Superb Furniture Rendering for Vogel Company

A-Class Visual Content for Digital and Print Marketing Campaigns

3D Visualization for a Product Design

Vogel by Chervin is a furniture company based in Toronto that creates the finest handcrafted upholstered products. The company used to hire a professional photographer but got tired of pictures on the same background while building roomsets was too expensive to even consider. CGIFURNITURE was their first choice as a CGI studio, and now we’ve completed several projects, including stunning lifestyle images for Clarissa and Alesund furniture designs.

A New Take On Product Promo

We have never worked with a CGI provider previously – CGIFURNITURE was our first. Previously we had worked with traditional photography. The one thing that we absolutely love is that we can send drawings or a couple photos and get the renderings started before the product is finished being manufactured. It allows our new product releases to be more timely”.

Kristen Weber

Marketing Manager of Vogel by Chervin

3D Visualization for Upholstered Furniture Design Options

CG Product Images for Print Marketing Materials

Furniture Rendering for Eye-Catching Print Advertisement

3D rendering services give endless options for promoting new releases and products’ updates. Merch, online ads and even striking print marketing materials look marvelous with photorealistic CG images. Instead of furniture on a monochrome background, prospects see interior lifestyles with the product as the main hero.

With Striking 3D Renders, Social Media Visuals Easily Stand Out Among Competition

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