Photorealistic CGI of bedroom products is a go-to visual marketing tool for many furniture brands. It allows them to get magazine-worthy imagery to use in ads, online stores, social media posts, and email newsletters in a record-short time and at an affordable price. But how do bedroom products CGI projects actually go? What’s the process like and what kinds of results can one expect when working with professional CG visualizers?

In this article, we’ll share six case studies of projects that our 3D rendering company has completed for bedroom furniture and mattress manufacturers. You will see the types of visuals our specialists at CGIFurniture created for those companies and learn the story behind each of the projects. Take a look!

#1. Better Bona Furniture

Better Bona Furniture is a large design and manufacturing company that’s been on the market for over 15 years. With its production based in South China, it exports its wide range of products, including high-end bedroom furniture, to more than 30 countries worldwide. And, to stay on top of the competition game, the brand needs to advertise with top-quality images that convey the luxurious lifestyle of its target audience.

Out of all the bedroom products CGI projects described in this article, this one had the biggest scale. First, our team of 3D artists built detailed 3D models of over 80 pieces of furniture. Then, they added textures, creating 3 color/material options for each item, as requested by the client. And after that, the CGI experts designed stylish interior settings to complement the bedroom products and showcase them in context. At the end of the project, Better Bona received hundreds of photorealistic renders from us, including white background and lifestyle images.

#2. Ezenzial Living

Ezenzial Living is a contemporary premium furniture brand started by the NOVAZ company. Having the “less is more” principle as their core value, they develop subtle, elegant designs of all kinds of items, including bedroom products. At the same time, the brand is a large-scale manufacturer. It has powerful production capabilities that allow it to put out about a thousand pieces per month. The company also introduces new collections quite frequently, which means it is in constant need of marketing visuals.

In just less than a year since the start of our collaboration with Ezenzial Living, we have completed over 20 CGI projects for them. Most of the time, they order lifestyle renderings like the ones you can see above. For their making, the brand’s team provided our 3D artists with photos of its pieces and interior design references. Based on that, our specialists built high-quality 3D models and realistic environments for them. The goal of the CGI project was to fully focus on the bedroom products and make the surrounding spaces simple and serene. And that’s exactly what our client got.

#3. OMI Mattresses

The next case study on our list of bedroom products CGI projects is about the visuals we created for OMI Mattresses. This company was established in 2003 in the US. Since then, it has been America’s most prominent manufacturer of certified organic mattresses and bedding. The brand prides itself on its devotion to the highest product quality and sustainability standards.

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product rendering price

OMI Mattresses has been a client of CGIFurniture since 2019. Over the course of our collaboration, we’ve completed over 30 bedroom products visualization projects for them. Generally, we make two main types of renders for this client — white background silo images and lifestyle pictures. Our CGI specialists use our vast library of ready-to-use 3D models and scenes to create the latter. They pick interiors that best suit the design of the products and the brand’s luxurious yet subdued aesthetic. Then, the 3D artists customize the virtual settings with various decor elements to ensure the renderings look balanced and on-brand.

#4. Nolah Mattress

Nolah Mattress is a US-based company that produces premium-quality mattresses and bedding. Their mission is to improve people’s sleep with the help of the latest technology and cutting-edge materials. The result of the team’s determined work is the Nolah AirFoam™ mattress, which is in every way superior to the traditional Memory Foam alternatives.

To market their innovative bedroom products, Nolah Mattress chose to get photorealistic CGI. In the first projects, they ordered silo images showcasing the items on a plain background. Those included close-up renders that demonstrated the unique structure of the products in detail. After seeing the results, the company’s team was so pleased that they decided to get lifestyle renderings as well. They sent us pictures of stylish minimalist bedrooms and asked our CGI experts to recreate those settings in 3D. As a result, the brand received a versatile set of high-quality visuals to use in its online store, ads, and social media posts.

#5. Wroxeter Furniture Co.

Wroxeter Furniture Co. is a Canadian manufacturer of handcrafted wood furniture. Founded in 1989, they’ve been creating top-quality heirloom pieces that are meant to last a lifetime. The company has a number of collections of solid wood bedroom furniture — each with its own unique style and character.

During the bedroom products CGI projects for Wroxeter Furniture Co., our studio produced a series of renders depicting the company’s designs in a real-life context. The main task was to create interior settings that would not just look good, but truly reflect and emphasize the character of the bedroom products.


    Also, in some of the CGI projects for this brand, our 3D artists made interactive 360-degree spins like the one you see above. They’re a great tool for improving the online shopping experience and a valuable asset for a product manufacturer.

    #6. Mozart-Bett

    Mozart-Bett is a German brand that designs and manufactures high-quality beds, including both frames and mattresses. The company creates its products with the primary goal of making them as comfortable as possible, paying close attention to the structure and materials of the beds. Apart from having numerous ready-to-ship options, they also offer customization based on the customers’ requests.

    Mozart-Bett is one of the many bedroom products brands that benefitted greatly from choosing 3D rendering projects over photo shoots. This way, they were able to get a great variety of lifestyle renderings, each featuring their items in a unique interior setting with a carefully selected color scheme, decor pieces, and lighting. And all that — in a timeframe virtually incomparable with how long it would’ve taken to create those with traditional photography instead. Not to mention the dramatic price difference.

    Besides lifestyle renders, our 3D artists also made several images of the bedroom products on a plain background during these CGI projects. The idea was to precisely visualize the structure of different bed configurations and their various layering options. You can see those images in the GIF below.

    That was our studio’s selection of case studies of bedroom products CGI projects we’ve completed in recent years. We hope that it was interesting and inspiring for you to see some examples of companies and products that have been able to up their content marketing game while actually reducing the related expenses. All thanks to the limitless possibilities of CGI technology and the dedicated work of professional 3D artists.

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