High-Quality 3D Rendering

for James + James Website

The James + James brand story is about two guys with the same name and similar ideas about creating affordable, top-quality, and real-wood furniture. In 2011, they made their first coffee table in a garage and put it on sale online. Soon afterward, they started getting orders for dining tables, benches, nightstands, etc. Now, James + James is a fast-growing enterprise that distributes products in all 50 US states and 6 countries.

When the demand for J+J products grew substantially, the marketers of the company realized that they needed much more pictures for online catalogs than before. And organizing promo photoshoots for every furniture piece went beyond the budget. So, the company’s top management started to search for alternatives and turned their attention to CGI. In October of 2020, they reached out to CGIFURNITURE. By the second half of 2021, we’ve completed 85 photorealistic modeling and rendering projects with J+J and are planning on more. Want to know what our working process looks like and how the brand uses the resulting CGI? Take a look!

The list of requirements
for hero shots from James + James

  • Thoroughly check all dimensions (the tabletop thickness is 1.75″ thick and the desks are 1.5″ thick);
  • Textures should be one-to-one with the original materials; 
  • Each new texture is to be created manually in 3ds Max and be uploaded into the client’s library;
  • The main product should always be in the center of the composition;
  • The final resolution should be 4k. 

The list of requirements
for product lifestyles from James + James

  • The lifestyle preferences are simple, down-to-earth, and minimalistic; 
  • The preferable interior design styles are rustic or coastal;  
  • No extra decor;
  • The final resolution should be 4k. 

All these requirements are kept in every lifestyle render made by our team for the J+J brand. Because staying aligned with the clients’ vision is our number one priority.

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