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5 Advantages Over Traditional Photography

Product marketing requires first-class images which means a significant investment of money and time. Here, furniture manufacturers and sellers face two options — either use conventional photography or life-like 3D visualization. But what is realistic rendering, and how economically advantageous it is?

Those who have not tried CGI yet may doubt its benefits and photorealism. Basically, it means they have very little idea of how CGI is created. For those who know nothing about rendering, it’s easy to imagine the whole process being too effort-consuming and the result looks artificial. However, it’s another way around.

In this article, the specialists from our 3D rendering company explain how realistic 3D visualization is done, and compare it to photography by the most important criteria. Let’s find out who is the winner!

But first, let’s start by learning what realistic rendering is. This CG service is a cutting-edge technique that allows the creation of digital visualization of any object in 3D software. Based on top-quality 3D modeling, modern CGI uses realistic materials and textures, as well as advanced lighting and camera settings. Looking at today’s product images, consumers can’t tell if it is a photo or a realistic 3D render, as these two are simply indistinguishable.

#1. CGI is an Incredible Time-Saver

A Visualization of a Marketer Saving Time By Choosing Photorealistic 3D Rendering

When it comes to conventional product photography, manufacturers can spend weeks preparing for a photo shooting. One has to order all the prototypes in advance, hire a team of professionals and build a set. Then, after several days of shooting, they still have to wait for post-production.

On the other hand, using 3D rendering for product images, preparations don’t take long. The whole process of creating a realistic render is done in 3D software using 3D models. Therefore, manufacturers don’t need prototypes, props, or even a big crew. It takes one or two CG artists to set up a 3D scene for a product and render it. This way, manufacturers can get top-notch product images in just 48 hours — so what is realistic rendering if not the ultimate time savior?

#2. Realistic 3D Rendering Significantly Reduces Costs

A Stack of Dollars Saved Due to Ordering Realistic 3D Renders

The cost of a traditional photo shoot is affected by many factors. Firstly, it depends on the number of furniture samples and props, studio rent, and staff fees. Secondly, photographers charge per hour, and every adjustment of the set slows down the shooting and increases its cost. Collectively, these expenses can reach several thousand dollars.

What is the price of realistic rendering? When creating 3D renders, no real objects are needed, so CGI gets a one-up on the competition. As for hiring additional specialists, again, 3D eliminates these costs because the whole project can be done by a couple of in-house CG artists. Surely, prices on the CGI market differ depending on the provider and the task complexity. For example, at CGIFURNITURE, we charge approximately $250 for a simple realistic furniture lifestyle and $600 for a complex one. Each new view with the same scene will cost only $60.

#3. CGI Makes It Possible to Visualize Unfinished Products

Realistic 3D Render of a Product Design Concept

Opting for traditional photography, sooner or later, manufacturers are faced with its biggest drawback — it requires a real object for photo shooting. So if the product is still under development, it is simply impossible to get its picture. This urges brands to either order physical prototypes or choose CGI services.

So what is realistic rendering for product design development and marketing? Using CGI, manufacturers can freely work on the design and make as many iterations as they need. Because 3D models are easy to modify, it takes only a couple of clicks for CG experts to change colors and textures of the object. With the help of a CG team, furniture makers can keep polishing the design until they’re satisfied with the result.

After the design is approved, CG artists can create realistic renderings with no sweat. Having images of an unfinished product, a furniture brand can start furniture marketing campaigns in advance to make a buzz about the goods and get pre-orders.

#4. Realistic 3D Rendering is Easily Adjustable 

Realistic 3D Rendering of a Cozy Living Room

Speaking of corrections, photography is an inflexible solution when it comes to big changes like a new product design or concept. If a manufacturer wants to change something in the scene after the photo is ready, a photographer usually can’t do anything about it. The same goes for changes in product design — a new look of the item requires a new photo shooting. For smaller alterations, photographers charge extra per working hours spent on post-production and retouching. 

Let’s look closer at realistic rendering in the same scenario. Any mistakes can be easily corrected in 3D software. For instance, CG artists can move the light sources and adjust their settings, replace objects in the scene, fix the angle — all in just a couple of minutes! Ultimately, in a 3D program, specialists can completely transform the scene and its components. And since such changes don’t take too much time, the corrections are either already included in the cost or budget-friendly. 

#5. 3D Rendering Provides Advanced CG Solutions

Old-school photography can provide manufacturers with static pictures, and it’s basically it. Surely, one can make a 360° product view out of them, having previously spent time creating 36 shots from all angles. However, using only photos, furniture makers and retailers can’t get any of the advanced solutions that are simply crucial for modern eCommerce and marketing.

Now, what is realistic rendering in terms of usage, and how multi purpose it is? We say it gives more than you can imagine! CGI services are based on 3D models that can be easily optimized for various GC solutions:

Realistic 3D Animation

CG artists use high-polygonal 3D models to create realistic 3D product animations of any type — demo/feature, how-to, story animation, and furniture assembly video instructions. Realistic CG videos can be shot in a ready-made 3D scene and don’t require extra effort on the part of a client. All manufacturers have to do is to send us a scope of work (SoW) that contains a script and video references.

Interactive 360° View

Making 360° product spins with 3D is trouble-free and much faster than using traditional photography. CG artists can arrange 36 digital cameras around the 3D model and render all views simultaneously to save time. Then, they combine all the visuals in one realistic interactive 360° spin using special software.

3D Furniture Customizer

A 3D configurator gives buyers the opportunity to customize goods in real-time by creating a design from the offered options. According to Forbes, brands that use realistic 3D configurators achieve 40% higher conversion rates. Needless to say, this cutting-edge solution could be a perfect selling feature on a brand’s website or eCommerce platforms.

AR/VR Models

Many buyers find AR/VR shopping more entertaining and immersive, so brands that use such innovative solutions get more attention. To create realistic furniture 3D models for augmented and virtual reality, manufacturers must simply ask CG artists to optimize their 3D models using the 3D retopology method.

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

product rendering price

So what is realistic rendering and what are its benefits for the furniture business? Being of the same quality as conventional photography, 3D rendering costs less and is faster to make. Moreover, CGI is a perfect tool for visualizing design concepts and their development. Along with that, using 3D modeling and rendering services, manufacturers can get superb CG solutions for furniture eCommerce and promo. Among them are — a 360° view, 3D configurator, AR/VR models, and realistic 3D animation.

Need top-notch images and videos for your business and marketing? Try our 3D rendering services and get 100% realistic CGI faster than you can imagine!

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