallery highlighting the main characteristics of their product: its design, functionality, and ease of use.

The photorealistic lifestyle 3D renders were then used in various marketing channels: social media posts, banner ads, email newsletters, and more.

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Furniture retail is a crowded market and no matter what your product is, you’re fighting for the attention of customers who are bombarded with advertisements every single day. Thankfully, most of the competitors are still using the same old marketing tactics: print ads and catalogs, billboards, and direct emails — all of which can be pretty expensive and don’t always give you the results you need. 

But we’ve got a better way!

CGIFurniture is a leading provider of 3D modeling and rendering services. Our talented professional team focuses on creating the most beautiful and realistic tables and chairs CGI projects. We are experienced in creating product promo CG images and videos for ads, e-commerce websites, offline and digital marketing campaigns.

So if you’re ready to start adding some magic to your business promo, contact us now! 

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