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How To Use a Personal Library of CGI CRM to Get Pictures Fast

In our 3D rendering company, we have developed a CRM system called Archivizer. It is a multi-functional online platform that covers all stages of the working process, starting from communication and ending with payments. The platform also has a special function for all client accounts — MyLib. This option can help manufacturers save time and money on ordering furniture product images.

To learn more about MyLib, read our articles about the CGI CRM system and 3D library first. Now, when you know how our online platform works in general, let’s get to exploring the special option MyLib and how using it speeds up the 3D visualization working process. 

#1. Store and Reuse Product 3D Models 

Dragging a Furniture Product into a Chosen 3D Lifestyle Image

MyLib is a storage for all 3D models of products a manufacturer orders from CGIFURNITURE. It means that all these 3D objects can be used in the next projects which is time- and budget-friendly. All that users have to do is to add needed 3D models to their task when setting a brief.

Moreover, manufacturers can open access to their personal library to their colleagues, partners and other users of Archivizer. The last option will allow architects and designers who work with our company to use product 3D models in their project presentations. So when these projects are executed, they most likely order said products right away. A win-win situation for both parties!

#2. Add 3D Scenes to a Personal Library

Picking the 3D Furniture Product Model and Matching 3D Roomsets

The Archivizer library offers a lot of ready-made 3D scenes that manufacturers can upload to their MyLib. To select a perfect room set, they can apply different categories to filter them. The scenes can be sorted by style — from classic to minimalist; by room types — from kitchens to living rooms; and by color scheme. This way, the CRM users can choose the room sets they like as a foundation before giving the SOW to the team. 

The other CRM option allows manufacturers to add the 3D scenes from their previous projects to MyLib, store and reuse them for future furniture product images at any time. This way, MyLib users can save time and money since customizing a ready room set is much faster than making a new one from scratch.

#3. Collect Textures and Materials from Different Projects

Changing Design of the Chair for a Furniture Product Image

Using MyLib is not only about storing 3D models and scenes but also textures and materials. Just like with 3D room sets, manufacturers can choose the ready-made ones from CGIFURNITURE general library or add the ones that they ordered for their previous projects.

The second option is preferable for those who plan to work with our studio more than once and need custom textures for their product 3D models. They can order CG textures once, keep them in MyLib and add to each new task as a part of the brief. Needless to say, it will make the job of our 3D artists much easier.

#4. Save Critical Requirements for the Next Projects

A Menu That Allows Selecting Format for Product Images of Furniture

One of the first things manufacturers can save in MyLib is the critical requirements they have for furniture product images they hope to get at the end. It comes in handy when a brand sends another employee to work with our rendering company and they don’t need to explain everything from the beginning — all the requirements are pinned in the personal storage of the client account.

The requirements usually include all the manufacturer’s wishes for technical aspects, lighting, angles, resolution, approval process and workflow. So when it’s time for a new project, our team simply has to check the client’s MyLib and see how they like their CG product images.

#5. Use All The Stored Files for Various Types of CG Visuals

Furniture Product CGI Project

Using 3D models and scenes from MyLib can not only work for still furniture product images but other types of visuals as well. For example, 360° view is made out of 36 renders on a white background and can be an amazing engaging tool for an e-comm website. Moreover, combining lifestyle 3D renders is a way to create a 360° panorama which always attracts customers’ eyes. The other high-tech asset that needs 3D models is an AR app. All 3D artists have to do is to use 3D retopology to make the models lighter and ready for real-time rendering.

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product rendering price

MyLib is a multi-functional tool that is completely tailored to the manufacturer’s needs. It can be a storage for 3D models, scenes and textures from previous projects. The personal library also allows adding any ready-made 3D objects from our general database. Last but not least, all the project info, from technical details to results, is also kept in MyLib and can be applied to any future tasks.  

Are you ready to get stunning furniture product images for your business? Choose our 3D rendering services and we will make super-photorealistic 3D renders in just 72 hours!

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Irene is a content writer. She previously worked for interior and chess magazines. When not writing articles, Irene finds great pleasure in collecting Star Trek memorabilia, reading Medieval poetry and playing banjo.

A product 3D lifestyle is an image of products in the complimenting environment an interior or outdoor scene. 3D lifestyles made by professional CG artists are of photorealistic quality and high resolution, so they look like photos of actual roomsets.

Our library is a database of more than 6500 ready 3D scenes. Our clients get full access to all of them so they can filter down to ones they like and customize them.

First, you opt for a 3D scene you like, then you simply drag your object into it and customize the roomset. After that, you can choose if you want this to be static or motion imagery, select the image format and press the Submit button. That’s it!

After they receive the full brief it takes them only 72 hours to create a customized photorealistic lifestyle.

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