3D Product Modelling

5 Ways To Improve Your Visual Marketing

3D product modelling allows Manufacturers to get jaw-dropping marketing visuals not only quickly but without any limitations for their ideas. CGI makes it possible to create the most unbelievable concepts before trying them in real life.

A furniture company plans to get versatile visuals for different types of advertising. Ordering so many product photos will cost a lot of money as it requires renting a location, building a few sets and even producing furniture prototypes. In addition, they want to start a marketing campaign soon as new products are almost ready for launch. However, the long organization of photo shoots makes it impossible to finish everything on time. So what can the company do?

3D modelling studio can deliver awe-inspiring images in the tight deadlines and it will be more cost-saving than photography. Learn how 3D product modelling services provide top quality visuals that can help to promote the goods in completely new ways.  

#1. Make Advertising More Memorable

Chair 3D Models for Restaurant Interior Design

After researching numerous surveys and analytics of advertising, we can confidently say that text ads are noticeably inferior to visuals in both the effectiveness and usability. 3D product modelling for advertising has reached a high level nowadays which allows making the most photorealistic CG images in any style to achieve maximum efficiency of a marketing campaign. 3D Artists can put 3D models of products in any context or environment which helps to appeal specifically to the target audience. For instance, putting leather computer chairs into a stylish office interior is much more eye-catching for prospects than a simple picture of a chair with a text description.

#2. Make A Product Look Flawless

Media Console 3D Model for Furniture Product Design

Sometimes a product is not fully ready or its design needs revisions but a marketing campaign has already been launched. Such situations create certain difficulties even for experienced and professional photographers as an item has to look perfect no matter what. 3D product modelling can help to get rid of these problems quickly and effectively. CG specialists are able to implement new design concepts and change features of an item even before it will be done in reality. In this way, Manufacturers can try some of their ideas and experiment with a product to find the best look. Moreover, by fine-tuning lighting and visual effects without changing a model itself, 3D modelling artists turn simple images into visual masterpieces.

#3. Create Images For Specific Events

3D Models for Christmas Theme Furniture

Seasonal events have always been special for advertising campaigns as they require adjustments and adaptations of pre-made designs for holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. In order to make thematic versions of products, it’s necessary to change the whole design or at least add some stylistic elements. It requires the additional expenditure of time, money and other resources to re-manufacture items and take new photos of them. On the other hand, working with 3D product modelling allows to digitally make any changes without any difficulties. Moreover, it’s an amazing option to create several variants of product design and as many different backgrounds as a Manufacturer wants.

#4. Emphasize Unique Features Of A Product

Furniture 3D Models for Bathroom Design

Around ordinary and boring advertising which doesn’t stand out on its own, product design 3D modelling is focused on bringing out the uniqueness of items in order for them to be the center of marketing images. Thanks to the possibilities of CGI, 3D Artists can create any concept for all types of adds – the result is limited only by imagination. Manufacturers are able to showcase special features of their products, demonstrate all functions in work, show all possible usages of an item and so on. Prospects will know everything they need about a product just by looking at promotional pictures.

#5. Show All Benefits In Detail

Furniture 3D Modeling for Kitchen Interior Design

The overall look and perception of a product depend on the details, starting from the smallest ones. It can be the top quality of textures and materials, original design solutions, unique forms and lines, or just trait elements that make an item recognizable. 3D product modelling is able to direct the attention of the viewers to those features of goods that have to be highlighted. It can be achieved by extremely high image resolution or specific camera angles such as close-up or cut-out. For example, the quality of CG product images for e-com websites allows to zoom in on them as close as possible and examine every millimeter of the items.

3D product modelling is a suitable option for getting quality images quickly and without much efforts. While taking professional photos requires the tiresome organizing of photo shoots, CGI studios only need a detailed description of your ideas. On top of that, 3D modelling saves a lot of money as it doesn’t need any prototype production and so on. Everything will be created digitally even before it will be implemented in real life.

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Want to get groundbreaking marketing visuals for your advertising campaigns? Use our 3D modelling services and get high-quality product images in no time.

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