If you’re in the furniture industry, you probably know that product renderings play a big role in getting your goods out there and finding customers for them.

At CGIFurniture company, we’ve been providing professional 3D product rendering services for 10 years to create incredible images for our client’s products — and now we’d like to share some of those projects with you!

Each case study below will give you an idea of what upholstered furniture CGI projects can do for your business and how different companies can use them. We hope this will inspire you to consider incorporating CGI into your marketing campaigns!

Let’s get into it! 

#1. CG Product Images: Dorel Industries 

CG Product Furniture Images: Dorel Industries

The Canadian manufacturing company Dorel Industries’ furniture division needed to create high-quality 3D images of its products for use in marketing materials. The Dorel also needed to create a collection of CG product renders to replace their dated traditional photography. 

The solution was to provide a variety of white-background 3D renderings of the company’s products that could be used in presentational and promotional activities. Our modelers recreated them in 3D, put the furniture models on a white background, set lighting, and rendered the images in 4k resolution. We wanted to capture the vibrancy of their new upholstered furniture in CGI projects while showcasing their commitment to quality craftsmanship.

The finalized 3D product images were used by different companies under the Dorel umbrella brand on all possible marketing channels: silos were published on landing and product pages of websites and e-stores; lifestyle images were shared on social media and in ads.

#2. Exclusive Upholstered Furniture CGI Project: Troy Smith

Upholstered Furniture 3D Renderings: Troy Smith

CGIFurniture was approached by Troy Smith, a designer of high-end furniture, to help him create 3D models that would reflect the aesthetics of his masterpieces. Furniture items designed by him were made with luxury materials, unique textures, exclusive craftsmanship, and vibrant colors. But how could our team translate those qualities into exclusive furniture 3D rendering that would entice buyers?

We were excited to take on this challenge and create photorealistic renderings that would grab the viewer’s attention and make them fall in love with the product at first sight.

With the help of CGIFurniture’s renders, Troy could turn his vision into reality. The end result? A stunning marketing campaign for upholstered custom furniture that not only showcased his work but also helped him gain more attention!

#3. Furniture Rendering Projects: Vogel by Chervin

Furniture Rendering Projects: Vogel by Chervin

At Vogel by Chervin, the company has been manufacturing upholstered furniture in Toronto for decades. The brand looked to expand its online presence, grow its clientele, and stand out from the crowd.

That’s when the brand representatives turned to 3D rendering services. With CGIFurniture’s help, Vogel by Chervin was able to bring striking product visuals for its marketing materials. From their print advertisements to social media posts — silo and lifestyle 3D rendering helped the brand gain recognition and grow its customer base. See more details about Vogel by Chervin’s furniture rendering projects here.

#4. Furniture Visualization Services: Ezenzial Living Brand

Upholstered Furniture Visualization Services: Ezenzial Living Brand

Ezenzial Living is a company that manufactures and sells high-quality, modern furniture. They’ve been around for a while now but are looking to expand their reach with a new branch opening in NOVAZ.

The branch has the capacity to produce 1000 items every month — that’s a lot of furniture! To help market their products online, Ezenzial has turned to CGIFurniture for help with creating highly detailed upholstered furniture CGI projects. Those included 3D models for photorealistic lifestyle renders and immersive product 3D animation. See the result of our furniture visualization services!

#5. 3D Modeling and Rendering: Fusion Furniture Co.

Upholstered Furniture 3D Modeling and Rendering: Fusion Furniture Co.

Fusion Furniture Co. is a luxury upholstered furniture manufacturer based in the USA. The company specializes in making custom-made pieces that are designed to fit into any home decor and lifestyle.

The managers of the company wanted to try the most innovative ways of digital product promotion, including 3D modeling and rendering. We worked with them to create high-quality furniture 3D models, detailed texturing of furniture 3D models, A-class silo 3D renderings, interactive 360° product views, and 3D animations as well as photorealistic lifestyle 3D renderings. 

As a result of our work together, Fusion Furniture now has a sleek new look on its website that helps them stand out from the competition. They’ve also seen an increase in attention to their products since launching the new website with our visual content!

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The upholstered furniture CGI projects we’ve shown you in this selection are a fine example of how our 3D modeling and rendering services can help you transform your business. Whether it’s a simple silo image or a whole lifestyle product animation, CGIFurniture has the skills and resources to meet your needs. Contact us now or schedule a demo to see how we can make your dreams a reality!

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