Photorealistic Product Renderings

for LAMVIN Acoustical Products Manufacturer

Lamvin Product Rendering Project

LAMVIN is one of the most prominent manufacturers of architectural and industrial soundproofing products in the US. The company provides a customized acoustically sound environment. It features a few product lines:

  • SONIC – Custom Fabric Wrapped Wall and Ceiling Panels, Baffles and Clouds;
  • HUSHTONE PET-Felt Walls, Baffles, Clouds, Lighting and Room Dividers;
  • SONIC DESIGN FORM – 3D Fabric Wrapped Wall and Ceiling Panels, Baffles and Cloud.
  • SONIC TIMBER – Custom Wood Textured Wrapped Wall and Ceiling Panels, Baffles and Clouds.

As a manufacturer of acoustical products, highlighting the acoustical benefits of LAMVIN’s products is paramount and something not always achievable through still imagery or product literature. To that end, the managers at LAMVIN engaged CGIFurniture to create silos, lifestyle 3D renders, and animations of a couple of products. The collective goal was to effectively showcase the products as separate construction elements easily incorporated into stylish interiors, and leverage animation capabilities to convey how the products could be used and installed.

Want to learn how such a variety of CG visuals were created and how LAMVIN used them in marketing? Read on!

Acoustic Ceiling Clouds and Screens 3D Animation

LAMVIN’S acoustical cloud line was developed specifically for ceilings and is typically meant for large spaces. In the 3D animation CGIFurniture created, viewers can see exactly how this type of product can be customized to suit preferences and room decor. This project entailed the creation of a custom school library installation with butterfly clouds based on provided drawings. The animation showcases how acoustical dividers, wall panels, printed art, and custom clouds can come together to dampen sound in noisy spaces such as open office layouts or schools.

Acoustic Ceiling and Dividers 3D Animation

Soundproofing dividers and an acoustic ceiling system are perfect for noise control in open offices, just like it’s shown in the CGI video. They help employees focus on their work without needing to be separated from their coworkers by walls. The CG video shows an example of how to use these products and allows potential customers to make more informed decisions.

Soundproofing Products 3D Animation

The 3D animated slideshow demonstrates a couple different types of settings, highlighting how LAMVIN products can achieve optimal results in a multitude of venues, like hotels, schools, offices, gyms, recording and theater studios, and more.

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