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5 Type of Environment for Product CGI

Using CGI services, marketers and manufacturers can get any background for 3D rendering without wasting time and money. See for yourself, with 3D technologies there is no need to physically set up a roomset or arrange an on-site photoshoot if you need a landscape backdrop. You just send a brief to a well-reputed 3D rendering company and get photoreal renders in a day or two.

Moreover, professional CG artists have plenty of ready-made 3D backgrounds. They can pick a template 3D roomset from their library, then customize the 3D scene and put a product 3D model in there. As a result, marketers get top-quality 3D renderings made specifically for their goods without overspending.

So what types of backgrounds for 3D rendering can CG professionals make for your furniture? Keep scrolling to see 5 main kinds of environments for product images.

#1. Commercial Interior

3D Rendering of an Office Background for a Furniture Collection

The definition of commercial interiors includes various public spaces such as restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls, offices, and such. Therefore, CG artists create a particular context depending on the product and clients’ needs. 

Let’s say, in terms of office furnishings, you have to display them on a matching background for 3D rendering to show the furniture “in action”. For that, CG experts can create an open office interior and add a row of desks for employees. This way they demonstrate the proportions of the furniture and emphasize the comfort and visual aesthetics of the whole collection. Also, CG artists can use the meeting rooms, receptions, and lounge zones to promote big comfortable armchairs and soft furniture.

As for restaurant furnishings, CG experts use bar, restaurant, and cafe interiors as a background. While office backdrops are mostly neutral and formal, restaurant interiors can be much more creative and extravagant. Just specify what style you want, and CG artists will make any type of roomsets for your 3D rendering —  from classic to modern to ethnic to even kitsch style.

#2. Residential Interior

Lifestyle Rendering for a Product in a Residential Interior

Because our homes naturally have various rooms for different purposes, most of the products will look organic in residential lifestyles. Therefore, CG artists can create matching 3D scenes to promote any type of goods — kitchen furniture and appliances, bathroom and bedroom sets, kids’ furniture, various storage systems, etc.

Using 3D software and their own 3D library, CG artists can create a roomset of any type and style. Based on the product, they determine what interior background will work best for it. Therefore, they pick a ready-made 3D roomset, adjust the color palette, and add suitable furniture and decor —  and 3D rendering is ready!

On the one hand, minimalist interiors are a classical choice for roomsets because they are neutral and universal. Since the main focus is on the product, the minimalist backdrop for 3D rendering works perfectly for catalogs. However, if you want to impress potential buyers on social media, you’d better choose something truly attention-grabbing like bold, experimental 3D lifestyles. Consult your CG artists, and they will tell you what interior design style is best for your purposes.

#3. Outdoors

3D Furniture Rendering in an Outdoor Scene

Outdoor means any man-made outside environment, such as a garden, a backyard, a street scene, or even a parking lot. Again, the outdoor 3D scene depends on the product and the client’s brief.

Most often, companies use gardens and terraces with swimming pools as a background for outdoor furniture sets. Such 3D renderings have to be luring and immersive to make people want to buy your products at first glance. That’s why CG artists create an airy and sunny background for 3D rendering with an abundance of greenery to convey a relaxed ambiance of summer leisure. 

To do so, CG artists arrange the 3D models of furniture, trees, plants, and surrounding buildings in one cohesive 3D scene. Then they apply realistic materials and textures and set up lighting. Thanks to the latest 3D software and 3Ds Max plugins, greenery and water look 100% realistic and not as a flat fake background.

#4. Landscape

Outdoor Chairs Rendering with a Landscape

The landscape background for 3D rendering is about nature and wilderness, such as forests, meadows, seashores, snowy mountain views, and so on. Of course, some 10 years ago, it was more difficult to recreate real nature in 3D and those backdrops looked more like wallpaper. Due to this, manufacturers simply had no other choice but to organize photo sessions on-site, pray for sunny weather, and spend a crazy amount of money to get a few good product shots in the end.

Well, today everything has changed. Firstly, 3D rendering software has become more advanced and powerful. Secondly, CG developers have been creating lots of add-ons and plug-ins that simulate all possible natural phenomena. So, if you doubt that CG artists can deliver a realistic 3D rendering of a product against the life-like forest, ocean, or even the Martian surface — you are grossly mistaken. Yes, we can!

#5. Studio Backdrop

3D Rendering of a Furniture Arrangement with Spotlight and Smoke

By studio background for 3D rendering, we mean different kinds of arrangements and backdrops used in real photo studios. These could be either plain backdrops of different colors and textures, or staged scenes. The latter may look like still-lifes with fabrics, fruits, geometric shapes, and other accessories. Or these could be extravagant arrangements with experimental lighting and special effects, such as the one in the picture above.

Unlike a photo studio, the capabilities of CGI are literally unlimited. CG artists can effortlessly add, remove, or rearrange objects until they make a perfect composition. And, of course, when using 3D software, they are able to change the color of any object or adjust a lighting scheme in a couple of clicks.

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Surely, any background for 3D rendering has its own characteristics, and CG artists have to be experienced and skilled enough to create such a realistic 3D roomset. But if you collaborate with a professional 3D rendering firm, a satisfying result is assured. Its CG experts are well-trained and educated in the field of photography and design, so they can create any background you like for your product. Be it a modern office, a traditional bedroom, or a seaside — any roomset will look 100% photorealistic.

Can’t wait to get awe-inspiring 3D roomsets for your goods? Contact our team and order 3D rendering services right now. We guarantee you will get your stunning 3D lifestyle of any complexity in one or two working days!

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