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5 Amazing Ideas for Furniture 3D Visualization

Lifestyle images are the most promising alternative to traditional photography that can help to implement even the most daring ideas. Moreover, the result will be much faster, more diverse, and budget-friendly than photo studios can provide at the moment.

A retailing platform wants to replace technical drawings and boring low-quality photos from Manufacturers with more appealing visuals. The problem is there are too many products on the website right now, so making a top-notch photo for each of them is too expensive. Moreover, Retailers want to try unique concepts in order to stand out from the competition, which requires renting unusual locations and building sets. It is way above the budget the platform has at its disposal. 

The problem can be solved by a professional product visualization studio. It can provide photorealistic lifestyle images with any background one can think of. Moreover, all Marketers and Realtors have to do is to send a mere description of a task and a few references. In this way, after only a short wait, the jaw-dropping visual materials will be ready for marketing use

#1. Component Shots for Demonstrating The Inner Structure of a Product

Product Component Shot for Armchair Design

It is no secret that most prospects think about the quality of products no less than about design. 3D furniture visualization is the most effective way to show the stability of the inner structure without spending pretty money on it. Lifestyle images don’t require cutout prototypes like photography – the section and detail drawings are more than enough. A photorealistic component shot is perfect for demonstrating how exactly furniture functions, what materials it is made of, and other technical details.

#2. Close Up Views for Showcasing Product Design

Sofa 3D Visualization for Product Design

A close-up view is a must-have product image for any marketing campaign, be it e-commerce websites, advertisement, catalogs, or other print materials. It is a perfect type of 3D furniture visualization for showcasing the design of pieces in detail. The photorealism of lifestyle images makes such visuals no less impressive than looking at furniture in a brick-and-mortar store. Moreover, the interactive tools like zooming in on e-comm shops allow viewers to examine items even more thoroughly than with a standard close-up lifestyle shot.

#3. Colorways Lifestyle Images for Offering All Product Design Options 

High-Quality 3D Visualization for Product Color Options

Demonstrating all the possible options of products is an extremely important part of customer experience. In a traditional store, clients can just ask sellers to show other variants of items they offer, but e-commerce websites have to display everything they’ve got from the start. In this way, online users will find something that is suitable for them out of all options and won’t go searching somewhere else. Colorways lifestyle images are the most obvious solution in this case as it includes all product variations in one shot. It could be different colors, design elements, components of furniture, or even custom options.    

#4. Group Shots for Showing a Whole Range of Products

Chair 3D Visualization for Design Options

Smart Marketers know that offering the best you’ve got can impress prospects like nothing else. That’s why showing a wide range of the goods is a brilliant idea for catching attention of the target audience. On top of that, the more choice customers have, the more trust and respect a brand receives. However, making a photo for every variation of furniture models is quite expensive. That’s where group shot lifestyles come in handy. With the help of photorealistic rendering, Marketers get to showcase the sets of several pieces in one image, which creates a perfect ground for up-selling as well. 

#5. Different Lifestyle Scenes for Creating a Context for Products

Bed 3D Visualization in a Bedroom Interior

One of the main advantages of lifestyle images is a mood and concept they convey. Furniture 3D visualization allows creating any background one can imagine without renting a photo studio or building a set. The lighting also helps to set the mood that viewers will feel while looking at the images. Finally, CGI provides people models, 3D scenes in different styles, and post-production Photoshop effects, which features can help to implement any concept or message. For example, luxurious furniture looks much more desirable surrounded by the matching environment and the overall high-end lifestyle ambiance.   

For the last few decades, lifestyle furniture 3D visualization has become more and more popular among Marketers and Retailers. And no wonder as the advantages of lifestyle images are obvious, compared to the regular photography. One can show the product from different angles, including the inside out view, choose any environment, and display all possible product options at once. All of it possible with the same level of photorealism as real photos but far more cost-saving and faster.

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