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5 Non-Furniture Case-Studies by CGIFURNITURE

Every marketer knows that captivating imagery is key when it comes to selling any product. In the digital marketing era, visuals are the first thing a potential customer sees when they visit your website or social media. For an individual to stay and interact with your brand, the content must resonate with their preferences and also be visually appealing.

This is where product CGI projects come into play. 3D technologies enhance engagement tenfold with a variety of visuals for your product, from silo renders to lifestyle images and 3D animations.

In this article, we selected 5 exceptional examples of product CGI projects our 3D rendering company made. You will discover a wide range of works, from classy watches to heating appliances, and see the advantages of 3D projects for marketing. Let’s get into it!

#1. Acoustical Product Rendering for LAMVIN

Product CGI Projects: Soundproofing Elements Visualization

First on the list of product CGI projects is the 3D rendering of acoustical elements for LAMVIN. It is an American company that specializes in manufacturing architectural and industrial soundproofing. The brand contacted our studio to commission a set of CGI, namely silos, lifestyle 3D renderings, and animations. They needed these photorealistic product renderings to showcase how their acoustical elements can be incorporated into any interior and demonstrate the process of installation, which is challenging to do with the help of traditional product photography.

LAMVIN provided us with an extensive pack of references, such as detailed drawings and photos of soundproofing elements. With the help of this info, our CGI artists proceeded to create 3D models for each product. Then our team recreated the materials and textures in photoreal quality and applied them to the models.

The second part of the task was to make lifestyle images and 3D animations to showcase the look of the already installed acoustical elements. As you can see, the results are realistic representations of soundproofing products that are just perfect for digital marketing.

#2. Product Images for Julien de Bourg Watch Collection

Product 3D Rendering for Julien de Bourg Watch Collection

Julien de Bourg is a Swiss company renowned for elegant first-class watch designs. The brand’s representative reached out to us to order high-quality representations of their intricate products for their website catalog.

Our task was to create a set of 3D renderings showcasing the variety of wristwatch designs available, which included different color options and material alternatives for straps and dials. The client was pleased with the results, and our product CG images were implemented into the company’s website and social media accounts.

#3. Flooring 3D Visualization for Mannington

Lifestyle Flooring 3D Visualization for Mannington Company

Next up on our list of product CGI projects are the 3D renderings made for a famous flooring manufacturer — Mannington. They offer multiple types of products, including laminate, hardwood, porcelain tiles, and luxury vinyl flooring. So, to get highly detailed and visually stunning images for their e-commerce, the brand opted for our CGI services.

First of all, our team had to provide Mannington with close-up and top-view renders. Due to the nature of the product, the most important requirement was to depict the materials most realistically. Each floorboard had to have a unique texture and the tiles had to match others in size perfectly.

Besides that, the manufacturer also ordered lifestyle renderings, to demonstrate how their floors would look in a real-life setting. So, our CG artists created an interior 3D scene for each of the various flooring options. The results of flooring 3D visualization were used on the product pages on Mannington’s website, as well as Instagram and Facebook pages.

#4. CGI Project for Maddle Boards

Product CGI Projects: Paddle Board 3D Rendering for Maddle

Maddle is a Canadian brand that produces inflatable paddle boards. To promote its new summer collection the company needed impressive marketing materials. This is why they asked us to provide them with maddle boards 3D rendering for a website.

Using the merchandise photos, our team skilfully recreated the specific design of Maddle boards. The key task, though, was the production of silo renders. With the help of advanced texturing, we made accurate digital representations of every paddleboard design option in the collection.

The results of our collaboration were successfully used on Maddle’s web pages, advertisement banners, and social media posts.

#5. Product 3D Visuals for UKRadiators

Lifestyle Product Visualization for UKRadiators

And last on our selection of product CGI projects is the promo visuals we created for UKRadiators. They are a British heating appliances retailer. The company is famous in the market for its top-quality affordable radiators. And so to expand their reach even further, the brand’s managers decided to order 3D rendering product images.

In the beginning, UKRadiators only asked us to create 3D models and silo renders of the heating equipment. Our team of CG artists performed thorough research on the structure and technical aspects of the appliances and recreated them in detail. The client was impressed with the results and proceeded to order lifestyle renderings of their products. These images are incredible for marketing because they show the heating equipment in a real-life context, demonstrating how they blend in with any interior design.

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Those were our top-5 product CGI projects by our studio. We hope, that this article inspires you to consider using 3D visuals in your marketing strategy. And we can help you achieve that! Check out our case studies page, if you want to see more projects we successfully brought to life.

Looking for breathtaking CGI for your e-commerce page? Use our 3D rendering services and get high-quality visuals for all your products!

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