Photorealistic Rendering

5 Ways It Enables Manufacturers to Get High-Class Product Imagery Without Effort

Photorealistic rendering is a surefire way to get the most magnificent product images in no time. Manufacturers don’t have to go through the tiresome organizing process for photoshoots. All they need to do is to come up with the most creative concept, contact a  3D visualization company, and wait for the result.

The Marketers of a furniture firm have to prepare a photoshoot for the launch of new goods. Their boss wants a luxurious concept for marketing pictures to attract more well off customer base. The problem is the company doesn’t have the budget for such ambitious ideas at the moment. The mere renting of a high-end studio set requires all money they could find for this marketing campaign. So what can they do now? Choose more cost-saving options for a concept or ask the boss for more finances?

The Marketers can avoid both unpleasant situations by ordering photorealistic rendering for their products. All they need to do is to describe the grandiose marketing ideas, send some references, and wait for high-class images. Want to know how it can be so easy? Read about 5 ways 3D rendering is able to provide the best visual materials on the market.              

#1. Using Power of LCA: Light, Composition, Angle

3D Rendering for Dining Room Furniture on the White Background

When it comes to photorealistic rendering, the LCA rules for traditional photography apply to CGI as well. The main reason is that light, composition, and angle are the pillars of creating realistic and eye-catching images. Professional 3D Artists usually have a solid theoretical background in photography and design. Therefore, they never stop learning small tips and hacks to use in photorealistic rendering practice. 

The first step of the LCA approach is choosing a flattering camera angle that will showcase a product in the best way. The next stage is adjusting the light to make the needed accents and adding photorealism to the rendering. The final phase is to create a composition in a scene that will highlight the best features of an item and draw the attention of viewers to it. 

#2. Recreating Real Products’ Properties  

Furniture 3D Rendering for a Dining Room

One of the main goals of CGI is to either recreate an existing object considering its real-life size and shape or to create a 3D model from scratch based on the given measurements. Keeping this concept in mind, it is no wonder why more and more Manufacturers are choosing photorealistic rendering over the prototypes of upcoming items. Why spend money and effort on photoshoots, if 3D visualization services can demonstrate an item as accurately as its physical form? In the end, Manufacturers can show the design and technical features as well as all color options in a series of professionally made CG product images.  

#3. Incorporating Advanced Technologies

Growing and developing a business is the prime goal for any Manufacturer, so using the most innovative technologies is a must in order to compete with the leaders of the industry. Photorealistic CGI provides several advanced options that can help to engage and surprise the target audience more than ever.

For instance, AR and VR technologies allow using different apps for online shopping, which is vital for e-commerce businesses. 3D animation and interactive 3D rendering products like 360 view enhance social media marketing and blogging with immersing experience for online users. The more progressive tools Manufacturers use, the more opportunities to interest prospects they will have.    

#4. Pulling Off The Most Creative Concepts

Photorealistic Rendering for a Gym with a Pool

Photorealistic rendering is the best chance to let your imagination loose. In the case of traditional photography, the boldest and most creative concepts require a huge budget for renting exotic locations and building luxurious photo shooting sets.

However, with the help of CG rendering, Manufacturers and Marketers can implement all the brave and crazy ideas they can think of. For example, launching goods to the Moon or having the background with a high-class yacht in the middle of the ocean is no problem for 3D Artists. Everything that seems impossible in the real world is feasible in product CGI.      

#5. Offering the Impressive Variety of Visual Materials

High-Quality Rendering for Digital Marketing

It is hard to ignore the elephant in the room, which is that CGI gives Manufacturers a lot of range in terms of visual materials. Product images on the white background or lifestyle, close-up or general view, a cutout shot or colorways – you name it.

Moreover, photorealistic rendering allows experimenting with angles, lighting settings, environment, and the overall mood of the images at any time. The results can be used for all possible marketing purposes, starting with product pages on a website and finishing with SMM or outdoor advertising. 

The photorealistic rendering industry is at its best yet, so the most ambitious Manufacturers are already using the benefits of CGI technologies in their business. The software is updated regularly, new tools appear on a monthly basis, and the tendency to push 3D visualization to the limit promises even more benefits in the near future. Except for mind-blowing photorealistic images and innovative solutions to engage the audience more, 3D rendering saves money. No need to cancel luxurious concepts and save on large-scale marketing plans, because CGI makes everything possible digitally.

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