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5 Steps to Choose a 3D Scene from the CGIFURNITRE Library

One of the biggest advantages of CGI is cost-efficiency. With 3D technology, marketers can get stunning room sets without extra expenses and effort. They no longer need to buy decor for lifestyle background, build a scene, or pay fees to a photographer and stylists. One can simply send product photos, 2D drawings and references to a 3D rendering company and get jaw-dropping lifestyle images in a day or two. 

Moreover, client-oriented CGI companies give their customers access to a library of ready-made 3D models and scenes. It allows clients to filter the backgrounds by different parameters and choose the scenes they like. That’s how to get up to speed on a project and make the whole process more enjoyable for customers.

In the next 5 minutes, you will learn how to use the CGIFURNITRE library to choose a perfect lifestyle background for your products. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

#1. Pick a Room Set Category 

A Screenshot of Selecting a Lifestyle Background Category from a 3D Library

For starters, marketers must select a room set category — is it going to be a residential or commercial one? Surely, it depends on a product and marketing concept. Sometimes, the same furniture is marketed for both homes and commercial areas, thus, our clients ask CG artists to use two types of lifestyle backgrounds.

The CGIFURNITRE library offers such categories as commercial interiors, residential apartments, bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, utility rooms, transit areas, and sanitary facilities. On top of that, our clients can opt for exteriors as a lifestyle background too. Therefore, even outdoor furniture manufacturers are able to find ready-to-use 3D scenes for their products.

#2. Choose a Style that Suits the Product the Most

A Bridal Background for a Product Lifestyle

Naturally, manufacturers give much value to the interior style of the room set. It must showcase the product at its best and match the main object style-wise. So, regardless of whether it is a physical room set or digital lifestyle background for 3D rendering, marketers always have to choose the finishings and accessories in a certain style.

Our library’s menu allows customers to select one or several styles they might need for their backgrounds. However, the choice is not limited to classic or modern interiors only. The library contains all the most popular styles and decorative sub-styles — Art-Deco, Classic, Contemporary, Minimalism, French Country, Scandinavian, Traditional, and so on.

#3. Define the Gamma and Tone

A Dining Lifestyle Image with a Muted Pastel Background

What gamma and tone work best for your product images — bright and contrasting, or self-colored pastel one? Our library allows clients to narrow down the choice of the general tone of a scene in the blink of an eye.

Most manufacturers hold on to the brand style guide, which indicates the main colors and hues for all product images. With this library filter, marketers can select a lifestyle background that supports the visual aesthetics of the brand. They can choose the gamma and tone that will make their images recognizable and rooted in the traditions of a brand.

#4. Select Materials

A Wooden Interior Background for a Product Lifestyle

This filter helps to sort the lifestyle backgrounds by the prevailing material and textures — glass, leather,  wood, stone, plastic, 3D panels, and so on. For instance, many manufacturers prefer using interiors with plenty of wood elements because this background brings warmth and coziness, i.e. perfectly conveys a homey ambiance.

With this feature, our clients are able to select background materials and textures in just one click. Besides, they can choose more than one material to narrow down the results. Therefore, they end up getting the exact room set they want and saving even more time on creating lifestyle images.

#5. Choose a Color Palette

Blue and White Background for a Bathroom Lifestyle Image

The CGIFURNITRE library provides clients with twelve common color palettes, such as blue, black, yellow, gray, green, pink, etc. Selecting one or more colors helps marketers to pick the palette that works best for a main product. 

Surely, choosing one of these colors doesn’t mean that the entire lifestyle background will be that color. The palette only determines the predominant color of the room set. Most likely, it will be present in wallpaper, flooring, and large objects in the scene. And of course, CG artists can change colors in all our 3D scenes to completely customize the background.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

Using our library significantly speeds up the process of creating lifestyle images. Clients can manually select the category, style, color, gamma and tone of the background. And after the marketers have made their choice, our CG artists will customize the scene, add a product to the scene and render images in the required resolution.

Need awe-inspiring lifestyle pics for marketing? Contact us for 3D rendering services and get highly-photorealistic and customized product room sets!

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