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5 Signs of High-Quality Renders

Furniture rendering is a surefire way to get top-notch product images avoiding a long and tiring process of photoshoot organization. What’s more, high-quality 3D renders even surpass common photos in terms of the variety of possible concepts. 

A furniture company decided to try product 3D visualization instead of time-consuming and quite expensive traditional furniture photography. They found budget-friendly 3D modeling services and ordered furniture 3D objects for a new marketing campaign. Turned out the price was so cheap because of low-poly 3D models that look flat and unrealistic on product imagery. Now Manufacturers and Marketers of the company need to quickly find a solution to get good-looking visuals before the launch of the promoting.       

High-quality product CGI rendering differs from low-quality one in exactly the same way as IKEA differs from Minotti – the result like chalk and cheese. Learn what elements form the quality of renders and choose the reliable provider of furniture 3D visualization services.  

#1. Recognizable Materials

High-Quality 3D Visualization for a Bathroom Interior

High-quality texturing is one of the main signs of professional furniture rendering as it directly responds for a product design presentation. All materials of a 3D model have to be recognizable at the first look of the viewers. Particularly, it has to be clear what type of resources are used for furniture and what color shades Manufacturers chose for their items. Experienced 3D rendering artists always search for exact matches among textures to create as 3D objects as close to real products as possible.    

#2. Realistic Physical Properties

Detailed 3D Rendering for Soft Furniture

Realistic properties of products on furniture rendering highly depend on attention to details, resolution and, most importantly, 3D Artist’ knowledge of physical lows. It includes such details as folds on soft furniture and textile, the roughness of stone materials, patterns on wood, and so on. Moreover, high-quality rendering always shows reflections on objects’ surfaces in a way they look in reality. Hence, shadows and glares of furniture also match the chosen lighting scheme of the whole 3D product image.

#3. Accurate Geometry

Photorealistic 3D Rendering for Kitchen Furniture

The accurate correspondence of a 3D model proportions to a real object is the basis of photorealistic rendering. A CG specialist recreates the requirements of Manufacturers based on the references as well as demonstrates all the mechanisms and specifications of furniture. For this reason, 3D models have to be 100% accurate – even the slightest, invisible to the eye distortion can change the whole perception of a product. Well-made geometry in furniture rendering also guarantees the right depiction of shapes and constructions, which is the foundation of items’ design.    

#4. Visibility of Every Detail

Top-Notch 3D Visualization for Bathroom Furniture

Thorough detailing is a quality sign that is hard to depict for non-professionals. Quite often, Manufacturers order a low-price 3D model, which is similar to a product at first glance but turns out to be only the tip of the iceberg. Cheap low-poly furniture models do not allow using high-resolution textures or bright lighting. Otherwise, all imperfections become obvious and definition drops in several times. Moreover, furniture rendering with low-poly 3D models is not suitable for close-ups and large-scale imagery due to resolution incompatibility.        

#5. Organic Lighting Schemes

First-Class 3D Visualization for a Pool

One of the pillars of photorealism in 3D furniture visualization is a well-thought lighting system. Professional 3D Artists plan how many light sources they will use or what they choose between natural, artificial and mixed light. A smart lighting system enables specialists to highlight the benefits of a product while too fake lighting only attracts attention to the flaws. On top of that, the right balance of light settings in furniture rendering helps to create a certain mood that is suitable for a marketing concept.     

Realistic furniture rendering can fully replace photography but only if it is realistic and high-quality enough. To get CG images indistinguishable from real photos, one should know signs of professional work. It will help to choose a experienced 3D studio, monitor rendering process and make sure 3D Artists can provide the result Manufacturers expect from them. All features listed above are the foundation of high-quality renders and have to be present among furniture 3D visualization services.

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