Whether it’s a website, an e-commerce platform or an advertising campaign, visual marketing materials are more important than ever before. They are the first thing a potential customer sees, and it can make or break whether they decide to do business with you. 

So it’s crucial that the content you produce be relevant and engaging. You need to grab your audience’s attention quickly and communicate your message in a way that resonates with them. 

Decor CGI projects are designed to enhance the overall decision-making process for consumers seeking new interior details. Using a variety of CGI and 3D techniques such as rendering, modeling and animation, we help our clients convey their vision. 

At CGI FURNITURE, we have a team of experienced craftsmen who specialize in providing the finest pieces of interior decoration and furniture. Our professionals have been delivering remarkable interiors for residential and commercial properties. They set up the ultimate settings and make people feel special with our awesome ideas and services at their homes or office spaces. 

In this article, our 3D modeling company takes a look at five of the most recent decor CGI projects and the role they played in the client’s business goals.

#1. Decor CGI Project for Anaya Home

Decor Rendering Project for Anaya Home

Anaya Home is an ethnic furniture company that specializes in high-end home decor and furniture. The brand representatives contacted CGIFURNITURE about creating 3D renderings for their website. The company planned a change in its UX design and needed a lot of high-quality images for its amazing products.

First, we got a very thorough and detailed technical assignment from Anaya Home, supplemented with reference imagery. Then, our CGI artists provided them with a variety of professional furniture rendering, including lifestyle renders for landing pages, high-quality CG images for product listings, and photorealistic 3D renderings for product pages.

The result was an engaging website that helped Anaya Home establish its presence in the market.

#2. Product 3D Visualization Case Study for EasyPlant 

Product CGI Project for EasyPlant

The Easyplant brand is a smart product company focused on indoor plants and self-watering pots. The brand’s goal is to make it easy for people to have beautiful plants in their homes, so they can live healthier lives.

To showcase the beauty and functionality of its products in promo campaigns, the brand needed detailed and visually appealing marketing imagery. CGIFURNITURE helped Easyplant with decor CGI projects by creating stylish CG silo images for indoor plants, photorealistic 3D renders for self-watering pots, and lifestyle 3D visualization for other plant products in other words, diverse marketing materials for promo campaigns.

The resulting images were used to build an engaging website and social media presence that helped showcase the brand’s products and educate customers about how they work. Click here to read the full 3D visualization case study.

#3. Blinds 3D Rendering for Bloc Blinds Brand 

Blinds CGI Project for Bloc Blinds Brand

In the case of Bloc Blinds, they needed a 3D rendering company to create product images with window blinds and lifestyle shots with monochromatic rooms surrounding the windows/blinds.

CGIFURNITURE was able to deliver detailed blind 3D rendering as well as on-brand lifestyle 3D renderings that were eye-catching and helped the brand representatives achieve their goal of creating visually compelling promo content.

The result exceeded Bloc Blinds expectations when it came to delivering a set of images that perfectly showcased their products in all possible configurations without any hint of compromise on quality or realism.

#4. Decor CGI Project: Unify Candle Co.

Unify Candle Co. is a candle brand that needed to present its natural and eco-friendly products in a way that would attract the attention of its target audience. The manufacturers wanted to portray their goods as simple and cozy little trinkets that make life more pleasant.

They turned to CGIFurniture for help with creating product lifestyle images for promo materials and white background 3D pictures for listings, as well as CG renders of their products for social media presence.

The result of the product rendering project was a seamless presentation of the company’s decor that showcased the comfy ambiance the candles bring to every home while still highlighting what sets them apart from other candles on the market.

#5. Lifestyle 3D Rendering Project for Kaleen Brand

Decor 3D Rendering Project for Kaleen Brand

Kaleen is an innovative, smart product-based company that designs and manufactures high-quality products for both indoor and outdoor living. The brand managers wanted to show customers the benefits of their products through photorealistic 3D renderings.

The Kaleen brand needed photorealistic lifestyles for their product page listings and social media. The company connected with CGIFURNITURE to get imagery that will be able to showcase their products in a way that would be compelling to consumers. 

We created a custom solution to meet Kaleen’s needs in terms of quality, delivery time frame, and budget constraints. Our 3D artists made a series of photorealistic 3D lifestyle renderings for their carpets, as well as top-notch product imagery for the e-commerce store and social media. The results of this 3D lifestyle rendering project speak for themselves: Kaleen’s visual promo has never looked better!

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We’ve created hundreds of decor CGI project renderings for different online businesses. That’s why we know that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This saying is becoming increasingly more powerful as images are used more and more on websites and social media to increase the effectiveness and impact of brand content. Featuring high-quality graphics has many benefits, including making your content easier to read, helping people memorize your product or service better, giving prospects a sense of what your offering is about, and even boosting your leads and sales. 

Our creative team is always ready to provide the best visual solutions for your business in the home decor industry. As one of the leaders in the field of furniture CGI, our 3D modeling company has a wide range of services which include: furniture design and development, marketing strategy, online branding, interactivity on websites and social media, print media advertising and visual merchandising. You can order any of them right now!

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