Product 3D Visualization

for Better Bona Furniture

3D Rendering of a Better Bona Bed

Better Bona Furniture is one of the biggest manufacturers in South China. They have operated on the market for more than 15 years and launched a lot of marketing campaigns. And for getting product imagery, they used photography. Naturally, their need for such pictures had grown with the expansion of the business so the company’s marketing department decided to try CGI. The thing that drew Better Bona managers is how fast they can get promo visuals using CGI and that it wouldn’t require spending a fortune. 

Better Bona ordered 200+ renders for more than 80 items3 views on the white background and 2 lifestyles for each. Let’s get a closer look at the output of this ambitious 3D visualization project.

Lifestyle 3D Visualization with Groups of Products

Our team made 2 lifestyle 3D renders for every product. A 3D scene had to include not only the brand’s furniture models but also 2-3 items of their partners — Tony’s Furniture Outlet. Those were wooden tables and chairs, drawer chests, and bookcases that complemented Better Bona upholstered furniture.

Product 3D Renders Usage

Better Bona Furniture used the 3D renders on their site and on Instagram. The pictures complement the overall aesthetic of the brand and are up-to-date with the hottest design trends.

Product CGI for a Furniture Manufacturer's Website
Photorealistic 3D Render for Ecommerce Website
3D Product Render of a Bed for Ecommerce Listing
Product CGI for Furniture Brand's Social Media Posts