Custom Rendering

for George Chebib Design

Silo 3D Render for a Table

George Chebib is a designer with 20 years of experience in transforming commercial spaces and creating custom furniture for his projects. When the business expanded, demand for the products grew. So the designer decided to establish his furniture brand. 

The company used product photography at first. But with each new collection requiring more images, they started to look for ways to save time, money and avoid organizing the photoshoots. So George Chebib marketers switched to custom rendering services.

The brand’s managers sent us the SOW for silo and lifestyle 3D renders production. Each task assignment included references such as shop drawings, previous product photos, and pictures of interiors to reproduce. Let’s take a look at some of the results of this 3D rendering project. 

QR Code for AR 3D Model

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AR Models for Shopify App

Chebib Furniture company wanted AR models of their two products for the Shopify app — a dining table and chair.
So, our artists created 3D objects that meet all the requirements of Shopify AR.
They built 3D models fit for real-time rendering and textured them using Substance Painter. Now, a prospect can see how the luxurious furniture pieces will look in their home using a smartphone.

Furniture 3D Visualization in a Roomset on George Chebib Furniture Site
Custom Furniture Renders on George Chebib Site
Screenshot Capturing Table Renders Taken on George Chebib Furniture Site
Screenshot from George Chebib Furniture Instagram

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