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8 Web Conferences for Furniture Manufacturers During Quarantine

Each industry has its own types of events that must be consistent with the goals of the company and suitable for the target audience. Manufacturers invest more time and effort into participating in events that are related to the promotion of specific products, in our case – furniture. Thanks to the internet and modern technologies a lot of organizers hold not only offline but also digital events in order to reach more people. 

Taking into account the current situation with quarantine in the world and the spread of the virus, many festivals and product design exhibitions were either canceled completely or moved to online format only. The latter ones give exhibitors from different countries a way to demonstrate and promote their goods remotely and stay safe.  

So in light of this, it is important to show what companies can do from home and in what digital events to take part in. Here is a list of top-8 online conferences that will definitely be interesting for you. 

#1. Autumn Fair @ Home

AutumnFair At Home


Where: Birmingham, UK

Dates: September 8-9, 2020

Autumn Fair 2020 is a unique two-day digital event that you can join from your home. Here you will be able to find exclusive seminar content and some practical advice that can benefit your business. In addition, people will discover new season products, explore the virtual showrooms and join exclusive content sessions. 

The Autumn Fair virtual showroom allows participants to advertise their latest collections and share all the news related to them. There will be two product showcase streams during these couple of days that will cover everything related to the Home & Living sector. 

#2. Workplace Wellbeing By Design Digital Summit

Workplace Wellbeing By Design Digital Summit


Where: London, UK

Dates: September 14-18, 2020

Another great option in the list of digital events is London Digital Summit. It is launched by the creators of the MAD World Summit. Workplace Wellbeing is a “must-attend” for all kinds of professionals starting from designers and marketers to manufacturers and service providers. Everyone will find something interesting and useful here. 

During these days (September 14-18) there will be 5 online sessions, each starting at 3pm BST. All of them are created for discussion, exploration of various products, information related to them, and practical takeaways. 

#3. London Design Fair

London Design Fair


Where: London, UK

Dates: September 17-20, 2020

This year’s event is focused more on highlighting freelancers and their work as they were badly affected by the pandemic. In this way, organizers want to support and help talented people. They even created a freelancer portal supported by Squarespace, where everyone can share their products to the audience. If you are just starting your business then it is a perfect chance for you to get attention and advertise your furniture store. 

In order to get as much out of the event as possible make sure to prepare your presentation properly. It would be a good idea to cooperate with 3D rendering companies to create different marketing visuals. This will attract more attention and give you some extra points. 

#4. 24th In­ter­na­tion­al Pass­ive House Con­fer­en­ce

24th In­ter­na­tion­al Pass­ive House Con­fer­en­ce


Where: Virtual 

Dates: September 20 – October 8, 2020

For the first time in the existence of The In­ter­na­tion­al Pass­ive House Con­fer­en­ce, it will be held as a digital event. The main idea is to show how the construction sector benefits a sustainable future. You will be offered the opportunity to explore the event with scientific lectures, workshops, building tours and online trade exhibitions.  They plan to gather around 1000 manufacturers and business owners from around the world. 

On the official website of this conference you will discover the full schedule for each day, all the opportunities you can gain through it and, of course, get a ticket. As a bonus, you will have access to all sessions between Oc­to­ber 10 and Novem­ber 1, 2020 as they will be recorded. 

#5. Tecno Mueble Internacional

Tecno Mueble Internacional


Where: Guadalajara, Mexico

Dates: September 23-26, 2020

Tecno Mueble Internacional is a digital event that provides participants and audiences with a great virtual business meeting platform. It connects suppliers of raw materials, accessories and machinery with furniture manufacturers. In addition, vendors and buyers can share their product catalogs and communicate with each other via video or chat. That is a great way not only to find business partners but also to advertise your product to the audience.

On the company’s website, you will find a detailed guide on how to become a part of this digital event and join its community. Thanks to non-intrusive technology you can connect to virtual meetings through any smart device. 

#6. LA Design Festival

LA Design Festival


Where: Los Angeles, USA

Dates: September 24-27, 2020

The main goal of this digital event is to show future design evolution and how professionals in this area will face upcoming challenges. The LA Design Festival also demonstrates the city’s rich design culture and showcases local design projects. The event’s program offers its members an opportunity to take part in different workshops, tours, virtual discussions and a lot more. 

Apart from this, the LA Festival also holds a Design Block Party and the LA Design Festival Awards Night. You can learn more about the 2019 ICON and EDGE award recipients on their website.

#7. Interior Design Show

Interior Design Show


Where: Vancouver, Canada

Dates: October 1-8, 2020

The Interior Design Show (IDS) gathers a lot of talented personalities, including individual designers, artists, manufacturers and design-centric brands. During these 8 days, they will have an opportunity to exchange their knowledge, showcase products and various furniture options to the public. 

Due to COVID-19, IDS will feature offline (around Vancouver) and digital events to comply with all restrictions. In this way, you can take part in it even if you are located quite far from the actual place. 

#8. BIFMA Annual Furniture Summit 

BIFMA Annual Furniture Summit


Where: Webex, USA

Dates: October 21-22, 2020

Upcoming BIFMA Annual Furniture Summit is another great digital event for manufacturers to look into taking part during the quarantine. BIFMA  is a not‐for-profit trade association for the commercial furniture industry. Here you will be able to find a lot of useful information on ANSI/BIFMA Standards, legislation, and regulations that can affect your business. 

During the first day (October 21) people will be able to attend the Engineering Committee meeting, and on October 22 – the Sustainability and Government Affairs Committee meeting. 

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As you can see, even during quarantine there are a lot of options for furniture manufacturers to take part in various digital events. It is still possible to share your experience, promote your products, make useful contacts and learn something new from home. All you need is to choose from the options above, register and present your goods. 

If you want to make your digital presentation more visually pleasant and attractive, you can hire product 3D rendering services which will definitely help you succeed. 

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