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5 Case Studies of Using 3D Room Sets from the CGIFurniture Library

When it comes to furniture lifestyle rendering, using ready-made 3D scenes and models can save a lot of time and budget for the brands. Manufacturers can choose something from a CGI studio’s library, and artists would only need to adjust a few things here and there. That is much faster and more cost-effective than building all the scenes and models from scratch.

The library of CGIFurniture contains thousands of high-quality 3D models, including furniture, home decor, lighting, and accessories, as well as pre-made 3D scenes showing various spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and offices. There are CG assets in a wide variety of styles, from modern and minimalist to classic and ornate, to cater to different design preferences and project requirements.

In this overview, our 3D rendering company will show you a few examples of how our clients successfully used 3D scenes from our library in their projects. Let’s go through these 5 case studies to see the results!

#1. Industrial Bedroom Interior 3D Scene for OMI Mattresses Project

The original bedroom 3D scene has a raw and edgy aesthetic, with wooden and metal design elements and a white brick wall. This room set combines a loft-style vibe with cozy decor pieces such as fluffy rugs, plants and pictures, creating a modern industrial interior.

The managers of OMI Mattresses chose the scene for one of their lifestyle CG images. So our artists “stripped” the covers from the default bed and put the 3D model of the brand’s mattress on it. As a result, we created an image where the industrial interior setting helps to showcase the brand’s focus on organic and natural materials, while also emphasizing its modern and sleek aesthetic. By looking at this realistic 3D visualization, the brand’s potential customers can better envision how OMI products might fit into their own homes and lifestyle.  

#2. Rustic Living Room Interior 3D Setting for Fusion Furniture Project

The initial living room 3D scene from the library features multiple wooden elements — walls, ceiling with beams, parquet, and cabinet furniture. Decor items such as patterned area rugs, cozy blankets, wicker coffee tables, plants, and plush pillows create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. But the most charming element of the interior is a big brick fireplace with a round mirror above it.

By Fusion Furniture’s request, our artists replaced the upholstered set in the interior 3D scene with the brand’s products. Also, we changed some of the decor details while keeping the original concept. The coffee table, the rug, accessories and even the mirror were swapped for 3D pieces that complemented the Fusion Furniture set more. The final lifestyle background highlights the brand’s focus on traditional and timeless item designs while showing a cozy living space that customers could envision in their own homes. 

#3. Modern Studio Interior 3D Scene for CVL Luminaires Project

This 3D room set from our CGI library is a modern studio with contemporary lighting designs and a minimalist and sleek aesthetic. The scene features an open and airy space with a neutral color palette and stylish furniture.

CVL Luminaires asked us to replace a lighting fixture in the scene with a 3D model of their ceiling lamp and get rid of other artificial lighting sources. That only took a few hours, and a new lifestyle render was ready. The initial style of the interior 3D scene helped to emphasize the brand’s commitment to innovative and contemporary lighting designs as well as to showcase the functionality and simplicity of the products.  

#4. Eclectic Restaurant Interior 3D Room Set for CMcadeiras Project

This restaurant scene from our CGI library includes a mix of different seating types, such as upholstered chairs, wooden chairs, and plastic stools. The furniture is a combination of vintage and modern designs, which helps to create a unique and charming dining vibe.

CMcadeiras, a brand producing high-quality, stylish, and functional dining furniture, chose this scene to show a wide range of its products. So all the tables and chairs from the original interior 3D scene were replaced with the brand’s pieces but in the same mix-and-match eclectic style. A few small tweaks of accessories here and there — and a new product 3D image tailored specifically for CMcadeiras was ready!

#5. Industrial Interior 3D Setting for Kloeber Project

Here, the default 3D scene is an industrial-style living room of a high-ceiling apartment. It has exposed concrete and brick walls and large windows that let in plenty of natural light. 

Kloeber is a manufacturer of office furniture. So our artists needed to transform the living room into an office space while sticking to the same industrial style. The final render focuses on Kloeber’s functional and sustainable office furniture solutions. It shows how these products can help create a modern and stylish workspace an office that inspires and boosts productivity. 

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Based on the examples above, one can conclude that using ready-made interior 3D scenes for product 3D renders has quite a few advantages:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Creating a 3D scene from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive. By using a pre-made 3D scene, you can save time and money on 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering.
  • Consistent quality. Our pre-made 3D scenes are created by experienced 3D artists who have a keen eye for design and detail. This ensures that all the settings are of high quality and consistency, making your products stand out.
  • Quick turnaround time. With a pre-made 3D scene, you can quickly have your product rendered in a realistic and visually appealing environment without having to wait for the creation of a new 3D scene.
  • Versatility. Our 3D scenes are created with versatility in mind, allowing for a wide range of products to be showcased in the same environment. This means you can use one 3D scene for multiple products, saving time and money.
  • Realistic visualization. Pre-made 3D scenes are typically made with a focus on realism, ensuring that your product is visualized in a life-like environment that accurately represents the intended setting.

In summary, using ready-made interior 3D scenes for product renders can save time and money, ensure consistency and high quality, offer versatility, and provide realistic visualization of the goods.

Want to choose something from CGIFurniture’s library of 3D models and scenes for your project? Contact our team for top-tier 3D rendering services and get access to our database now!

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