Product 3D Renders

What is Their Role in Instagram Marketing

Product 3D renders essentially reduced or even totally replaced traditional product photography for most manufacturers. Today, advanced 3D technology allows to build a 100% realistic 3D model of any complexity, modify it in a few clicks, and make as many 3D product renderings as needed in one go.

No doubt, 3D rendering changed the way manufacturers design the product and promote it offline and on the Internet. One of the powerful promo tools is social networks, out of which Instagram is a real MVP in terms of commercial potential. With its help, a brand can expand the range of existing customers, attract a new audience, and sell goods without online shops directly to the buyer. 

Even though Instagram doesn’t require super HQ images for posts, there must be a lot of top-notch visuals for the development of the account. Therefore, marketers have to find a way to produce outstanding and engaging content every day without shockingly high expenses. Traditional photo shoots and prototyping are out of the question here – the cost of making and transporting a sample, a studio and equipment rent, a photographer’s fee – all that is too burdensome, especially for smaller brands or beginners. 

Moreover, mere pictures, even the most beautiful ones, don’t guarantee organic audience growth. If despite nice product photos, the amount of followers changes slowly, posts are not shared and commented on much, and there are no leads – then maybe it’s time to try a different tactic.

As an experienced product 3D rendering studio with a noticeable representation on social media, we know exactly what type of 3D services will help marketers present their products at their best. Moreover, as active Instagram users ourselves, we know what content Instagrammers will love and react to. Check out our list of 5 tips to boost your Insta-marketing, using product 3D renders, and try them for your account!

#1. Product 3D Renders Enhance Sponsored Ads

Product CGI for Close-up Marketing Image

Instagram advertising opportunities are constantly growing and now its mechanism makes it possible to define the target audience even more precisely and aim ads directly at future customers. Of course, every ad needs mind-blowing visuals to outstand the product on the market and attract buyers. Instagram is no exception, so one can post jaw-dropping lifestyles in a carousel, use customized holiday images, and videos, add some text, sales, and discount signs for instant attention.

In addition, working with influencers might help to reach a bigger audience. Some popular Instagram bloggers have thousands or millions of followers, so investing a little more money in promo materials on their pages is truly a wise step. By providing influencers with first-class 3D renders and being mentioned in posts and stories, a brand can definitely expect a flow of new customers.

#2. Engage the Audience via Insta Stories

3D Rendering of the Cabinet Design

Instagram’s statistics claim that people upload more than 500 million stories per day, which proves that Instagram Story is a very popular content format. The Stories are easy to find and watch, and since they are on top of the page and switch automatically, some people watch them for hours as episodes of a sitcom. Of course, their crazy popularity led to advertising on stories – now users can swipe up the video or an image to order goods right from the Stories. 

This option is widely used by all manufacturers to promote current products and launch presales. Moreover, to save Stories, Instagram also made a Highlights option, so they could be fixed above the main content and can serve as a kind of catalog for the brand. With this option, lots of brands don’t even require a proper website or profile on Amazon. They don’t even need HQ photos of goods to sell directly to their customers — impressive product design rendering of an item from all angles does the job.

The most important thing here is to keep in mind that Stories must be fun and engaging. Therefore, adding stickers, emojis, and even posting silly boomerangs makes followers leave their instant reactions and comments. Surely, the format of Stories requires tons of images and videos, which is unreal to produce using photo shoots only. With CG technology, marketers can constantly get new product 3D renders to combine with the text, and stickers, as well as add emojis and hashtags to promote their product. They can also use stories to conduct surveys based on followers’ reactions, which could be amusing and useful at the same time.

#3.  Provoke Discussions and Buzz around the Brand

Product 3D Animation for Instagram Stories

The more positive discussions going around the product and brand, the better for sales. Therefore, engaging the organic audience and making users actively comment on the posts is the ultimate goal for every SMM marketer. To do so, they can post several designs of the same product and ask for followers’ opinions, or show the furniture item in different backgrounds to make people comment on which interior they think a product fits better. Moreover, by letting Instagrammers express their thoughts, marketers kill two birds with one stone — the users’ activity raises the brand’s popularity and, at the same time, provides relevant information on which product design customers prefer and why.

Of course, making prototypes and photo sessions for every design variation is not the most effective solution and definitely the extremely pricey one. On the other hand, with the help of 3D rendering software, CG artists can change the design at a moment’s notice and produce as much product 3D renders as marketers need without spending extra money and time.

#4. Increase Brand Awareness with Instagram Contests

3D Visualization of a Stylish Light Fixture

One of the most effective ways to promote the product on Instagram is to run a contest. Contests and giveaways help to boost a brand presence on Instagram, cheer up the current audience and attract new ones. With this simple marketing activity, product promo spreads quickly and mostly by itself, without extra effort on the part of marketers. 

Contest conditions may vary, but even the simplest idea of a two-step contest works well. It looks like this — step 1. Like the post and follow the page, step 2 — Tag a friend with whom you’re going to share the prize in a comment below. In such cases, the winner is chosen randomly on websites like Randomizer, but sometimes the competition’s conditions can be more complicated. For instance, followers may have to write a smart caption for a photo or share their story to get the trophy.

Of course, running effective contests on Instagram is a whole science, but in any case, marketers need a cool and bright visual for competitions. Choosing product 3D renders for such purposes is a smart and budget-friendly option — 3D visualizations are faster to make than traditional photo sessions and easy to customize. For example, CG artists can add Christmas or Halloween decorations to the pic to make a promo of a product look festive. Also, product 3D renders are perfect for collages – add a little text, emoji, and hashtags to make them an ideal material for SMM. 

#5. Make Eye-Catching Product Teasers for News Feed

3D Rendering for Wooden Bedroom Set

Promoting a new product on Instagram is easy with the help of first-class teasers, which may consist of static product 3D renders, videos, or animation. They aim to make a big noise around the new product and raise the excitement to the maximum before goods officially go on sale. 

Also, such teasers work as video advertising in news feeds of other users if put on a paid promotion. A funny or awe-inspiring video ad motivates users to visit the brand page, so the more catchy a promo is, the more Instagram customers will go to a manufacturer’s page and pre-order the product. 

Since the Internet is over-flooded with all sorts of random images, memes, and videos, a well-thought SMM strategy requires high-quality content that is engaging and consistent at the same time. Combining the best product 3D renders with professional copywriting is vital to get the attention of the audience and build a community around the brand. Hence, to captivate the audience’s attention, marketers must invest in top-notch visuals, carefully plan their activities and be consistent. 3D renders allow marketers to create exclusive content and customize it without investing a fortune in photo shoots and prototypes. Whether it’s a Story, a video, a carousel or a contest — all the content is easy to produce from just one project, using 3D rendering technology. 

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product rendering price

Can’t wait to try these ideas for your Instagram? Contact us for 3D product rendering services — we will make awe-inspiring product 3D renders for your brand account that will overtake competitors and boost sales!

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