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5 Visual Options for a Superb Promotion

It’s not a secret that in the furniture industry, visual product presentations are pivotal. People simply need to see what they purchase. It just so happens that visuals are processed 40% better and 60K times faster than text. 

While some furniture manufacturers and marketers use old-school imagery for their goods, others turn to 3D product presentations. This transition is quite understandable. They don’t have to organize these whole processes of photoshootings and wait until great shots come out. Instead, marketers entrust their goods to CGI specialists and get photorealistic product renders within a few days. It’s more than convenient. 

Yet, speed advantage is merely a tiny asset of such a presentation. It also provides way more formats to actually highlight the item’s selling points, which adds to a sales increase and globally to more effective marketing campaigns. Let’s find out what kind of visual content options the technology delivers and how furniture companies can benefit from in their product promos. 

#1. Silo and Hero Shots Communicate the Benefits of an Item

Silo Shot On White Background Of Armchair Design

Silo shots present the goods in the white background to help customers grasp all their characteristics in detail without distracting on some other things around. Brands can also order neutral colors or bolder ones, such as black or even bumping yellow. This kind of 3D product presentation allows assessing the unique features of the object, such as color, texture, assembly and so on. As a result, understanding the characteristics of a product builds trust between the brand and customers. Like many formats, this one is multipurpose – one can use them for catalogs, promo leaflets, emails and context ads. 

As for hero shots, the only difference from the previous type is that an object is surrounded by other things that explicitly enhance its benefits. Thus, CGI specialists can create different narratives, convey different messages, and so on with this single furniture piece. It could be an inspirational object in a room, serve as an accent one or accomplish some other goals of the manufacturer or retailer. This type of visual content is not just good for billboards and magazine ads. If the business went digital these days, it is simply a no-brainer for superb promotions.

#2. Lifestyle Shots Bring About Emotional Resonance

Sofa Product Image for E-Commerce

The rationale doesn’t sell first, emotions do! Lifestyle shots tackle great this task. This kind of 3D product presentation is designed to put an object into a particular context and, this way, gauge people’s emotional response. Usually, CGI specialists create various design scenes with an item. The purpose is simple as it is – product design has to resonate with people. It works great for any marketing campaign and channels picked for it. 

For example, if marketers want to keep up with this Danish hygge trend, CGI artists can tackle that easily. This design concept is about coziness as something that is felt like cozy. There’s no specific definition about it – just the way one feels it. So, if marketers know their target audience and what makes them feel cozy, they can ask CGI specialists to incorporate materials, lighting, colors, and other design elements respectively.

The good news is that lifestyle shots are not just good for printing materials, catalogs, and postcards. If a furniture store “lives” online, they are ideal for paid ads on relevant e-magazines, social media, websites, apps and other merch platforms. 

#3. CG Animation Creates a Unique Customer Experience

Businesses are often advised to go interactive with their websites because it eliminates the consumer’s boredom and creates a unique experience for people. Simply said, people have fun while purchasing. 

Speaking of fun, digital product rendering provides a few options here, one of them – 3D animation. What’s more, for this particular business, it’s where fun meets usability. So, the animation is not just about entertaining visitors, it’s about demonstrating them an object in detail and explaining the functionality. When a retailer struggles with showcasing complex functionalities furnishings, typical photos cannot help out here. But 3D animation can. It demonstrates how an item works, its configuration and usability characteristics. Thus, a prospect gets a clear understanding of how a certain product needs to be used and meantime likes the way the idea is dished out. 

The technology is a great find for marketing. It can be used for TV commercials, vlogs on YouTube and Vimeo – elsewhere there short videos are king. Moreover, overview and how-to product animations are mainstream right now and those who implement them notice significant sales boost. 

#4. 360° Product View Adds to a Bigger Customer Engagement


    It’s one more option of a 3D product presentation to make the shoppers’ experience fun, entertaining, and extremely helpful. A 360-degree view of the goods is a powerful feature that marketers can apply to their website, social media page, or app. It is mobile-friendly. Users can view furnishings from any angle in detail with their mobile devices. 

    So, what is it about? These are 36 product renders tailored together and swiveling in a fast motion. It allows potential buyers to examine an item from many perspectives with minimal friction, which makes the whole experience super successful and engaging. To illustrate, Overstock.com Inc., a giant online furniture retailer, uses such an approach not just to interact dynamically with customers but to get a huge part of mobile users. 

    #5. VR or AR with 3D Models is a Killer Combo for Any Product Promotion

    3D Models With AR Virtual Projecting Onto Real Spaces

    Before tackling the VR or AR subject and its use in the industry, let’s see how useful 3D modeling is. The technology allows getting photorealistic low or high-poly 3D models of the objects and herewith sticking with their exact dimensions, material, and other characteristics. Moreover, CGI specialists can address the orders of any complexity. Upon the client’s request, they can customize colors, adjust design parts like finishing details, add effects, etc. 

    Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality comes in when there’s a necessity to view an item from many angles, upside-down”, or in the context of a certain design. With special glasses, people can visit a virtual room and examine the object closely. Moreover, thanks to AR, many furniture online retailers allow visitors to project a selected product onto a real place in their home. It helps figure out if this particular thing will be a good fit for that place. They can drop it, zoom or remove it – all that by simply using the phone’s camera. 

    The AR or VR technology is must-have for apps and e-shops since it simplifies the buying process, handles practically objections, and also creates an outstanding customer experience. 

    3D product presentation is a progressive and yet more affordable and effective way to promote the goods. It addresses any channel marketers use, comes with different, attractive, multipurpose formats and allows full customization for better targeting. A cherry on a top is that CG images are being crafted faster than traditional photos with zero risks of not complying with the client’s demands. These and many other reasons make the technology an indispensable part of any promotion. 

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