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How To Communicate with an Outsource CGI Provider Effectively

In our modern world outsourcing has become a common model in the CGI market. A lot of people have realized the importance of technical competence and the need to work in technologically advanced formats in order to keep up with the times. That’s why it is very convenient for companies and manufacturers to hire remote 3D visualization studios for different projects and cooperate with them. 

In order to achieve success and maximize results, you need to understand at least some basics about a 3D rendering company to know how to communicate and use their work efficiently. In achieving this goal, a lot depends on you and how correctly you present the task and desired result. There are certain tips that will help you to find the right approach and will save you from making mistakes. 

#1. Do Your Research 

How to Start a Collaboration with a 3D Visualization Company

Before starting to work with an outsource 3D visualization studio, it will be useful for you to find out what it is and what opportunities it can give. 3D visualization is basically the creation of three-dimensional models and scenes, for example, interior design with bespoke furniture of your brand. This will allow the client to see how various items of furniture or even the whole project will look after its implementation. 

3D rendering gives you the ability to change and edit the look of the product, materials and textures quickly. Besides this, you will be able to pick the best angles for the presentation image in order to attract potential customers. These CG images can also be used for marketing purposes and in advertising. 

Make sure you know all the necessary information about the company you are planning to cooperate with. Go through their portfolio and previous projects, check what you can gain from using 3D visualization services. Maybe you will even find inspiration for other future products there. It is not superfluous to make a list of what is required for your task so you won’t forget anything. 

#2. Provide The Right Information

Checking all the Data Before Starting A Project

If you want your project to be successful, set a sensible and clear task. This is one of the basic rules for working with an outsource company if you want to avoid misunderstandings between you and the contractor. A well-formed technical specification will speed up the whole process and create favorable conditions for work. 

The customer’s task is to provide as much background information on the product you need 3D visualization for as possible. It doesn’t matter if you explain everything in the video-brief or text description, as long as a 3D visualization studio understands the essence of what you would like to see as a result. It is better to go through all the details and discuss them before starting work. 

In addition, it is also important to collect the necessary package of references – photos, sketches, mood boards, drawings, etc. It will help a 3D visualization studio to better understand your expectations and what sort of CG product images you would like to have. Do not forget about any measurements and sizes, it is better to recheck everything several times so that there are no problems at the end. 

#3. Use CRM Systems

CRM for Outsource 3D Rendering

Another crucial point in the success of the project is the communication between the client and the 3D visualization company. The last ones almost always provide different types of online platforms for better communication. Thanks to them, you can contact the designers, monitor the progress and give feedback on time. 

For example, CGIFURNITURE uses a CRM system called Archivizer. It is very convenient since you can use it on any gadget. It was made to allow the studio and the clients to be in touch all the time no matter where they are. It especially helps if both sides live in different time zones. Through CRM-chats you can give some comments, send additional materials and ask questions directly to the 3D artist. The team working on your project will reply to you as soon as possible. 

Do not be afraid to ask questions or give your honest feedback. CRM allows for giving rates, testimonies, and suggestions for improvement. People in 3D visualization studios will be happy to hear your thoughts on a certain issue in order to speed up the process and avoid possible mistakes in the future. 

#4. Remember About Guarantees

Guarantees from an Outsource 3D Visualization Company

Professional 3D visualization studios who care about their clients and reputation will always offer to sign agreements that will cover all the aspects of your cooperation. It should outline turnaround time and quality standards, all key aspects, risks and options for their solution. It is good to consider and discuss actions for both sides in case something does not go as planned (missed the time, some adjustments, etc.). 

A fairly common option to cover these risks is a partial or full refund. It all depends on the situation and conditions. Maybe the work was not completed on time or it does not meet the client’s requirements. The guarantee package includes any significant and minor possibilities or problems that can happen during work on a certain project.

#5. Check NDA

legal security for furniture makers

Most of the commercial relationship is accompanied by the signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between two sides. It is a common practice for relations with a counterparty. By making an offer, you basically disclose the terms of the potential deal. For example, the characteristics of your product and its cost.

NDA and Privacy Policy give the client a sense of security from any information leaks. It also includes positions about the copyright terms. All this is done in order to create the most comfortable conditions for a partnership and successful work. 

All in all, outsourcing a 3D visualization studio is a great option for those businesses that care about the quality of the provided products, the time spent on it, and, of course, their budget. Such 3D rendering companies have a large number of professionals that know how to do their job properly in order to achieve the best result. 

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product rendering price

In addition, you will always be in touch with the specialists and will not have to worry about the project or its safety. Thanks to convenient client support and signed agreements, there is no possibility that you will get an unsatisfactory result. So it becomes clear that the advantages of working with outsource 3D visualization companies are practically countless. 

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Digital product rendering is the process of converting a 3D model of a product into a 2D image (or a series of images). They can be extremely photorealistic, which is why they’ve become an alternative to product photos. Also, digital rendering allows to produce other types of content, such as animation, 360 views, and AR images.

CG studios provide both static and motion solutions. In terms of still images, they can make a product photo on a white background and lifestyles or roomsets. As for motion options, they create product animation and a 360 product view.

White background photos of a product are vital for e-commerce. According to the rules of some online shopping platforms, such an image is mandatory – a brand simply can’t post a listing without it. In short, it’s a basic type of product photo for any catalog.

A regular 360 view usually consists of 36 product images, each showing the item from a slightly different angle. The images are processed to be displayed as a single interactive object one can rotate left and right. When rotated, the 36 frames spin so fast that a person perceives them as a solid 3D model.

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