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10 Most Promising Exhibitions to Look Forward to

Furniture fairs are still relevant as ways of raising the public’s awareness of a company and its products. This is especially the case where new designs of products need to be introduced in the market. Furniture is generally bulky, and it may not be possible for an exhibitor to bring everything in their inventory to the fair due to logistical challenges. It is for this reason that they need high-quality product 3D renders of what they have to offer

The visual aids such as a 3D renderings for a showroom, VR tours, AR demonstrations, among other CG technologies, have become a convenient way of moving their booths to whichever fair they attend. By using these technologies, furniture designers, manufacturers, or sellers can effectively present their wares at furniture fairs anywhere in the world, such as the ones listed below. So let’s take a look at the most anticipated events of 2020 all over the world.

#1. Export Furniture Fair

Export Furniture Fair


Place: Kuala Lumpur City Center, Malaysia     

Dates: 9th – 12th March, 2020 

In this furniture fair, exhibitors come from all over the world. It is among the biggest furniture shows in Malaysia, which occupies more than 40,000 square meters for all the four days. In the past, the fair has attracted over 400 different companies in each edition, showcasing their products. Exhibitors showcase both home and office furniture and in different designs, which attracts a significant number of visitors.

#2. The China International Furniture Fair

The China International Furniture Fair


Place: Guangzhou, China 

Date: 18th – 21st and 28th – 31st March, 2020. 

The 2020 exhibition will be the 45th edition of this long-running event. Its theme this year will be “Innovation Driven, Design Inspired.” Held in one of the busiest trade cities in the world, the furniture fair will be divided into two phases, the first from the 18th to 21st will focus on home furniture while the other one will concentrate on commercial furniture.

This humongous furniture fair features over four thousand exhibitors from all over the world within a space of 760,000 square meters. It is, therefore, the place to be for anyone targeting people looking for exhibition furniture for sale since it is a large furniture store for the duration of the fair.

#3. NY Now 2020

NY Now 2020


Place: Javits Center Level 3, New York City, the USA

Date: 1st to 5th February, 2020 

This is one of the leading furniture fairs for premium designs. Organizers admit both the well-known and new furniture designers. The furniture fair typically hosts about 450 brands, and fair organizers take potential exhibitors through a rigorous vetting to ensure quality. Exhibitors need to ensure that they present high-quality prototypes to stand a chance to get their design accepted into the furniture fair.

#4. Africa Food, Drink & Hospitality Trade Expo

Africa Food, Drink & Hospitality Trade Expo


Place: Sandton Convention Center, South Africa

Dates: 1st – 3rd March, 2020 

This furniture exhibition is for the presentation of different products in the hospitality industry. The furniture fair is, therefore, one of the many shows domiciled in the same site. It is an international exhibition that has run annually for over thirty-four years, with exhibitors drawn from over twenty-five countries every year.

#5. International Furniture Expo

International Furniture Expo 2020


Place: Expo Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico

Dates: 19th – 22nd February, 2020

This furniture fair is free for visiting professionals in the furniture industry. It is a premium event in the furniture business in Mexico. The expo brings together almost a thousand exhibitors from different countries. Last year, the number of people who visited the exhibition was more than 33, 000 and transactions of varying prices were done in the expo totaling $53,548,130.00

Being the premium furniture fair in Mexico, it requires exhibitors to showcase high-quality product prototypes and design options. Speaking of which, it as a very  trouble-making process to transport and showcase all the items at the fair. Hence, exhibitors can use CGI services to make as many product images in catalogs as they wish with no problems.

#6. India International Trade Fair on Furniture, Interiors & Design

India International Trade Fair on Furniture, Interiors & Design


Place: Bombay Exhibition Center, India 

Dates: 24th – 27th September, 2020

This exhibition is organized to showcase fair furniture designs from India and the rest of the world. Exhibitors will show both old and new emerging models. The furniture fair targets end-users, architects, interior designers, and retailers who may want to get ideas of how to design a product or what to stock in their furniture stores. Exhibitors need to ensure that the prototypes they present are a clear representation of the goods as that will ensure there is no misunderstanding when clients finally make a decision based on the exhibits.

#7. Camden Vintage Furniture Flea

Camden Vintage Furniture Flea


Place: Cecil Sharp, London, GB

Date: 26th January, 2020

This event specializes in bar and kitchen furniture, among other things. The exhibition usually gets up to 20000 visitors, and the number of exhibitors could be anything between 100 and 500. Organized by Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, the display gives product designers an excellent opportunity to show off to stakeholders. Like in all other furniture fairs, the quality of exhibitors’ models or prototypes, as well as their visual promo, is a crucial determinant of how the exhibition will be received.

#8. Canadian Furniture Show

Canadian Furniture Show 


Place: The International Center, Mississauga, Canada

Date: 16th to 18th January, 2020

This expo for furniture is the largest one in Canada. It brings together industry stakeholders from all over the world and at all levels of the furniture supply chain. They include designers, furniture retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, and even retailers. This is a furniture fair that manufacturers and designers shouldn’t miss because all the heavy hitters are there. They might also want to level up their marketing materials such as print catalogs and digital visuals to impress exhibition goers.

#9. 31st International Izmir Furniture Fair

31st International Izmir Furniture Fair


Place: Fuar Izmir – Gaziemir New Exhibition Center, Turkey

Dates: 4th to 8th March, 2020  

This furniture fair has been going on annually since 1988. It typically attracts manufacturers and designers from up to 34 countries. The designers and manufacturers showcase their latest furniture designs to other professionals at different levels of the value chain and also to the end-users.

#10. Workspace Expo

Workspace Expo Paris 2020


Place: Pavillon 1 – Paris Porte De Versailles, France 

Dates: 10th to 12th March, 2020

This expo specializes in displaying furniture for the workspace. The furniture fair doesn’t just allow exhibitors to showcase their products. It is also a great opportunity for industry players from all over the world to network. Exhibitors and visitors can get more details on the fair online.

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As an exhibitor, having a successful time at the fair depends on the impression you create. Seeing that furniture fairs are about a manufacturer’s products being viewed, the quality of models and catalogs being displayed is vital for success. If you want to make an unforgettable appearance in any of the abovementioned exhibitions, contact CGIFurniture for awe-inspiring 3D rendering services that will make you stand out at any fair. You can also use the images later to showcase your furniture online for sale.

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