Bed 3D Model for Product Advertising Materials

Bedroom 3D Rendering

For Wroxeter Furniture Co

We’ve created photorealistic bedroom 3D renderings for Wroxeter Furniture Co. The imagery was further used to sell the products on the company’s website and for social media marketing campaign. The roomsets below showcase the product in different interiors, to meet the needs of different buyer personas.

We’ve also created 360 degree spins

 for an exciting online product experience –

to show that the quality is in details.


    Here’s how bedroom 3D renderings
    were used for selling products
    through website and social media

    Product Lifestyle for Furniture Design Promo Materials
    Furniture Product Rendering for Facebook Ads
    3D Renderings in Furniture Retailer Product Gallery
    Facebook Advertising Image for Bedroom Furniture
    Facebook Ad with Bedroom Furniture 3D Rendering
    3D Lifestyle Visualization for Bed Design
    Facebook Ad for Lifestyle Bedroom Furniture