Product images are the main tool used both in classic advertising and ecommerce. Up till a short while ago, they were created with just traditional photography and post-production in programs like Photoshop. 3D wasn’t regarded as a viable option for a long time, but nowadays it is vital to producing effective promotional materials.

Such drastic change in attitude is motivated by the capabilities of professional 3D modeling services. For the cutting-edge software can create CGI indistinguishable from photographs, and turn real photos into something out of this world.

Visual advertising is great, but will amount to nothing unless used in appropriate medium. Currently ecommerce is objectively the most lucrative market for all products. Obviously, it has certain standards that businesses have to meet. Today we reveal how to successfully use product images in online marketing!

#1. Stand Out with Impeccable Quality

Product CG Photography for Tiles

Product images have to be perfect to entice potential customers. Professional photography can produce gorgeous pictures by combining high quality hardware and photographers’ skills. Ecommerce, however, requires something more than a still image with fixed quality. 3D can enhance already great photos, going beyond realism. Such pictures stand out in the sea of boring still shots, impressing the viewer.

#2. Opt for Interactive Customer’s Experience


    2D format allows only limited interaction with an image. Actions like zooming and animated presentations are not enough for modern spoiled customers. By combining 2D and 3D product images can really make presentations interesting. 360-degree views allow clients to see the goods from all sides, and coupled with high-resolution zoom can blow viewer’s mind. Interactive animations can showcase the possibilities of companies’ products and how they can add up to customers’ lives. And don’t forget about VR and AR that allow to “touch” the merchandise and integrate virtual objects in real life.

    #3. Upgrade Your Product Imagery

    Product Rendering for Tables on White

    Ecommerce demands flexibility from promotional materials in order to constantly stay up to date. Sadly, there is virtually nothing new in photography, unless scientists figure out a way to shoot three-dimensional photos with cameras and project them as holograms. 3D technology, on the other hand, evolves constantly. We’ve mentioned VR and AR in the previous point – and that is only a glimpse of what 3D product images can become. CGI gives more logistical flexibility as well – it is possible to produce renders or models in bulk for future advertising campaigns. And when time comes, it will take takes less effort to adapt stock assets to current needs.

    #4. Entice the Prospect with Lots of Powerful Visuals

    In order to stay relevant online, a company must pump out merchandise extremely fast. Traditional photography is a slow process, even if the camera is digital. Post-production of a catalog-worth of product images can take weeks, if not months. Photorealistic 3D rendering is way faster even when it comes to production – it’s correcting mistakes and polishing that takes more time. But, for the reference – a single CG lifestyle picture can be created in under a day, while a photo version can take about 48 hours.

    #5. Customize the Content

    • Before-Furniture Design Variants
      After-Furniture Design Variants
      Chairs Red Accent Furniture Design Variants Chairs Green Accent

    Last, but certainly not least is customization. Traditional photography requires props that need time and money to make. As a result, companies spend more resources on creating disposable versions of their products for photoshoots, lowering income and producing unnecessary waste. 3D product images are digital, thus changing colors, textures, sizes or surroundings is much more easier and doesn’t require additional assets. More profit to you!

    Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

    product rendering price

    We are not sure what is the future of marketing, but right now ecommerce is the best way to sell your products. Furniture is a vital commodity, and you’ll need the best promotional materials for advertising. 2D and 3D are not impressive on their own, but when combined are a match made in heaven. If you’re short on time and resources, we know what you need, and are happy to provide. Get your photorealistic 3D furniture pictures today!

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