Lifestyle Product Images for The Table Vault

Photorealistic 3D renders for a custom table vault design developed by Grain and Frame furniture company.

Lifestyle 3D Visualization for the Table Vault with a Timer

Grain and Frame is a bespoke furniture company from the UK with a fundamental belief in the value of quality raw materials and skilled craftsmanship. Before contacting CGIFURNITURE, the founders of the company, Sam and Rhys, had used product photography for presenting their furniture on different online platforms. However, a new ambitious project of the table that locks phones in a vault with a timer demanded eye-catching lifestyle pictures. No need to mention that organizing such a large-scale photo shooting would take a lot of time and a big budget.

The alternative way was photorealistic CGI that could pull off any marketing concept before the product was even manufactured. 3D artists of CGIFURNITURE recreated the table vault 3D model based on the detailed brief and put it in a stylish roomset. As a result, our clients got a few lifestyle 3D renders of a cozy kitchen with their product as the center of the viewers’ attention. Looking at these top-notch images, prospects can easily imagine some family bonding time during the dinner without phones as a major distraction. After all, ending phubbing is exactly what the table vault was made for.

Product CGI Brings Your Digital Promotion Campaigns To The Next Level

Top-tier promotional campaigns require outstanding imagery, be it for social media or any other inbound and outbound marketing channels. In this case, Grain and Frame used these superb lifestyle 3D renders for their pages on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Moreover, the creative design idea of the vault table interested journalists. Shortly after the launch campaign, an article about the product with its CG images was published in the United Kingdom’s most popular free newspaper Metro, with the circulation of 1,419,614 (Feb, 2020) print copies and 135.6M shares digitally. Now that’s what we call a successful promo!

MockUp of an Apple Screen

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