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6 Types Furniture Manufacturers Should Know

Back in 2012, anyone could view a 3D model of Ligne Roset figure corner sofa and, thus, discover a brand new way of assessing the object and deciding on a purchase. The company turned to TurboSquid, the provider of CGI services. Now, Ligne Roset is an empire with 200 high-class furniture stores and 750 retailers over the globe. It has all their goods presented as CG images. 

Nowadays, 3D rendering is mainstream, and companies keeping up with the tendency have more chances to be at the top of the game. Thus, Ikea uses 3D visualization for 75% of their items. The technology proved being efficient in many aspects, such as resource efficiency, new quality customer experience, and competitive edge in marketing campaigns. 

So, what are CGI full-fledged services? How exactly can they serve your business? Let’s find out. 

#1. 3D Modeling

3D Modeling for a Furniture Piece

3D modeling puts old-school photoshootings in real-time out to pasture. Marketers and manufacturers don’t need them anymore. Instead, they can get low and high-poly 3D models of the goods within two days, herewith keeping their exact dimensions, texture, and other characteristics. 

At present, 3D technology can synthesize the geometry of any object. Moreover, it tackles the tasks of any complexity. For example, if a retailer needs to get a jacquard sofa look, CGI studio specialists apply a single jacquard piece of CG texture that they can wrap around the sofa. During the process, they customize colours, change design elements, such as patterns and finishing details, add effects and so on.

 As for the marketing campaigns, 3D modeling is widely used in the main sales channels of any business, such as online stores, blogs, social media, etc. A 3D model keeps genuine parameters of a natural object, photorealistic materials and can be zoomed in or viewed “upside down”. By using special glasses, prospects can walk around the virtual room and examine the piece thanks to Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Moreover, many online retailers launch the apps allowing to “try on” CG versions of products in real spaces for a more informed purchase. Additionally, CGI imagery is more mobile-friendly than photos. This scores one for 3D technology since most people nowadays are coming from iPads and iPhones. 

#2. 3D Rendering 

Photorealistic 3D Rendering for a Sofa

3D renders are photorealistic digital images of the products. CGI services offer lifestyle rendering, rendering on white and monochromatic background.

Lifestyle 3D rendering allows virtually staging interiors, “playing” with different ones, and leave the most convenient according to prospects’ needs and wants. They can see the object from many angles and in many contexts. For example, with 3D interior rendering, accent tables might be put into the living room or kitchen. Thus, potential buyers can envision here and now the goods in their homes or offices, which drives them more towards a purchasing decision. 

3D rendering on white background means placing an item against neutral white color in order to focus the buyers’ attention on its details. This is the case when the environment doesn’t matter. On the contrary, it ideally showcases the functionality and design details. One can often see such 3D renders in catalogs, as a part of 360-degree view feature on websites, on product pages of online ecomm stores.

3D artists also add architectural elements to a monochromatic background to lend some additional accents to a main product. This way, it looks complete and comprehensive. For example, various textures of architectural pieces can highlight the texture of the main object. 

As for the marketing strategy, 3D rendering services is a powerful tool to attract prospects that read magazines, view online catalogs and visit online sales channels, such as websites, social media, and apps. 

#3. 3D Product Animation

It’s not just about films and games. The biggest asset this technology features is a crystal clear explanation of the goods’ functionality and usability. When a retailer faces the challenge to showcase complex functionalities furnishings, simple photographs cannot tackle it and leave potential buyers clueless. For example, these are an armchair mimicking the shape of human body thanks to hydraulics technology, multi-purpose side tables, or smart cabinets with many shelves for kitchen utensils, etc. 

This is where 3D services come to the rescue. A CGI studio overcomes the photo’s limitations with a 3D animation. This is the most instructive way to demonstrate how the object works, what’s the configuration is about, as well as transformation and usability features. Moreover, one can always assess the included bundling offers, so often accompanying specials and deals.

3D animation is used in TV commercials, video materials for the ads over the Internet, social media, YouTube vlogs. The overview and how-to product animation particularly resonates with viewers nowadays. In the context of customer experience, this technology has no equal and definitely adds to the outcome of any marketing strategy. 

#4.  Print Design

CG Product Images for Print Marketing Materials

For those who are aiming at enhancing brand awareness, print design is a must. Nowadays, it is an integral part of goods presentation in newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and leaflets. It translates the brand’s signature style in furniture selection, storing, and exposing. The better it is organized, the bigger the chances are that choppers will remember exactly this particular retailer. The first impression matters.

Graphic design backed up with the text builds up credibility amongst customers. It poses as summarized information about the object in a catalog and, thus, helps solve particular issues or relieve pain points. 

Print design materials are used in offline media, outdoor advertising, trade shows and so on. It is used for merch as well as print catalogs on live events, which is essentially helpful for the success of PR campaigns. 

On top of that, not only 3D studios can create renders but the whole design templates for promo materials since there are many graphic designers out there. For example, the layout of a catalog or collage for a poster. Therefore, in a world when visuals are king, this type of CGI services can literally keep the brand at scale.  

#5. Wireframe Model Drawing

Wireframe Model Drawing for Soft Furniture

Sometimes picky customers require furnishing configuration with detailed dimensions. In this case, the request refers to industrial design images that most retailers are not ready to provide. However, it would be a great competitive advantage of theirs. 

Otherwise, CGI services can address such issue with wireframe model drawing. It belongs to 2D drafting. But it might serve as the basis for 3D models and even real product prototypes. 

The technology shows off accurately the object’s dimensions and the overall configuration. Designers lean on such drawings and add them to a project before handing over to a client. By using it, manufacturers translate the item’s technical details and the quality of structure. Moreover, they can clearly see its workability, which influences the purchase decision significantly. 

Wireframe model drawing is commonly used on websites and catalogs of manufacturers, especially those focused on custom production. 

#6. 360° Product View


    In due time, Inc., the biggest online retailer of furniture worldwide, revamped the shopping experience on the site by adapting a 360-degree view of the goods. Thus, choppers can view furnishings in 360° detail with their mobile devices. 

    360° product view is also what CGI services can deliver to the industry’s representatives. These are 36 renders sewed together and rotating in a fast motion. It allows prospects inspecting the object from various sides with minimal friction. Additionally, the feature makes online stores more interactive, which makes prospects stay longer on a website. 

    360-degree view might be integrated into an app and used on eComm sites and social media. Whatever marketing strategy furniture manufacturers or marketers pick, this engaging type of 3D services will lend them an advantage over others in the industry.

    CGI services help furniture business gain people’s time, trust, and money thanks to a brand new, quality customer experience within its channels. They make targeting more pointed, and the message – more appealing and resonating. Besides saving time and money of manufacturers and marketers, they build up brand awareness and its signature positioning amongst thousands of similar companies. The very next step is to team up with a professional 3D company and farm out the tasks to competent CGI specialists. 

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