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7 Ways To Boost Your Sales

From time to time, every brand faces a harsh reality of sales getting lower than marketers’ expectations. Aside from money loss, this situation could be a symptom that something is wrong with the strategy. Even the best furniture marketing campaigns don’t always work perfectly. Which means there is always room for improvement.

The Internet is full of suggestions and tips on how to improve marketing strategies. However, sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to apply these methods to an existing situation and which of them is a surefire way to enhance the furniture business.

To help manufacturers and retailers find the optimal way, marketing experts from our 3D rendering studio outlined 7 essential components that will make any furniture marketing campaign effective. Read on!

#1. Provide Customers With New Experiences, not Just Goods

3D Furniture Configurator for Successful Marketing Campaigns

To take their marketing campaigns to the next level, furniture brands must stop offering shoppers just beautiful images and focus on providing them with unique shopping experiences instead. Take some time to think about what kind of an exhilarating experience they would like to have, and figure out how to give it to them. 

For truly exclusive furniture marketing campaigns, give buyers the opportunity to customize the product and create the design themselves using the furniture 3D configurator. This way, they will get emotionally involved in the process of making a piece of furniture with their own hands. Thus, they most likely will buy the product and won’t return it.

#2. Optimize Your Website for Mobile

A Smartphone with Furniture Website Optimized for Marketing Campaign

According to statistics, two out of every three dollars spent on online shopping today is done so through mobile devices. Let’s be honest, these numbers are simply stunning and naturally lead to certain conclusions.

First and foremost, your customers are most likely using your website from their smartphone. And of course, if it’s not optimized for mobile, it may be absolutely user-unfriendly for mobile shoppers. For instance, images and menus are probably too small to click on, not to mention the search box. 

The website is the heart of any brand, and all furniture marketing campaigns lead to it. But if your website doesn’t work properly on a tablet or smartphone, a buyer won’t switch to a computer to make their purchases. They will rather go to competitors’ pages and buy a similar product from them. 

#3. Be Consistent and Useful With Your Email Campaigns

Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing may sound simple as ABC, but it’s actually not that easy. How often do brands cross the line between bold mailing and annoying spam and make their customers unsubscribe? To avoid the trash folder, start writing emails that could be truly helpful for your clients. For example, send them a selection of the top-10 products of the month, write a blog about the best kitchen furniture pieces, give recommendations on style and decor, and so on. 

In short, to keep customers interested in your furniture email marketing campaigns, you should promote your products wisely via email. Use quality furniture renderings, improve your copywriting, and try to make newsletters both informative for buyers and beneficial for your furniture brand.

#4.  Build a Strong Connection with Your Audience Using Loyalty Programs

A Customer Holding a Loyalty Card Used for Furniture Marketing Loyalty Campaigns

Consider using loyalty programs and referral bonuses that will effectively support your furniture marketing campaigns. For example, create a loyalty card and delight customers with exclusive deals regularly. Don’t forget to send them personal letters and brochures with special discounts for club members only. Everyone likes to be a VIP.

Also, use cashback as a customer reward for those clients who bring new buyers to your store. This marketing strategy kills two birds with one stone — on the one hand, it attracts more new customers. On the other — it keeps the existing clientele and motivates them to refer friends and family to your shop.

#5. Use the Storytelling Method for SMM

A Marketer Using Social Media for Furniture Promo Campaigns

It may seem like selling furniture doesn’t give you many interesting stories for your social marketing campaigns. However, posting just the name of the furniture piece and its parameters is clearly not enough for an exciting post, right?

To make your furniture marketing campaigns entertaining for social media audiences, focus on creating compelling storytelling. For example, share interesting step-by-step furniture making processes, the origin story of the brand, interviews, and so on.

In past years, marketing experts came up with the formula for successful storytelling. It is based on the AIDA principle. ‘A’ stands for getting the Attention of the audience, ‘I’ is for creating an Interest, ‘D’ is about building a Desire, and the last ‘A’  is the Action Call. Try this marketing method to improve your SM strategies but most importantly be bold — experiment with your stories and don’t forget to illustrate them with striking visuals.

#6. Create Jaw-Dropping CG Images for Ads

A Furniture Promo Image Used for a Marketing Campaign

In the last decade, 3D technologies have greatly improved furniture marketing campaigns. With CGI, it is easy to make plenty of photorealistic images for each product without spending a dime on actual photo sessions. 

Firstly, CG artists can take a photo of the product from many angles just by switching between various 3D cameras. Secondly, they are able to use different interiors from their 3D library to get classy furniture 3D lifestyles in no time.

On top of that, 3D artists can utilize different room sets for each collection and seasonal sales so that the marketing department doesn’t need to arrange actual photo sessions every couple of months.

#7. Opt for Cutting-Edge Visual 3D Tools

Think about how you can stand out among other sellers and enhance your furniture marketing campaigns with innovative 3D tools. We are talking advanced CG solutions like 360 views or product animations. 

Such CG services can be easily integrated into your website and online stores, SM marketing, email campaigns — literally, anywhere. Of course, with such CG visuals, you will be able to capture and most importantly, keep the audience’s attention without extra efforts.

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

product rendering price

For successful furniture marketing campaigns, you need to think outside the box and try different ways of promoting goods and communicating with the audience. Build a strong emotional connection with your clients with loyalty programs and motivate them to attract new customers. Also, expand the audience on social networks using a storytelling strategy and the most advanced CGI technologies to attract more attention to the products – 3D configurators, product animation, 360 a view, etc.

Want to build a winning furniture marketing campaign? Using our product 3D rendering services, you can enhance it with mind-blowing CGI and increase your profits!

Tanya Moore

Communication Manager at CGIFurniture

Tanya crafts impactful content strategies, leads their implementation to fruition and measures their success. Outside work, Tanya enjoys surfing and traveling around Europe with her cute little snow-white dog.

We recommend focusing on making the email content truly helpful and entertaining. With smart copywriting and outstanding visuals, you will be able to hold the customer’s attention and avoid unsubscriptions.

One of the best ways to sell furniture is to display it in the interior. This way, you can showcase how it looks in real life and help customers to envision the piece in their homes. Thus, try using photorealistic 3D lifestyles for your promo and marketing campaigns.

First, make sure you have enough static product images – both lifestyles and photos on a white background. Then, add interactive 3D tools such as a 360 view and 3D configurator. And last but not least, you should also have product animation for your ads and promo.

The price varies depending on the 3D studio. For example, in CGIFURNITURE, 3D animation costs $179 for 3 seconds. To calculate the full cost of your particular project, please contact our managers.

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