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5 Ideas for Making Stellar Ads

Product CGI for e-commerce furniture businesses is a fantastic opportunity to make ads a truly unforgettable promotion of the goods. It can help to not only present an item appealingly but try different ideas that would be impossible in real life.

The Manufacturers of a small furniture company are tired of budget wasting on expensive photo shoots. They can’t afford to rent many different locations for more variety in visuals, but at the same time, the standard for advertising images in the industry is quite high. Moreover, the manufacturing and transporting of furniture prototypes for every photoshoot are too costly. So how the Manufacturers can cut the budget but keep the high quality of product images for advertising?

Ordering from a 3D rendering company is an excellent option to get awe-inspiring visuals for ads at a reasonable price. On top of that, 3D visualization allows experimenting with concepts most easily. Learn how product CGI can help to create stunning ads for different marketing goals.    

#1. Use 3D Rendering for a Product Before It’s Manufactured

Product CGI for Desk Advertising

Often Manufacturers need marketing visuals before the goods are even created. One of the possible reasons for this is product testing. It’s much safer to try new designs and features of an item without spending money on manufacturing prototypes. Product CGI allows for estimating the target audience’s reactions before deciding if new goods are ready for launch. For example, a limited advertising campaign for a focus group will give an accurate marketing prognosis. If the results are successful, the product can be made based on the design used for ads without any risks.         

#2. Choose Any Background for Product CGI

Furniture Ads with Product CGI

Product 3D visualization is far more versatile than traditional photography. Using CGI technologies allows the creation of any scenes, including those that exist only in imagination. Moreover, there is no need to build expansive sets just to conduct a one-time photo shoot. So if Manufacturers want to see their beds on the background of luxurious bedroom interiors, they can have it in no time. Just like having an azure pool near rocking chairs doesn’t require renting a mansion – only 3D Artists’ skills.

#3. Create Outstanding Lifestyle Images for Website Ads

Product 3D Rendering for an Online Advertising Campaign

Product CGI services make it possible to create photorealistic 3D models of any item and put them in any environment. The outcome of 3D modeling and rendering is so realistic and detailed – nobody can distinguish it from real photos unless they have experience in 3D visualization. This option is called lifestyle CGI. As a result, ads on an e-commerce website can look like a part of a portfolio rather than a usual banner or pop-up. Moreover, the highest quality of a product render is suitable for any type of online ads – they can unfold on the whole web page, merge with other visual content seamlessly, and be zoomed in to the maximum extent.

#4. Try Different Concepts and Mood

Photorealistic Product CGI for Desk Advertising

If a product is good, but its’ presentation is boring, it won’t be able to catch a customer’s attention. We all have experienced a need to buy an item just because of its’ bright and colorful wrapper. In the case of ads, product CGI with the original concept is the very same wrapper. Thanks to it, an item has a better chance to be noticed, therefore the possibility of a successful sale increases too. For example, ceramic tile in a bathroom with a luxurious bath looks much more eye-catching than on the shelves in a store or a plain background. The other example is showing a product with decoration arranged around it, which creates a pleasant, warm, and hospitable ambiance.

#5. Opt For 3D Animation To Amplify Dynamics

Static images are not the only base for ads as videos are even more engaging and immersive tools. That’s why product 3D animation is perfect for fast-paced online e-commerce businesses and media content. Well-chosen music, realistic lighting effects, and smooth camera movement create killer dynamics that is incredibly effective for any form of advertising. Manufacturers can showсase the functions and features of their products, how they work, how to use them, and so on. 

CGI technologies are moving forward and those who are behind the times stay outside of leading spots on the market. As the saying goes, it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times which is the best description of visual advertisement. The more interesting and original the visuals, the higher possibility they will hold customers’ attention. More so, product CGI allows implementing the most innovative ideas and making up-to-date solutions for advertising campaigns. 

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product rendering price

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