Photorealistic Modeling for E-Commerce

Art or Craft

Photorealistic modeling for e-commerce occupies a vast niche which is hugely in demand among manufacturing and retail companies as well as online platforms. At the same time, it’s necessary to understand that 3D modeling is not only about leading technologies but also requires highly professional skills, hard work, and talent of 3D Artists.

An online furniture store has been losing prospects for a few months in a raw. It affected the sales drastically,  that’s why the Marketers decided to update their e-commerce website. Even though the items are high-quality, the open rate of product pages seems to fall lower with each day. The only logical conclusion of the reasoning is unappealing furniture photos that don’t interest online users. So how the Marketers can get breathtaking images for the e-commerce website without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for trendy product photo shoots?

A 3D modeling company is more than capable of providing true visual masterpieces that are perfect for online marketing goals. Learn what makes CGI so photorealistic and how digital art and craft differ from the traditional ones.      

#1. Versatility


    Photorealistic modeling for e-commerce offers a wide range of visual materials that can enhance any website. The fast-paced developing of CG technologies allows creating both static and motion visuals. For instance, 3D modeling is the base for photorealistic lifestyle images, interactive 360 view, captivating 3D animations, and even immersive VR stages. Such versatility requires meticulous crafting and artistic vision at the same time to achieve a truly spectacular result.     

    #2. Creativity

    Online Catalog for an E-commerce Website

    For many 3D Artists, photorealistic modeling is a way of implementing their creative abilities to visualize the world around them. They want to keep getting better at what they do to pull off even the most complex and crazy ideas in the future. To a large extent, 3D artists, architects, designers are people who strive to improve their professional skills for the new ways of expressing themselves. In this way, photorealistic modeling is art, but it’s not possible without learning and crafting. Moreover, the inspirational self-perfection of 3D specialists brings visuals of e-commerce to the new level.

    #3. Technical Details

    Photorealistic modeling for e-commerce is the result of hard work on many details – geometry, materials, textures, etc. The critical aspect of realism in CGI is adherence to all technical requirements applied to real objects. Thus, specialists follow and comply with all proportions, ergonomics, and other professional criteria – they practically building CG objects from scratch. This element of the 3D product modelling process makes it a work of craft while the meticulous approach ensures that the result will look like a photo.

    #4. Photorealism

    Lifestyle Image for Wooden Furniture

    The advantage of photorealistic modeling is that the items come out very real from top to bottom. The lighting and camera settings in 3D software help to achieve it as they completely replicate the artsy techniques of professional photography. As a result, Manufacturers get images that are indistinguishable from real photos, yet they don’t require so much efforts and time as professional photo shoots. Moreover, photorealistic modeling for e-commerce websites provide tones of beautiful scenes that are quite expensive to reach in real life.    

    #5. Esthetics

    Lifestyle Image for a Stylish Table

    The visual component of photorealistic modeling for e-commerce is fully dependent on 3D Artists’ talents and ideas. Nowadays, simple pictures of products are not enough to interest online users. Product CGI for e-commerce furniture businesses have to be eye-catching, appealing, engaging, and, most importantly, have a clear concept that is relatable to the audience. Composition, color coordination, and context help 3D modeling specialists to not only catch the attention of the viewers but also direct it to particular objects. These techniques have been used by painters and photographers for a long time now and strongly indicate the artistic approach.      

    All in all, photorealistic modeling for e-commerce combines elements of craft and art in different ways. The crafting ensures innovativeness and accuracy of technical aspects while the artistic foundation brings out uniqueness and aesthetics of visuals. Thus, the fast-growing and advanced e-commerce market requires 3D models of high quality and realism. And only professional 3D Artists with broad experience in modeling and visualization can provide high-demand CG products.

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