3D Rendering for Product Images

How It Helps Your Products To Stand Out

When manufacturers and marketers prepare their promo campaigns, they often face the choice between 3D rendering for product images and old-school photography. Photo is a traditional but expensive and laborious option, though. Marketers need to order lots of prototypes, rent a photo studio with equipment, and build several actual roomsets from scratch. 

In turn, product 3D rendering doesn’t require any of these costs. All CG artists need to create images is a brief, professional hardware, and 3D soft. But these resources don’t necessarily guarantee unique images that set the product apart from the competition. Frankly speaking, the Internet is full of beautiful pictures. So if you want an extraordinary promo, you need exceptional 3D rendering for product images.

We have many professional CG artists who have been working for our 3D rendering company for years. Now, these guys are ready to share with you their 5 secrets of creating outstanding product images. Read on and make notes!

#1. Use Only Top-Quality 3D Models

3D Rendering for a Bedroom Furniture Product Image

Naturally, to create 3D rendering for product images, one needs to use 3D models. Surely, there are plenty of free 3D objects and furniture sets on the Internet. However, usually, they are made by beginners and are of poor quality. Even if they look OK when you download them, the bad quality of the 3D model will become obvious once CG artists apply the textures. In such cases, the surface of a 3D object looks uneven and has many defects.

True CG experts never use amateur 3D models – they often make 3D objects and roomsets from scratch and store them in their 3D library. That’s why such CG studios always have super-quality 3D models and scenes that are ready-to-use for product 3D renderings. For example, in CGIFURNITURE, we have an extensive database of more than 50 000 3D objects and 6500 scenes which significantly accelerates and simplifies the working process.

#2. Experiment with Different Interior Styles for Roomsets

A 3D Render of Dining Furniture for Exotic Product Image

Being adventurous and experimenting are key to outstanding 3D rendering for product images. Try an interior style that is completely different from the one you usually use to display your goods. As a result, marketers can get incredibly chic new lifestyle rendering, hence, show their products a different way. Such 3D renders will refresh the brand’s image and attract a new target audience.

Today many manufacturers promote furniture using minimalistic and neutral roomsets because they want to emphasize their versatility. However, every customer has their own taste and gravitates toward personality-packed product images. So, get risky and try something new and unusual. Don’t worry, CG artists from the studio are experts in interior styles and will select the best ones for your product.

#3. Opt for Bold Composition

3D Render for a Desk and Chair Product Image

If you want your product images to amaze customers and stand out from the mediocre listings, choose a bold composition. When marketers opt for something offbeat, prospects definitely notice such products. Seeing them, they will stop scrolling through endless Amazon listings and click on the link just to look closer at outstanding 3D render.

When creating 3D rendering for product images, you can be as creative and flamboyant as you want and ask CG artists for something dashing. Let’s say you want to place the product on the beach, show it from the ceiling, put it on the stage and aim the red spotlight on it – you name it. Be sure, whatever extravagant idea you have, CG artists will make first-class 3D rendering out of it.

#4. Choose the Impressive Lighting Scheme

A Product Image for Leather Furnishings Made with 3D Rendering Technology

To make outstanding 3D rendering for product images, CG experts not only play with composition and angles, but carefully plan and regulate the lighting. Based on their experience and knowledge, they can select the lighting scheme that works best for your products.

For instance, CG artists may fill the room with bright natural daylight with sunbeams, glares, and so on. Or, if marketers want evening cozy vibes for their product 3D rendering, a CG team can create soft dimmed lighting by using sconces, backlighting, candles, a fireplace, etc.

#5. Don’t Sell Product, Sell Emotions and Lifestyle

3D Rendering for Product Image of a Classic Couch

A top-notch roomset is not just a background for a product – it should be a live-like scene that has a particular context and conveys a certain mood. Depending on the brand’s target audience and tasks, CG artists can offer marketers different types of lifestyles and create a unique ambiance for their products.

For example, based on your references, they can add sentimentality to the room, build a relaxing lifestyle or vice versa boost boldness and energy, etc. In short, with the help of a CG team, you get personalized 3D rendering for product images that are packed with emotions your buyers need.

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

product rendering price

Working with good CG specialists, you get striking 3D rendering for product images tailored perfectly to your needs. To make top-notch renders, they select the best 3D models and stylish roomsets from the studio’s 3D library. Also, they can use any lighting schemes and compositions to craft roomsets with the desired ambiance and mood. 

Want creative lifestyle images that will set you apart from the competitors? Choose our 3D rendering services and contact our managers right now!

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3D rendering is a digital method of creating photorealistic images for any purpose. To set up 3D rendering, first, CG artists compose a 3D scene made of 3D models of furniture and decor. Then, they set up lighting and cameras and take pictures of the roomset.

Firstly, marketers categorize the whole collection by style, color and rooms to find the exact type of roomset they need. Then, CG artists customize this sample and put a ready 3D model of a product in it. After setting up the scene, they regulate the lighting, choose camera angles and then push a render button.

There so many ways CG experts make stunning lifestyles – from choosing certain decorative pieces to regulating the lighting in a special way. CG professionals put all their effort into telling a story using all the tools they have – the composition of a setting, certain color palette, lighting, camera angles and post-production visual effects.

The price varies depending on the contractor, deadlines and complexity of a roomset. For instance, we charge $149 for a simple 3D lifestyle and $219 for a complex one. However, please, reach out to our client managers to get an accurate price list.

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